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This page contains the allegiances for the Moonlight and Twilight series.
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Whitestar- skinny black-and-white tom with blue eyes


Tornpelt- large light brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a battle-scarred pelt

Medicine CatEdit

Thickpelt- thick furred dark grey she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Rabbitpaw- slender light grey tom with a white stump for a tail, large amber eyes with white paws and darker tipped ears


Birchear- light brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a torn ear

~Apprentice, Mumblepaw

Acornpelt- dark brown she-cat with a lighter brown head and paws and blue eyes

Creampelt- cream colored she-cat with bright blue eyes

Beeflight- silver and black striped tabby tom with wide blue eyes

Tallstripe- light brown she-cat with darker stripes and green eyes

Morningcloud- dark tortoiseshell she-cat with wide amber eyes

Grayfawn- stunning slender light gray she-cat with light blue eyes

~Apprentice, Harepaw

Swiftleg- lithe, long-legged dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

~Apprentice, Nettlepaw

Heavyfoot- white tom with huge, loud grey paws and green eyes

Whitefoot- small black tom with white paws, tip of tail, chest and amber eyes

~Apprentice, Lightpaw

Sparrowsong- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Robinsong- light brown she-cat with a red chest and throat with green eyes

Lakewater- blue-gray she-cat with piercing blue eyes

Wolfpelt- handsome dark gray tom with blue eyes

Embereyes- beautiful gray she-cat with brilliant green eyes. Played by Featherstream


Harepaw- light brown tom with amber eyes

Nettlepaw- black tom with green eyes

Lightpaw- slender light brown she-cat with darker ears, paws, and tail tip.


Sunstrike- ginger she-cat with green eyes and a white blaze on her forehead. Mate of Wolfpelt.

Weaseltail- ginger she-cat with white paws and amber eyes. Mate of Whitefoot.


Driftkit- fluffy gray and white tom with innocent gray eyes. Son of Sunstrike and Wolfpelt.

Ferretkit- fluffy cream and gray tom with blue eyes. Son of Sunstrike and Wolfpelt.

Mintkit- white she-kit with leaf green eyes and gray paws. Daughter of Weaseltail and Whitefoot.


Starlingflight- ginger tom with blue eyes

Kinkpelt- gray tabby she-cat with messy fur and green eyes

Blindeye- (formerly Crowbird) light grey tabby tom with light blue eyes scratched by a rabbit

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