Mist of Fate: Series

Author: Ouka-noir
Number of Books: 4-5
Series Status: started
Story Spellcheckers: Ouka-noir
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Books[edit | edit source]

Mist of Fate- When three young kits are born in a harsh winter, it seems as though StarClan is trying to stop someone from coming to the Clans. Mistkit, one of the kits, is chosen with a destiny that will change her life forever, but at a price.

Shadow in the Night- When a ominous black tom with brigth orange eyes comes to ShadowClan seeking refugee for his mate and companions, it is revealed that he and Mistpaw are connected by the same fate. Does this loner hold the answer to what the Ones of the Stars truely is? Or will he bring ShadowClan to it's knees?

Time of the Eclipse- ShadowClan is at its wits ends with Scar's betrayl, bringing suspicion with a large group of rouges and loners awaiting orders from they're dead leader. Mistwillow must attempt to fulfill her destiny as well as try to confess her feelings for Lionstripe while she still can.

Snow of the Past- While Mistwillow stays in the nursery with her unborn kits, StarClan sends a messanger to her. With the StarClan cat comes a message that Mistwillow had awaited since she found out about her destiny. The price will finally be payed. But will it be too much for her kin, mate and kits to handle?

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