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Mysteries of MoonClan Series

Author: Leopardclaw
Number of Books: 4ish
Books: TreeClan-The True Traitor, LeafClan-Lies of Life
Series Status: Being written
Story Spellcheckers: None
For many moons, StarClan have walked the skies alone. Or so they thought.

When a loner and a cat from an unheard of Clan appear in StarClan, they realise they are not as alone as they thought.

MoonClan, the ancestors of TreeClan, LeafClan, RainClan, SunClan, and loners.

TreeClan-The True Traitor - A supposed traitor lies amongst the ranks spreading myths and stories of other Clans and ancestors - breaking the first Law in the Warrior' Laws. But they're right - MoonClan are hiding something. And the traitor intends to discover what it is.

LeafClan-Lies of Life - Jaybriar's announcement has left the Clans untrusting. They are starting to realise that MoonClan's way is not all it seems. And another cat with a message from those trapped in StarClan for MoonClan. But this message is ever more sinister.

RainClan-Remorseful Revelations - Tales of revolution are spreading through the Clans like fire. As Skyfang steps up to the mark, MoonClan may be about to reveal their biggest secret yet.

SunClan-Stories of Sorrow - And war marches on. Shadowpatch is the fourth cat, but is getting terrifying dreams from both StarClan and MoonClan. Will her doubts of being able to fight dead cats come true?

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