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This page contains the allegiances for the Moonlight and Twilight series.
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Shadestar- huge dark tortoiseshell tom with unwavering grey eyes


Russetpelt- dark red she-cat with green eyes

~Apprentice, Rowanpaw

Medicine CatEdit

Barkfur- dark brown tom with amber eyes,

~Apprentice, Mousepaw


(toms and she-cats without kits)

Whitethroat- black tom with a white throat and face and green eyes

~Apprentice, Whitepaw

Brownshade- dark tortoiseshell she-cat with pale amber eyes

~Apprentice, Sparrowpaw

Tawnyfur- tawny-colored she-cat with amber eyes

Blackfoot- huge white tom with black paws, darker tipped ears, a black tail tip, and green eyes

~Apprentice, Cliffpaw

Snaketail- powerful ginger and black tom with green eyes

Shredclaw- black tom with sharp but wore down claws and green eyes

Brightwhisker- ginger and white she-cat with green eyes and ginger whiskers

Voletooth- sleek brown tabby tom with sharp teeth

Driftstorm- pale brown tom with huge green eyes and tabby legs

Strikeleaf- small, beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat, a white muzzle, a black tipped and gold-and-black striped tail, and green eyes

~Apprentice, Sagepaw

Owleyes- huge, broad headed grey tom with unwavering amber eyes

Greeneyes- beautiful grey tabby she-cat with brilliant green eyes. Played by Featherstream

Toadblaze- black and white tom with a brown tail and blue eyes

Poppyleg- long legged black she-cat with amber eyes

Sootheart- dark grey she-cat with blue eyes

Firemoss- dark tortoiseshell she-cat with leaf green eyes and black paws. Played by Riverpelt

Blackleaf- black and brown tom with amber eyes


(toms and she-cats older than six moons training to be warriors)

Rowanpaw- handsome dark ginger tom with dark green eyes

Whitepaw- black tom with gleaming white teeth and blue eyes

Mousepaw- small dusky brown she-cat with blue eyes

Sagepaw- fluffy white she-cat with light brown patches and blue eyes

Sparrowpaw- dark brown tabby tom with pale amber eyes

Cliffpaw- dusty brown tabby tom with amber eyes


(she-cats nursing or expecting kits)

Snowfrost- white she cat with blue eyes. Mate of Blackfoot.

Sweetbriar- dark red she-cat with yellow eyes. (E) Mate of Snaketail.

Darkheart- thick furred black she-cat with green eyes. (E) Mate of Shredclaw.


(toms and she-kits younger than six moons)

Mallowkit- brown and white she-kit with blue eyes. Daughter of Snowfrost and Blackfoot.

Rosekit- dark red tabby she-cat with green eyes. Daughter of Snowfrost and Blackfoot. Played by Riverpelt


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

Squirrelfur- blood ginger she-cat with blazing green eyes

Sneezeheart- brown tabby tom with amber eyes, known to sneeze a lot.

Blossomcall- old, patchy grey she-cat with yellow eyes

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