This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Nightfern and Ottersplash
This page contains the allegiances for the Moonlight and Twilight series.
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Streamstar- long haired mottled grey tom with a white muzzle flecked with age and watery blue eyes.


Troutstream- sleek light grey tabby tom with silver splashes and en eyes. Mate of Bramblecherry.

Medicine CatEdit

Sunsplash- bright yellowish-ginger tom with amber eyes


(toms and queens without kits)

Dawnflower- long haired creamy-brown she-cat with sun-set orange eyes

Bramblecherry - pretty snow white she-cat with small black spots and green eyes

Otterfur- thick furred ginger and white tom with amber eyes

Minnowheart- small light brown tom with green eyes

Greenfrost- white she-cat with stormy green eyes

Pebblepelt- mottled gray tom with fierce yellow eyes

Mothheart- beautiful golden tabby she-cat with wide blue eyes, a triangular face that narrows towards her muzzle, and gently tapered ears

Grassfur- long haired light brown tabby tom with grass- green eyes

Rushwater- long haired classic tabby tom with amber eyes

Lilyleaf- white and black she-cat with a white tail tip, shoulders, paws and green eyes

Whitewillow- red and white tom with grey eyes and a long battle scar that wraps around his belly

Sharpfang- dark brown and white tabby tom with amber eyes and sharp claws

Shellrock- dappled grey tom with proud yellow eyes

Fallowpool- light brown she-cat with a white underbelly paws, and green eyes

Coppertail- iron brown tom with pale green eyes

~Apprentice, Hazelpaw

Jaysong- blue-gray and white tabby tom with pale blue eyes

~Apprentice, Frostpaw

Soarflight- fluffy flame-colored she-cat with a white paw and green eyes. Played by Riverpelt

~Apprentice, Wildpaw

Duckfeather- glossy, well groomed tom with a silver coat and blue eyes

Spottedpelt- golden tom with black spots and green eyes, son of Bramblecherry and Troutstream.

Bearclaw- handsome golden tom with dark blue eyes and darker streaks, son of Bramblecherry and Troutstream.

Echoheart- pretty golden tabby she-cat with black paws and blue eyes, daughter of Bramblecherry and Troutstream.


(toms and she-cats six moon and older training to be warriors)

Wildpaw- tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes and white paws. Played by Riverpelt

Frostpaw- pure white she-cat with stormy green eyes

Hazelpaw- fluffy grey and white she-cat with blue eyes


(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Ashflower- pale grey she-cat with darker flecks and green eyes (E). Mate of Shellrock

Cloverfur- light brown tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, tail tip, and amber eyes. Mate of Pebblepelt

Larksong- silver and black tabby she-cat with green eyes (E). Mate of Coppertail

Icecloud- white she-cat with blue eyes. Mate of Jaysong.


(toms and she-kits younger than six moons)

Creekkit- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Son of Cloverfur and Pebblepelt.

Stickkit- brown tabby kit with amber eyes. Son of Icecloud and Jaysong.

Blizzardkit- snowy white she-kit with sky blue eyes. Daughter of Icecloud and Jaysong.

Tinykit- tiny blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes. Daughter of Icecloud and Jaysong.


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

Dirtfur- long haired black she-cat with green eyes and brown patches

Lostleg- battle-scared gray tom with 3 legs and yellow eyes

Specklefur- young dappled brown she-cat with an amber eye and a pale blue blind eye

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