Leopardclaw's Short Stories

Author: Leopardclaw
Number of Books: Eight so far
Books: A Kittypet's Tail, Nine Lives, The Pain, The Warrior's Laws, A Ghost Tail, Cat Face Character Parodies, Blood Lies, Our Last Day, Ivory and Ebony
Series Status: Ongoing
Allegiances: There won't be any
Story Spellcheckers: None
All my short stories will be here. None will have Allegiances in the foreseeable future.

A Kittypet's Tail - The story of Cloudtail, now an elder telling her story to some new kits. Her life as kittypet before joining WindClan.

Nine Lives - This is Webstar's super edition. StarClan see a great kit being born, but with nine deaths to suffer. How can a small kit suffer great pains, greater than any cat ever before?

The Pain - This is a truly short short story. It outlines some of Leopardclaw's grief at the death of her best friend Lavender wish, and her mentor Barkface.

The Warrior's Laws - The warrior code of the cats who look to MoonClan.

A Ghost Tail - By me and Gloweh. A ghost story for Halloween! Ghosts and murder included.

Cat Face Character Parodies - The Cat Face theme song, based off my characters. I'll make you one too, comment on the page!

Blood Lies - A story for Forest's contest. I think this is one of my best works.

Our Last Day - What would you do on your last day? Diamondrose is a warrior of a far future ShadowClan. And StarClan have told her that her time is running out...

Ivory and Ebony - Jaybriar may be these loner's friend, but who wants to know their stroy, long before Jaybriar's birth...

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