Prolouge[edit | edit source]

"The kit has our name?" Thunder hissed.

"What gives Goldendawn the right to name her kit after us?" Shadow agreed.

"It's just a name." Flowerkit, the kit in question's sister. "What does it matter?"

"And, she's never going to be leader." Mothwing purred with laughter. "What kind of name would Starstar be?"

"This isn't a joke, Mothwing!" Cinderheart snapped. Thunder, Shadow, Flowerkit, Mothwing, Cinderheart, and Firestar were sitting in a huddle near a shiny pool that had moonlight shining in its depths.

"Flowerkit's right." Mothwing argued. "It's just a name."

"Just a name!" Thunder snorted angrily. "I suppose we should call you Mothkit, because you have not earned your medicine cat name! Names mean a lot to Clan cats, it means hey have a certain rank, and their names mean they have deserved it!"

"Without the name 'star, the leaders would be nothing!" Cinderheart agreed. Mothwing noticed Firestar had kept his jaws shut, not wanted to disturb the anger any more than it already was.

"I say we don't focus as much on the name as we focus on her future." Firestar meowed quietly. "She will love the Wind, even though she lives in Rivers."

Suddenly, several cats appered. "The heart wants what the heart wants, Firestar." Bluefur, Oakheart, Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Jayfeather had come. they had all loved cats in another Clan, except Jayfeather, who's father was in WindClan.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

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