This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Leopardclaw
This page contains the allegiances for the The Rise series.
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WindClan News[edit | edit source]

Eagletalon has died | Leopardclaw is now deputy | Randompaw and Lilypaw have been apprenticed

Allegiances[edit | edit source]

Leader[edit | edit source]

Webstar (Roleplayed by Leopardclaw)

Deputy[edit | edit source]

Leopardclaw (Roleplayed by Leopardclaw) Apprentice, Randompaw

Medicine Cat[edit | edit source]

Bravesoul (Roleplayed by Leopardclaw)

Warriors[edit | edit source]

Tornear (Roleplayed by)

Pearlwhisker (Roleplayed by Rain)

Crowfeather (Roleplayed by)

Owlwhisker (Roleplayed by)

Weaselfur (Roleplayed by)

Spottedfeather (Roleplayed by Splasheh)

Thunderstrike (Roleplayed by)

Featherflame (Roleplayed by Rainey)

Cloudtail (Roleplayed by Gloweh) Apprentice, Lilypaw

Breezepelt (Roleplayed by)

Nightcloud (Roleplayed by)

Apprentices[edit | edit source]

Randompaw (Roleplayed by Gloweh)

Lilypaw (Roleplayed by Splasheh)

Queens[edit | edit source]

Whitetail (Roleplayed by Splasheh)

Elders[edit | edit source]

Morningflower (Roleplayed by)

Rushtail (Roleplayed by)

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