Leader- Tawnystar- golden she-cat with brown patches and red-purple eyes

Deputy- Minttail- gray she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat- Yewfern- dark golden she-cat with baby blue eyes


Petalfire- red-orange she-cat with sky blue eyes

Swiftbreeze- sleek black and white she-cat with amber eyes

Starwing- light golden she-cat with orange eyes Heatherwing- brown she-cat with blue eyes

Stormfang- dark gray tabby tom with red eyes

Grasswhisker- tan tabby tom with night blue eyes

Featherpool- white she-cat with a dark gray back, paws, muzzle, tailtip, chest and underbelly with green eyes

Blazeshadow- flame colored tom with yellow eyes


Ashstorm- gray she-cat with leaf-green eyes


Lionfur-muscular golden tabby tom with red eyes

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