Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
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Mikio is excited when a new cat moved into the twoleg nest next door. The new cat, however, is strange and hostile. Mikio suspects that he isn't just a kittypet after all..

Chapter 1~ MikioEdit

A tricoloured cat sat outside watching the large monster who had stoped in front of an empty twoleg nest. Twolegs


were unloading brown boxes filled with unknown stuff into the twoleg nest.

A new twoleg? Mikio thought, Where there's a twoleg... there must be a cat!

She padded closer to the twolegs who were moving things into the nest and looked around for any scent of cat. To her surprise she found a scent of a tom. Following the trail to a tree nearby she climbed it and saw a tom her age with green eyes and creamish orange fur. He stopped licking his paws and asked Mikio, "Who are you?"

"I'm Mikio! I live next-door! There aren't many cats around here! You're the first one I've seen since two moons ago!" Mikio mewed playfully.

The tom didn't say say anything but looked at her with hostality in his eyes. After a moment of silence he spoke, "Hmph... why are you here? And what's with that thing around your neck?" he pointed a claw at Mikio's neck where a purple bandana hung.

"Oh! It's a-"

"Mark of the twolegs that's what!" the tom hissed, "Now why don't you get out of my tree?"

"Uh... okay..." feeling down, Mikio climbed down the tree.

That was really rude! She thought with a huff and padded back to her twoleg nest.

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