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PebbleClan is like RiverClan. They have a love of water and fish. Their territory is full of pebbles, rocks, and shells. A few patches of grass are seen, but there is mainly sand their. Small streams are also included in the area. The camp isn't the same, though. All the dens are caves made by earlier members of the Clan, including Pebblestar. The medicine cat den is a large rock with a crevice, inside is MUCH larger than it seems on the outside, containing a small pool with a glowing rock and fish inside. All the herbs are set in small spaces between the rock. The moss beds are all at the way back of the den. The medicine cat apprentice's den is a large patch of long grass just outside the medicine cat den. The leader's den is a cave. The nursery is as well a warm cave full of moss. Their prey consists of fish, sparrows, water voles, and ocasionaly some eagles.

Leader: Saberstar - black tom with a white chest and paws and green eyes

Deputy: Beartooth - long-haired, handsome, muscular streaked brown tom with pale blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Shellfire - small dark gray tom with a white blaze-like birth mark on his flank and green, almond-shaped eyes, three claw-marks across his cheek


Mudfang - mud colored tom with amber eyes

Mossypelt - bracken colored she-cat with heather blue eyes FanClaned by Rainwillow

Nightheart - jet black tom with amber eyes

Swiftwater - lithe, black and white tom with golden eyes

Apprentice: Creekpaw

Mitzy - cream she-cat with white patches, torn ears, and green eyes

Falconwing - brown tabby tom with green eyes

Littlewhisker - large white tom with black ear tips and long legs and amber eyes

Grayfoot - white she-cat with grey paws and pale blue eyes FanClaned by Rainwillow


Creekpaw - gray she-cat with lighter streaks and blue eyes FanClaned by Feathermoon


Icybreeze - ghostly white she-cat with blue eyes, deaf in one ear (Nightheart)

Silverfrost - beautiful silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Sabertooth) (E) FanClaned by Silversong

Berryheart - slender, cream she-cat with lavender eyes (Beartooth) (E) FanClaned by Feathermoon


Dustkit - light brown tabby tom with green eyes (Iceybreeze+Nightheart)

Cherrykit - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes (Iceybreeze+Nightheart) FanClaned by Rainwillow


Nettlefur - blind spiky furred she-cat

Shadowpelt - deaf jet black tom with green eyes

Mistysun - light gray she-cat with blue eyes

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