This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Leopard
This page contains the allegiances for the The Way it is series.
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Leader[edit | edit source]

Dawnstar - Pretty light grey tabby, golden eyes. (RPed by Leopardclaw)

Deputy[edit | edit source]

Silverclaw - Silver tabby tom with abnormally long claws.

Medicine Cat[edit | edit source]

Goldenheart - Golden she-cat with a long, ginger tail. (RPed by Loudsplash)

Warriors[edit | edit source]

Bleedingtail - Deep ginger tom with grey eyes.

Angelfur - Tortie with light gold patches and blue eyes, Apprentice: Firepaw

Firesky - Ginger tom with a golden "eyepatch" - (RPed by Splashcloud)

Sunshine - Dark gold tabby she-cat with amber eyes, Apprentice: Morningpaw

Redpelt - Red brown tom with amber eyes

Emberdawn - Orange gold she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentices[edit | edit source]

Firepaw - Ginger she-cat with green eyes

Morningpaw - Silver she-cat with blue eyes (RPed by Loudsplash)

Queens[edit | edit source]

Blazeleaf (RPed by Millie) - Light ginger she-cat. Kits: Goldkit (RPed by Loudsplash) and Feltkit

Elders[edit | edit source]

Fuzzysky - Pale gold she-cat with amber eyes

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