Mudpaw is a brown and white tom with blue eyes.


Rogue's LegacyEdit

Mudkit is born to Nightbreeze and Bearstep. Bearstep remarks on how he might be a reincarnation of his grandfather, Mudpelt. However, Nightbreeze points out that Mudpelt had brown tabby patches, not plain brown patches.

Warrior's DestinyEdit

After the four moon time skip between Rogue's Legacy and Warrior's Destiny, Blazeheart returns home after being captured by BoneClan and goes to the nursery to see the kits. Mudkit is there, but he does not speak.

Mudkit wakes up after having a dream. He explains to Nightbreeze that he wants to be a medicine cat. Nightbreeze is shocked, but he goes on to tell her about Blazeheart's real family. He has the last line in the book.

Loner's FreedomEdit

Mudpaw is first seen as an apprentice when Blazeheart awakens in the medicine den, Mudpaw offers to fetch poppy seeds for her because Dapplestream is out. Nightbreeze remarks on how proud she is of him, but Mudpaw is very wrapped up in his work and apologizes later to Nightbreeze for not listening.


Mother: Nightbreeze

Father: Bearstep

Sisters: Moonpaw, Aspenpaw

Grandfather: Darktail

Grandmother: Creekshine

Adopted aunts: Blazeheart, Sun

Adopted uncles: Eagle, Lionstrike, Chase

Adopted cousins: Flicker, Storm Clouds, Spring Rain, Whistling Reeds

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