Power Series

Author: Silversong
Number of Books: More than one, I can tell you that ^^
Books: The Day the Earth Went Cold more coming soon...
Series Status: In the Making
Story Spellcheckers: Nightfern and Feathertail Millie
The Power Series is a about a cat that has more powers, some greater than StarClan. In every book she will discover each and everyone of her powers, find love, and the true meaning of friendship. Silverfrost will take you through her journeys in the Power Series.

[edit | edit source]

The Day the Earth Went Cold - What would you do if the Earth went cold? Follow the experience through Silverfrost's eyes as she battles the sub zero temperatures. Cats are dying, and the Clans are facing extinction. Through the chaos, Silverfrost learns she can control the temperature. But will it be too late for the Clans?

More coming soon...

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