The Untold Secrets

Author: Riverpelt
Riverpaw knows about her destiny, but secrets are about to unfold right in front of her eyes. One cat in her Clan is a traitor to her Clan, and is close to Thistlestar, but which cat is it? She will also have to choose between Wolfclaw and Waveripple. Which tom will be the one who steals her heart?

Prologue[edit | edit source]

It was a moonless night, and a dark cat creeped through the trees on the StormClan border, undetected. He sniffed the air, making sure no one was following him, and headed off again. He went to the border of StormClan and LightningClan, and waited. There was a russle of bushes and another cat came out, his amber eyes glistening at the cat in front of him.

"You made it, Thistlestar," the dark cat meowed to Thistlestar.

"Well, Darkshadow, you requested that I'd be here and I am," he meowed, "So what is it that you want?" Thistlestar started to wash his paws, and Darkshadow spoke, his green-yellow eyes gleaming.

"I have a proposition for you." Thistlestar looked up from washing his paws.

"What kind of proposition?" Darkshadow smirked at him.

"A good kind, for both of us." Thistlestar looked at him, urging Darkshadow to go on, "I want you to put LightningClan into battle with StormClan." Thistlestar gave him a confused look.

"What do I get out of this?" Darkshadow smiled.

"As much land as you want." Thistlestar grinned.

"So why do you want us to go into battle?" Darkshadow got closer to Thistlestar.

"I want Brightstar dead." he meowed, "Once I'm leader, I'll give you as much land as you want, and we'll join forces." Thistlestar's eyes brightened, and he purred.

"That is a great idea, my son."

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

"Wolfclaw! Waveripple! Wolfclaw! Waveripple!" the clan shouted. Wolfclaw and Waveripple were finally warriors and Riverpaw was happy for them. In less than a moon, and she and Ripplepaw will be warriors! Once the noise died down, Riverpaw ran up to them.

"Congratulations you guys," Riverpaw meowed, "I'm so happy for you!" They both looked embarrassed from all the attention, but bowed their heads to Riverpaw. Riverpaw noticed that Wolfclaw's eyes gleamed, and it seemed like they always did whenever he was with her. Waveripple's never seemed to glimmer, maybe a couple times they would. Once everybody went into their dens, Wolfclaw and Waveripple sat in the middle of the clearing by themselves. Before she knew it, it was dawn, and cats were bustling about in the clearing.

Riverpaw saw that her father, Stoneheart, went up to Wolfclaw and Waveripple and spoke to them, and they bounded over to Darkshadow. Riverpaw bounded off to the nursery to see Swiftstep, who was going to have kits anytime now. She had moved into there yesterday, after training, her mate, Whitefoot, stood outside the nursery pacing. Riverpaw padded up to him.

"Hey Whitefoot," she meowed, "How's Swiftstep doing?" Whitefoot's eyes were gleaming with happiness and worry.

"She's delivering the kits right now," he meowed, "Berrycloud's with her." Riverpaw looked sympathecally at Whitefoot.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Riverpaw meowed, and Berrycloud broke through the wall, and purred.

"You have three healthy kits!" she meowed, and Whitefoot broke into the nursery excitedly. Berrycloud nodded to the entrance for Riverpaw to enter, and she saw Swiftstep with three little bundles of fur suckling onto her.

"Riverpaw!" Swiftstep meowed excitedly, "I'm glad you came in!" Riverpaw sat down in front of her.

"Congratulations!" Riverpaw meowed, "Have you thought of names?" Swiftstep nodded her head, and pointed to the first kit, a dark gray tom.

"His name is Shadekit," she pointed to a light gray she-cat, "Her name is Featherkit," She finally pointed to a dark brown tom, "His name is Mudkit." Riverpaw purred.

"Those are great names!" Swiftstep looked at her kits.

"Thanks," she looked up quickly, as she remembered something, "Oh and Wolfclaw will be helping train you today while I'm in here." Riverpaw felt excited, but nervous at the same time. Wolfclaw's gonna help train me?

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

"Great job, Riverpaw!" Wolfclaw meowed, she had just tackled Wolfclaw to the ground easily. She knew that Swiftstep had set her up with Wolfclaw only because she thinks that Wolfclaw and Riverpaw should be together, but as far as Riverpaw knows, they're just friends. She was still a little fuzzy about the Waveripple-or-Wolfclaw thing. Riverpaw let Wolfclaw up and he chuckled, "Man, with those moves, you'll be a warrior in no time." Riverpaw started to blush, and started to feel her face get hot.

"Thanks Wolflclaw!" Riverpaw thought that she heard a growl from beyond the bushes that surrounded them in the training ground, but ignored it, since Wolfclaw didn't even hear it. For the rest of the morning, Riverpaw and Wolfclaw "trained", and they went back to camp after a while. Just as she entered the camp, Foxtail was there waiting for her.

"Hey Riverpaw!" she meowed, "Do you want to go on a hunting patrol with me?" Riverpaw nodded her head and Wolfclaw turned to her.

"Could Waveripple and I come too?" Foxtail nodded her head.

"Of course, the more the merrier!" She turned and whispered in Riverpaw's ear, once Wolfclaw headed off to find Waveripple, "Yeah, and the merrier you'll get!" Riverpaw glared at her friend, and Foxtail laughed. Once Wolfclaw got Waveripple, the patrol headed off into the woods. At one point, the patrol split up, and Riverpaw headed off towards Sunset-rock. When she opened her mouth to scent prey, she heard talking behind one of the bushes and realized it was Waveripple and Wolfclaw arguing. Without making any noise, she padded close to the bush, undetected.

"Wolfclaw, will you please stay away from Riverpaw," Waveripple hissed, "You know I liked her first." Riverpaw heard Wolfclaw snort.

"Ha! You only want her because I love her!" She could feel anger coming from Waveripple.

"That is not true!" he hissed.

"Unlike you, Waveripple, I actually love her. You only want her so that she can have your kits," Riverpaw noticed that Waveripple was silent, because he was defeated, but Wolfclaw continued, "I think she's smart, caring, and she would make a wonderful mother if she wanted, but I would do anything, anything at all to be with her." Riverpaw felt her heart skip a beat, Wolfclaw was in love with her!. But, out of anger at Waveripple, she pushed her way in between them. Waveripple and Wolfclaw looked shocked, but Riverpaw glared at Waveripple.

"Is that true?!" Waveripple bowed his head, "I thought you actually loved me, Waveripple," Riverpaw meowed, "I always did," Riverpaw turned to Wolfclaw, "You really think that way about me?" Wolfclaw's gaze never left hers.

"I always did, Riverpaw," he confessed, "Ever since that day you came to talk to me," Wolfclaw's eyes glowed with love, and so did Riverpaw's, "I've always loved you, Riverpaw, and I always will." Riverpaw purred and touched muzzles with him.

"I love you too, Wolfclaw, and I always will." Waveripple hissed something under his breath and padded back to camp. Wolfclaw and Riverpaw each caught a bit of fresh-kill and headed back to camp, with their tails inter-twined.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

"Riverpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and use it to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?" Brightstar meowed. Riverpaw raised her head in pride. "I do." Riverpaw had just gotten her warrior assessment that morning along with her brother, Ripplestripe, and now they both were finally warriors! Brightstar looked back at the Clan.

"Riverpaw, from this moment, you shall be known as Riverpelt," Brightstar's meow rang through the clearing, "StarClan honors your loyalty and bravery, and we welcome you as a full StormClan warrior." Riverpelt's eyes gleamed at her new name, I love it! she thought to herself. She looked down at the cats below and saw Wolfclaw, his eyes gleaming up at her. She would always love him and, now that she thought of it, was way better than Waveripple.

"Riverpelt! Ripplestripe! Riverpelt! Ripplestripe!" The clan chanted their new names. This was one of the best moments in Riverpelt's life! As soon as the noise died down, Brightstar said one final thing.

"As you all know, Riverpelt and Ripplestripe must sit in silent vigil and watch over us, while we sleep, until dawn." The clan broke up and started to head into their dens, but many cats stayed in the clearing to congratulate the new warriors.

"I'm so proud of you two!" Stoneheart told Riverpelt and Ripplestripe. Riverpelt started to blush from all the attention from all of the cats in the clearing, and her face glowed when she met Wolfclaw's gaze. He padded up to her and they wrapped their tails together.

"Congratulations, Riverpelt." he whispered in her ear, and she purred, and rested her head on his shoulder. Not far from them, Riverpelt could sense Waveripple's angry gaze blazing into her fur, but she didn't care, as long as she was with Wolfclaw, nothing mattered to her.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

That night, Riverpelt and Ripplestripe sat in silent vigil and watched over the camp. Riverpelt was so exhausted from her warrior assessment that morning, and she just wanted to curl up in the warriors den and sleep. Just then, they heard a crackling noise from beyond the bushes that border the camp, and a familiar smell hit Riverpelt's nose.

"LightningClan!" she and Ripplestripe yowled, their voices ringing through the clearing, and LightningClan cats broke through the bushes and started attacking StormClan. Riverpelt got knocked down by a gray tabby she-cat, who she remembered as Pigeonflight. Riverpelt kicked her back legs into Pigeonflight and she was knocked off balance. Pigeonflight was quick and pinned Riverpelt down, and her teeth were closing in on Riverpelt's neck. Was this the end? Then all of a sudden, Pigeonflight's weight went off Riverpelt's body, and she looked over and saw Waveripple, who had saved her life. She bowed her head to him in thanks, and went back to fighting Pigeonflight, who was dazed on the ground.

Riverpelt jumped on her and bit her hind leg, she squealed in pain, and Pigeonflight ran off. Riverpelt looked next to her to see Amberpaw struggling to fight off a warrior, so she grabbed the tom by his neck, and pulled him off. Amberpaw didn't hestitate and she clawed his stomach, and Riverpelt let him go, and he went into the woods. Amberpaw looked at Riverpelt, her face had a bit of blood on it.

"Thanks." she meowed.

Riverpelt bowed her head to her, and they both went back to fighting. In the mist of it all, Riverpelt saw Brightstar fighting for her life against Thistlestar, who was viciously attacking her. Riverpelt ran over and jumped onto Thistlestar's back, and dug her claws in. He yowled in pain and fell backwards, trying to knock her off, but Riverpelt was quick, and she pinned him down and clawed his stomach. He yowled in pain again, and was covered in blood, but his eyes were filled with rage. Riverpelt let him up, and he hissed at her.

"You may have won this time, but this battle's not over yet," towards the mass of fighting cats he yowled, "LightningClan! Retreat!" All of the LightningClan cats, some covered in blood, all ran off pushing past the bushes. Brightstar padded up to Riverpelt.

"Thanks Riverpelt," she weezed out of breath, "You saved my life." Riverpelt shrugged.

"It was no big deal," she meowed, but Brightstar cut her off.

"No, it was, defeating Thistlestar and you just became a warrior," Riverpelt felt her face get hot with embarrassment, and Brightstar continued, "I'll find a way to make it up to you." Riverpelt couldn't argue with that, so she bowed her head to her leader, and Brightstar jumped onto the TallPine.

"As you all know, LightningClan has attacked us tonight, and Thistlestar made it clear that he would come back," murmurs of nervousness spread around the camp, "But we have Ripplestripe and Riverpelt to thank for warning us when they came," The clan looked at the warriors and chanted their names.

"Ripplestripe! Riverpelt!" Once it died down, Brightstar continued.

"While I was fighting, Thistlestar almost killed me," shocked murmurs spread through the clan, "But Riverpelt saved my life and defeated Thistlestar." Riverpelt felt her face get hot, as the clan cats looked at her amazed. Once the meeting was over, Riverpelt saw Stoneheart padding up to her, and faced him.

"I'm amazed that you defeated Thistlestar!" he purred, "I'm so proud of you." Riverpelt looked at her father.

"Thanks Stoneheart." she meowed, and she padded off to go on a hunting patrol with Foxtail.

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

"...And we have two new warriors; Riverpelt and Ripplestripe!" Brightstar yowled to the cats at the Gathering below. Riverpelt and her brother held their heads high, she could feel the gaze of every cat looking at her. She heard some murmurs coming from LightingClan, of course, and she saw Thistlestar giving her a dirty look, but paid no attention. Brightstar padded off the Tallrock and sat next to Heartstar. The rest of the Gathering went by pretty fast after that. Thistlestar said nothing threatening to StormClan, and it was as if they actually had a normal Gathering.

The next morning, Brightstar called a meeting for an apprentice ceremony for Fernheart's kits, Flowerkit, Pinekit, and Dustkit. Brightstar first beckoned a dark brown tom with amber eyes, "Pinekit from this moment you shall be known as Pinepaw," she looked right at Wolfclaw and his ears pricked in surprise, "Wolfclaw, you shall be mentor to Pinepaw, I expect you will pass on all you know to him." Wolfclaw nodded his head, and touched noses with Pinepaw, and sat at the end of the TallPine. Next she beckoned a pale brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, "Dustkit, you shall be known as Dustpaw," She turned her head to Foxtail, "Foxtail, you shall be mentor to Dustpaw, I hope you will pass on all you know to her." Foxtail bowed her head to Brightstar, touched noses with Dustpaw, and sat next to Wolfclaw and Pinepaw. Flowerkit, a very pale gray she-cat with black paws, was left, Brightstar beckoned her, "Flowerkit, from this moment, you shall be known as Flowerpaw," Surprisingly, Brightstar fixed her gaze on Riverpelt and smiled, "Riverpelt, you shall be mentor to Flowerpaw," Riverpelt's eyes got huge, and shocked murmurs spread through the clearing, "I hope you pass on all you know to this young apprentice." Brightstar meowed without taking her eyes off Riverpelt. So Riverpelt touched noses with Flowerpaw and whispered to her.

"I know I was just made a warrior not too long ago, but I'll try my best to be a good mentor to you." Flowerpaw eyes gleamed.

"I know you will Riverpelt, that's why Brightstar chose you." Once they joined the others at the end of the TallPine, Riverpelt thought, Did Brightstar give me an apprentice just to make up for me saving her life?

Chapter 6[edit | edit source]

"So what are we doing today, Riverpelt?" Flowerpaw bounced around her excitedly. Riverpelt laughed a bit, Flowerpaw was very funny, she was happy Brightstar gave her as her apprentice.

"Well, I was thinking that I could show you around the territory..." Riverpelt meowed, to her as Wolfclaw came over with Pinepaw.

"Mind if we join you? I was gonna show Pinepaw around too." Riverpelt purred happily.

"Of course!" Pinepaw and Flowerpaw glanced at each other happily, and the four of them ran off pass the entrance of the camp. Riverpelt and Wolfclaw had a good time with Flowerpaw and Pinepaw, and they got back right at sunset. As soon as they broke through the entrance of the camp, Wolfclaw turned to Riverpelt.

"Are you tired much?" she shook her head, and Wolfclaw continued, "Then follow me, I want to show you something." he meowed as he turned and went back out into the forest. Riverpelt followed after him, she wondered what he was going to show her.

Wolfclaw ended up taking Riverpelt to Sunset Rock, he jumped up onto it and beckoned her up next to him. Once she got up there, Riverpelt was amazed at the view, the sky was beautiful shades of orange and yellow and the sun was a reddish color. Watching the sunset with Wolfclaw was one of the best things she'd ever done. She noticed that Wolfclaw's stomach was grumbling.

"Want me to get us something to eat?" Wolfclaw touched noses with her.

"Thank you, be careful though."

"I will." Riverpelt headed off into the bushes and she heard russling behind her, she turned to see Waveripple, "Oh, hi Waveripple!" She meowed happily, but Waveripple seemed to have a look of determiniation on his face. Riverpelt looked at him questioningly, "What's wrong?" He chuckled and stared seriously into her eyes.

"I want you to be with me, Riverpelt," he meowed, "I can't be without you, and Wolfclaw does not deserve you, I do." Riverpelt glared at him.

"You know I love Wolfclaw, Waveripple," she meowed, "You were never there for me when I needed you, and you only care about yourself." Waveripple's eyes bore into her's and he started moving towards her, Riverpelt backed up looking nervously at him, and she ran through the woods. All of a sudden, she came to a dead end into a clearing she'd never seen before, a big boulder blocked her way of escape. She turned to see Waveripple coming towards her, she looked around desperately, but he had trapped her.

"In a second, you are going to be with me," then he whispered into her ear, "And have my kits!" Now Riverpelt was really scared, and she yowled.

"Wolfclaw!" Just then, a cat broke through the bushes in the clearing.

"Back away from her, Waveripple!" he meowed, his voice filled with anger. It was Wolfclaw.

Chapter 7[edit | edit source]

"Riverpelt! Go!" Wolfclaw yolwed to Riverpelt, and she vanished quickly running back to camp as fast as she could. She soon saw the camp entrance in sight and rushed into it, and she called to Brightstar. Brightstar padded up to her with a worried expression on her face.

"Riverpelt, what is the matter?" Riverpelt's eyes were huge.

"Brightstar, you have to come with me, it's important!" Brightstar nodded her head, and Riverpelt made her way back to the clearing, with Brightstar at her heels. Once they got there, they stayed out of sight behind a couple bushes. she saw Wolfclaw meow something to Waveripple and then he leaped at Wolfclaw. But Wolfclaw was ready for it, and spun and pinned Waveripple down. Then he knocked Wolfclaw down by swiping his foot at his back leg, and Waveripple was inches away from his neck. Riverpelt was about to burst in there when Wolfclaw got this burst of strength and pushed Waveripple into a tree with his back legs. Wolfclaw got up and made his way over to him, and sliced Waveripple's stomach with his claws. Waveripple laid there and bled, and then the bleeding stopped, and he breathed no more. Brightstar and Riverpelt padded into the clearing.

"Wolfclaw." Brightstar meowed, and Wolfclaw turned around surprised.

"Brightstar! Riverpelt!" he meowed, ashamed, "This isn't-" But Brightstar cut him off.

"I never knew Waveripple would want to fight his own clanmate, let alone his own brother. We both saw the whole thing," Brightstar meowed, "It was nice of you to give him the choice of living, but it was obvious he would have fought you anyway." Riverpelt stood there still speechless, and she could feel Wolfclaw's gaze, but ignored it. Wolfclaw turned to Brightstar.

"Will I get in trouble for this?" Brightstar shook her head.

"Even though you did break the warrior code, Waveripple was the one that fought you first, I know that you would had rather fought verbally than physically." Wolfclaw nodded his head, and she continued, "We'll keep this between us, and tell the clan that a fox has killed him." Wolfclaw nodded his head again, and padded over to Riverpelt.

"Maybe I shouldn't have fought him..."Wolfclaw said with his head bent, but Riverpelt looked sternly into his eyes.

"No, after what he wanted to do to me, he deserved it." Wolfclaw's gaze never left hers.

"But you did love him first." Riverpelt looked at him sympathetically.

"I only liked him for a while, Wolfclaw, you were a great friend of mine and you were always there for me, and Waveripple wasn't." Riverpelt's eyes filled with love, "You cared about me, when Waveripple only cared about himself." She purred and touched muzzles with him, "I love you, Wolfclaw, and only you." Wolfclaw purred.

"I love you too, Riverpelt." And the three cats brought Waveripple's body back to camp.

"Oh my--Waveripple!" Foxtail meowed as the three cats entered the camp carrying Waveripple's limp body, many cats started to swarm around them, asking questions. Riverpelt and Wolfclaw placed his body on the ground, and Brightstar jumped up onto the TallPine.

"Let us all those cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the TallPine for a clan meeting." Many cats started to flood into the clearing, once everyone saw Waveripple's body, many cats started to murmur to each other. Once the noise died down, Brighstar started to speak, "Tonight, Wolfclaw, Riverpelt, and Waveripple went out to get fresh air, when a fox jumped out at them," nervousness flooded through each cat, but Brightstar continued, "Wolfclaw sent Riverpelt to come get me while, they both fought it off. Once I arrived, the fox was gone, but Waveripple laid limp on the ground, Wolfclaw told me the fox killed him." Riverpelt trusted Brightstar with her life, Riverpelt bowed her head to show her "sadness", and surprisingly the clan believed it. But, Riverpelt seemed to feel a bit of guilt for not saying the truth, but she knew that the truth must be kept a secret.

Chapter 8[edit | edit source]

The next morning, the clan still seemed shocked by Waveripple's death, but life seemed to go on. Riverpelt felt as if this big weight left her shoulders, she didn't feel like she was being watched constantly by him. It was a normal day for Flowerpaw and her, they went out hunting for the first time, and Flowerpaw learned quickly and even caught a mouse!

"That was such a good catch, Flowerpaw!" Riverpelt told her, Flowerpaw blushed.

"Well, I couldn't have done it without having a great mentor." Riverpelt felt proud to have Flowerpaw as an apprentice, and the clan was getting used to the fact that she had an apprentice.

"Thanks Flowerpaw."

"Your welcome," she meowed, "I know you're trying your best and you're doing it like you've been a mentor for a long time." Riverpelt had to purr, Flowerpaw always bragged to other cats what an awesome mentor Riverpelt was to her. Flowerpaw went over and dropped her fresh-kill at the pile and Swiftstep came over from the nursery.

"Nice catch, Flowerpaw." she meowed, and Flowerpaw looked proud.

"Thanks, Swiftstep!" Flowerpaw turned to Riverpelt, "But I couldn't have done it without Riverpelt." Swifstep purred.

"Well Riverpelt was a great hunter especially on her first day of apprenticeship." Flowerpaw's eyes gleamed.

"Really? Can you tell me a story?" Swiftstep looked at Riverpelt, Riverpelt nodded her head and Swiftstep looked at Flowerpaw.

"Well, Riverpelt was just apprenticed that morning, and I, Thorntail, and her brother, Ripplestripe decided to give them a tour of the StormClan territory." Flowerpaw looked so interested in what Swiftstep said, and she continued, "Riverpelt left us for a minute and when I went to find her, she had a mouse dangling in her jaws," Flowerpaw's mouth opened wide in awe.

"Really?" Swiftstep nodded her head.

"I was in awe too, Thorntail and Ripplestripe couldn't believe it, from then on, I knew that there was something special about Riverpelt." Flowerpaw looked at Riverpelt.

"How'd you do that?" Riverpelt shrugged.

"My father, Stoneheart taught us that technique of how to hunt, so I figured I'd try it out for real."

"Wow!" Flowerpaw meowed, "I can't wait to tell the others!" With that, she bounded off excitedly towards the apprentices' den. Swiftstep sighed.

"I remember when I was an apprentice," she purred, and turned to Riverpelt, "You know, I've noticed that Flowerpaw adores you, you're a really good mentor to her."

"Thanks Swiftstep."

"And I've noticed how close you and Wolfclaw are." Riverpelt just looked at her, "We're just friends." Swiftstep rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, and hedgehogs fly, I know that you and Wolfclaw are mates, you never seem to leave his side." Riverpelt looked at Wolfclaw who was chatting with Ripplestripe. "Personally, I think you two are perfect for each other." Riverpelt turned to Swiftstep.

"Thanks, he's a very loyal cat, I know he'll stand up for me." Swiftstep nodded her head, and padded off back to the mursery. Riverpelt just sat there thinking about Wolfclaw. He meant everything to her, and she knew that she would always love him, forever.

Chapter 9[edit | edit source]

"Amberheart! Runningswift! Amberheart! Runningswift!" Riverpelt and the clan shouted the two new warriors names. Amberheart and Runningswift stood proudly under the gaze of their fellow clanmates. Riverpelt noticed that Brightstar's eyes gleamed when she spoke the two new warriors names, but maybe it was the sun reflecting off her eyes. See, Sunpaw, Amberheart and Runningswift's sister, died a moon ago from Greencough. It has been two moons since her death, and now that leafbare is coming, StormClan is getting worried about any breakouts of greencough.

When the chanting stopped, Riverpelt padded over to her best friend, "Congratulations!" she purred, and Amberheart brightened up, but then she frowned. Riverpelt rubbed her back soothingly with her tail, "I know Sunpaw should have been here, Amberheart, the whole clan misses her." Amberheart glanced at Riverpelt, but then turned her head away, "I know Sunpaw would want to see you and your brother happy, instead of sad and depressed. Don't you think?" Amberheart looked up at Riverpelt and nodded her head. Riverpelt smiled, "Let's show her that you and Runningswift will be the best warriors this clan's seen!" Amberheart purred, thinking of the idea, but sadness still lingered in her eyes. Riverpelt knows how she feels since her own mother died not 2 moons after she was apprenticed.

Riverpelt started heading to the warriors den, and Amberheart and Runningswift stayed out in the clearing. As Riverpelt curled up in her nest, next to Wolfclaw, sleep washed over her and a familiar cat came up to her.

"Riverpelt, I want to tell you something." he meowed, and Riverpelt knew the voice as soon as he spoke the words.

"Waveripple, is that you?" Waveripple's eyes gleamed with amusement.

"Yes, it is." Before Riverpelt could speak, he continued, "Riverpelt, I'm here to tell you that you have a destiny unlike any other cat," His gaze never left Riverpelt's, "And you are the only cat that can stop this great evil from destroying your clan." Riverpelt remembered the prophecy that Brackenstar had given her, Beware of the Darkest Shadows and the star that has Thistles. And then she gasped, realizing what the prophecy meant! The Darkest Shadows was Darkshadow! And the star that has Thistles is Thistlestar! They must be in league somehow, and Riverpelt needed to find out.

"I've realised what the prophecy means!" she said to Waveripple, amazed, "How could I have been so foolish!" Waveripple chuckled, but then his face turned serious.

"I also am here to tell you that I am sorry for my actions, a few moons ago," Waveripple meowed, "I am happy for you and Wolfclaw, and I should had realized that you both were destined for each other." Riverpelt purred.

"It's okay Waveripple." But as Riverpelt turned to head away, Waveripple called her back.

"Wait! Could you tell Wolfclaw that I am sorry too?" Riverpelt nodded her head, and Waveripple looked relieved, "Thank you." Then Waveripple vanished, waking Riverpelt from her dream. She made her way out of the warriors' den. She now knew who was going to be causing the madness in her future, and she was the only one who could stop it.

Chapter 10[edit | edit source]

When Riverpelt went out hunting that afternoon with Amberheart and Flowerpaw, she scented Darkshadow, and it was fresh. Amberheart looked at her confused.

"What's wrong, Riverpelt?" Riverpelt flicked her tail telling them to follow her, and they soon saw Darkshadow with another cat. So they all hid into a bush nearby.

"What are we do-" Flowerpaw stared to say when Riverpelt cut her off by putting her tail over her mouth. Riverpelt could here Darkshadow clearly.

"So are we clear for our plan?" The other cat nodded his head.

"Yes, tomorrow will be the day." Darkshadow bowed his head to the other cat, and headed off, back to camp.

"What plan?" Amberheart asked after Darkshadow was out of earshot, Riverpelt was thinking the same thing. She turned to her friend and her apprentice.

"I don't know, but by the look of it, it doesn't seem good." Flowerpaw looked worried.

"So what are we to do?" Riverpelt shook her head and shrugged.

"I'm not sure, but we can't tell Brightstar," Riverpelt told them, "We don't even know what it is." Amberheart made her way out of the bush, along with Riverpelt and Flowerpaw.

"I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow." Amberheart sighed, Riverpelt turned to both of them.

"And we must not say a word of this to anyone." Amberheart and Flowerpaw both nodded their heads. I know that whatever they're planning can't be good, Riverpelt thought, but I guess we'll all find out in the morning.

The next day, the clan heard a yowl, and Flameflicker entered the camp with a look of terror on his face, Brightstar enterd the clearing.

"Flameflicker! What's wrong?!" Flameflicker turned to Brightstar.

"Thistlestar is waiting on the StormClan border, and it looks like he has the whole of LightningClan with him!" Many cats started panicking in the clearing, Brightstar yowled, and they all fell silent.

"I'll have to bring many cats in case this is an attack," she meowed, "I need Darkshadow and Whitefoot to lead two patrols."

Darkshadow and Whitefoot nodded their heads, and they started to call out warrior names.

"Hawktalon, Eagleswoop, Thorntail, Birchstripe, Mintyfall, Stoneheart, and Shadowbreeze come with me on the second patrol." Darkshadow yowled, and the cats that were called gathered around him. Riverpelt thought it seemed that Darkshadow wanted to avoid this fight as much as possible, and she wondered why, but the thought was pushed through her mind, as Whitefoot called her name.

"Riverpelt, Wolfclaw, Amberheart, Runningswift, Nightfall, Redclaw, Foxtail, Flowerpaw, and Dustpaw, come with me on the first patrol with Brightstar." Riverpelt ran up to him, and Wolfclaw stood next to her. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was worried about what could happen to StormClan, so she licked his cheek to comfort him. Wolfclaw flashed her a grateful glance. After a minute, Brightstar padded over to Whitefoot and Flameflicker. She nodded her head and they led the cats right out of the clearing and into the woods to face LightningClan.

Chapter 11[edit | edit source]

Flameflicker was right! Riverpelt thought to herself, amazed. There was probably the whole of LightningClan waiting for the arrival of the StormClan cats. Brightstar and Whitefoot's patrol entered the clearing, where the LightningClan cats stood waiting.

"Brightstar," Thistlestar meowed, "We have something to discuss." Brightstar padded up to him.

"What do you want, Thistlestar?" she growled at him and he smirked.

"You know what I came for." Brightstar got extremely furious, and her tail lashed back and fourth.

"StormClan will never give up our land to you!" Thistlestar hissed at her.

"Then we'll take it by force!" And Thistlestar jumped onto Brightstar, and the battle began.

Riverpelt was jumped on and she flung the cat off, barreling the warrior into a nearby tree. As soon as she turned around, Falconclaw attacked her, she quickly turned and clawed the side of his flank. He yowled in rage and dug his claws into her back. The pain came quickly, and she grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and pulled him off her. He laid on the ground dazed, while she clawed him vigourously. As soon as he regained conciousness, Riverpelt let him go, and he ran off into the woods. Just then, she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Well, well, if it isn't my 'good friend' Riverpelt." Riverpelt turned to look at the cat, and her eyes grew huge.


Chapter 12[edit | edit source]

"Yes, I'm surprised you still remember me." Riverpelt was shocked, she hadn't seen her friend for many moons.

"Of course I remember you!" Skybreeze chuckled.

"Yeah we did have some fun times as apprentices." Skybreeze purred remembering the memories, then shook her head and pounced on Riverpelt. "But that was many moons ago, and now it is my duty to kill you!" Riverpelt hissed at her and threw her off.

"Never!" Skybreeze got up, and Riverpelt pounced on her and clawed her stomach. Skybreeze yowled in rage, and after a minute pinned Riverpelt down. She's gonna kill me, Riverpelt thought to herself, she really is.

"Lets see how you like it!" And she sliced Riverpelt's stomach open. Riverpelt yowled, and she pushed her right off. When Skybreeze pounced, she ducked underneath her and clawed from her neck to her tail. She dropped onto the floor, dazed at what Riverpelt had just done, then her eyes glazed over, and she died. Riverpelt heard a yowl from one of the cats in the middle of the fighting. Brightstar! Riverpelt thought as she ran as fast as she could to her leader. Brightstar was fighting against Thistlestar, but her fur was covered in blood. Riverpelt jumped onto Thistlestar's back, and dug her long claws into his fur. He screeched and tried to pull Riverpelt off, but Brightstar clawed his stomach. and he fell to the ground. Riverpelt jumped off his back and stood with her leader.

"No!" Darkshadow's cry echoed through the camp, and then a cat jumped onto Brightstar, the weight of the cat was almost killing her. It was Darkshadow "How dare you kill Thistlestar!" Brightstar looked at him.

"I didn't kill him! He only lost a life!" Darkshadow hissed angrily.

"I don't care whether you did or didn't I'm still gonna kill you anyway, and then I can lead StormClan." Riverpelt glanced at her leader, she knew that Brightstar could fight her own battles, but she was weak as it is.

"Never!" Riverpelt hissed at him, and she pulled him off Brightstar. He turned and hissed at her.

"What are you doing?!" Riverpelt glared at him angrily.

"I know what your plan is with Thistlestar, Darkshadow! You wanted Thistlestar to kill Brightstar, then when you became leader, you would join StormClan and LightningClan together, and then take over the other clans." Brightstar was shocked at what I said, but I continued, "Because Thistlestar is your father!" Darkshadow hissed at Riverpelt and pinned her down.

"How dare you! Forget about Brightstar, I'll flay you first!" Riverpelt clawed Darkshadow's face, and tore his ear. Blood covered his ear, but Darkshadow didn't care. He took one glance at the marks on her stomach and smiled evily. He lifted up one of his paws, claws extended, and ripped right though Riverpelt's stomach. Riverpelt turned over, and was coughing badly. Blood poured out her mouth.

"No!" Brightstar yowled, and the whole battle paused. She heard Brightstar attacking Darkshadow, and then a familiar voice.

"No! Not Riverpelt!" Wolfclaw came over to Riverpelt, and he knew she had only a few moments left to speak, "Please StarClan don't take her!" He looked down at her and saw her stomach, "Who did this to you?!"

"Skybreeze and Darkshadow..." she barely murmurred. Wolfclaw licked her between her ears.

"I'll kill him!" he turned to Riverpelt, " I'll always love you Riverpelt."

"I'll always love you too Wolfclaw." She heard Wolfclaw fighting with Darkshadow, with Brightstar by his side. Her vision became blurrier and blurrier, and a tear streamed down her cheek. StarClan! Why take me now!?

Chapter 13[edit | edit source]

Then she heard a voice in her head.

"It's not your time yet, Riverpelt, you still have many, many, many more moons to live." She realised the voice was Bramblestar. "StarClan is healing your stomach as I speak to you." Riverpelt was amazed as she opened her eyes, and could feel strength in her limbs again. "Go Riverpelt, go and help Brightstar and Wolfclaw fight Darkshadow!" Riverpelt nodded her head and she looked up to see Darkshadow, Wolfclaw and Brightstar tussling, but then she saw Thistlestar sneaking up behind Brightstar. Riverpelt pounced on him and clawed his stomach. Brightstar turned around to see them fighting. And she whispered in Riverpelt's ear.

"I'll take over here." she said, and Riverpelt nodded her head and fought with Darkshadow, as soon as he saw her he hissed.

"What!? I thought I killed you!" Riverpelt shook her head.

"You will never kill me!" And she pounced on him, pinning him down and he tried to break free, "Oh trust me, Darkshadow, you aren't going anywhere until your clan here's what you've done." He continued to try to break free, but Riverpelt was stronger, and he gave up. Then Thistlestar yowled to his clanmates.

"Retreat, LightningClan! Retreat!" All the LightningClan cats pricked their ears, and then vanished into the woods. The StormClan cats yowled in triumph, and they took one look at Riverpelt pinning Darkshadow down and it all stopped. Stoneheart spoke first.

"Brightstar, what has happened?" She glanced at Riverpelt and then back to Stoneheart.

"Darkshadow is a traitor!" Yowls of protest echoed throughout the StormClan cats, then Brightstar silenced them, "Darkshadow had made a plan with Thistlestar to kill me, and to take over StormClan." All the cats were silent, and Brightstar continued, "He told Thistlestar that if he became leader, he would join forces with Thistlestar and create one big clan, and destroy the others." Silence still spread throughout the cats, they were all obviously in shock, Brightstar turned to Riverpelt, "Would you like to continue?" Riverpelt nodded her head and Wolfclaw took over pinning Darkshadow down.

"Cats of StormClan," Riverpelt spoke, "What Brightstar has said to you all is true, I have the scars on my stomach to prove it." Riverpelt told them everything, about how Darkshadow tried to kill Brightstar, then almost killing her. The Clan yowled in rage, and Brightstar came up to Riverpelt's side.

"Let's all go back to camp, and then I'll decide on Darkshadow's punishment." The clan nodded their heads in agreement and padded off, with Wolfclaw, Riverpelt, and Flowerpaw making sure Darkshadow didn't escape. Once they got back to camp, Brightstar called a clan meeting. "I have decided on my punishment for Darkshadow." She turned to him, ears flattened, "Darkshadow, I sentence you to exile!" Darkshadow flinched at the words, and the angry glares from his clanmates told him to go, "If any StormClan cats see you around here by sunset, they have permission from me to kill you." Darkshadow sulked to the entrance, but turned his head and hissed at the cats.

"I will get my revenge on StormClan, even if it's the last thing I do!" With that, he bounded off. Riverpelt padded up to Brightstar and whispered into her ear. Brightstar nodded her head, and Riverpelt sat back down in front of the TallRock.

"We think it is time to make three new warriors of StormClan. Flowerpaw, Dustpaw and Pinepaw!" Brightstar announced to the Clan.

Chapter 14[edit | edit source]

"I, Brightstar, leader of StormClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices," Flowerpaw, Dustpaw and Pinepaw's eyes glimmered with excitement, "They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn." Brightstar turned to the overly excited apprentices, "Flowerpaw, Pinepaw, Dustpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and use it to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" They exchanged excited glances and looked up at Brightstar.

"I do." they said at the same time.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names."Pinepaw, from this moment you shall be known as Pineclaw." Pineclaw sat up straighter and his eyes gleamed with pride when she announced his warrior name, "StarClan honors your courage and bravery and we welcome you as a full StormClan warrior." Brightstar touched her nose to Pineclaw's head and he respectfully licked her shoulder. Brightstar then moved on to Dustpaw. "Dustpaw, from this moment on , you shall be known as Duststorm," Duststorm held her head proudly, '"StarClan honors you bravery and strength and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan." Brightstar touched Duststrom's head with her nose, and she respectfully licked her shoulder like Pineclaw. Finally, Brightstar beckoned Flowerpaw, "Flowerpaw, from this moment you shall be known as Flowerpetal." Flowerpetal's eyes shined at her new name, "StarClan honors your bravery and loyalty and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan." When Brightstar touched her nose to Flowerpetal's head, she licked Brightstar's shoulder like Pineclaw and Duststorm. The whole clan started shouting.

"Pineclaw! Flowerpetal! Duststorm! Pineclaw! Flowerpetal! Duststorm!"

"As you all know, Flowerpetal, Duststorm and Pineclaw must sit in silent vigil while we all sleep, but first let's feast!" The clan yowled in agreement, then dispersed and Riverpelt went over to congratulate the new warriors.

"Congratulations, you guys!" Riverpelt purred. Flowerpetal turned to her.

"Thank you so much! I know that you were the one who offered to Brightstar for us to be warriors." Riverpelt purred, Flowerpetal was so smart.

"Yeah, and I even chose your warrior name." Flowerpetal's eyes grew huge.

"You did?"

"Yeah, Brightstar told me I could so I came up with the name Flowerpetal. I thought it suited you well." Flowerpetal purred.

"Thanks, I love it!"

"Your welcome."

A while later, Riverpelt noticed that the sun was staring to sink, and Brightstar hadn't decided on who was to be the next deputy. Riverpelt almost went into the warriors' den when Brightstar yowled a clan meeting. Once the clan gathered together, she started to speak.

"I know all of you are curious about who the next StormClan deputy will be, and I have made my decision." Riverpelt always had high hopes that it would be either her father, Stoneheart, or her mate, Wolfclaw, but knowing Brightstar, you never know, "The cat that I choose has saved me from losing my life, and fought side by side with me in pretty much all of the battles," The Clan was silent so Brightstar continued, "She sacrificed herself for me, and almost died in the battle today with LightningClan," Riverpelt's eyes grew huge. No way! she thought to herself, I must be dreaming! "I say these words before my warrior ancestors so that they may hear and approve of my choice," No one in the clan spoke a word for a heartbeat as Brightstar announced the name, "Riverpelt will be the new deputy of StormClan!" Brightstar yowled her name, and the clan started to cheer. Riverpelt rose up higher from the crowd of cats so everyone could see her.

"Brightstar, cats of StormClan, it is an honor to be clan deputy, and I promise you that I will do my best to serve you." The clan started to chant her name.

"Riverpelt! Riverpelt!" Riverpelt looked next to her and saw Wolfclaw's eyes gleam with happiness. Once the meeting ended, Flowerpetal and Pineclaw congratulated Riverpelt. Afterwards, Stoneheart came up to her.

"I've never been more proud of you, Riverpelt, and I know your mother would be proud too."

"Thanks Stoneheart." Riverpelt purred, "I hope that Bluegaze is proud of me." As Riverpelt headed into the warriors' den she looked up into the sky, and saw a star twinkle, and Riverpelt knew it was her mother.

"Thanks Bluegaze," she spoke silently, "I hoped you'd be proud."

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