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Hi there! Welcome to DuskClan, where dusk is our Ally...

You will learn more of our Clan when you join, but what you should know is that while all the other clans use the moon to talk to StarClan, we use the dusk. When the sun shines on the Red Rock, we go to share tongues with StarClan.


Special Fighting Move: Steep Rock Jump (we jump on our enemy cushioning our fall) Similar to ThunderClan

Special Hunting Move: Swift swipe (we jump by the prey stunning it, then we swipe as fast as we can killing it)

Special Medicine Technique: We use the sun to dry out some of our medicines (which seems to help).


Leader: Lion blaze (Sunnystar) A Tortoishell tom with green eyes long sharp claws, and well muscled shoulders.


Deputy: Flashheart Details: Red and orange pelt,with one red ear and one orange. Red tail and feet with long legs. He has sky-blue eyes and a sharp tongue. Shoulders are well muscled. (Played by Swiftfire101.)

Medicine cat: N/A

Medicine Cat Apprentice:N/A yet.


  • Nightcloud- black she-cat with white underbelly and muzzle and dark blue eyes. Played by: Nightfern
  • Ashheart- pale grey she-cat with pale blue eyes. Played by: Riverpelt
  • Goldpelt- Muscular, broad shouldered golden tabby tom with amber eyes and a nick on one ear. Played by: Nightfern (Nightcloud's mate)


  • Mistypaw- Pale dappled grey she-cat with white tipped ears and forest green eyes. Played by Nightfern.
  • Frostpaw- Grey, white and black patched she-cat with one blue eye, and frosty blue. Played by EaglesPack .


  • Sandflower- pale ginger she-cat with a white chest and amber eyes. Played by: Riverpelt

Kits: Any Volunteers boy/girl.

Elders: Any girl/boy

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