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MoorClan is like WindClan. They love to run and hunt rabbits. Their territory is mainly just grass. Few trees are seen. The camp is a large dip in the ground. Surrounding the edge of the dip, are long, thin trees. All the warriors sleep out in the open sky, where they watch their ancestors twinkle. The leader also sleeps out with the warriors. Apprentices sleep in an old fox set. It is large enough to containg 32 apprentices, but of course, that won't happen. The nursery is a long, narrow hole dug by Moorstar and earlier members of MoorClan. At the end of the den, their is usually a large amount of space. There are at least 5 moss beds inside. The elders den is also a long hole, but not narrow. The end of the den is the same as the nursery's, but it has 10 moss beds instead of 5. The medicine cat den is a small hole. The medicine is placed in seperete stacks. The medicine cat apprentice's den another hole right next to the medicine cat's. MoorClan's prey consists of rabbits, small birds, mice, and sometimes some eagles.

Leader: Finchstar - small brown tom with a white paw and blue eyes

Deputy: Willowheart - pale gray she-cat with golden eyes and torn ear

Medicine Cat: Quailflight - blind, ginger she-cat with white paws and ear tips


Tallfoot - long legged black she-cat with green eyes and a torn ear

Oakpine - light brown tabby she-cat with one blue, one green eye

Adderhiss - gray tom with amber eyes

Whiteclaw - white tom with long claws and blue eyes

Grayclaw - gray tom with a white paw and amber eyes

Sagefoot - long haired black tom with white back right ankle and heather green eyes

Apprenitce: Cripplepaw


Cripplepaw - crippled, cream tom with blue eyes

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