Len's New Name

Author: Ravenflight00
Status: Unfinished
Series: None
Allegiances: Splashclan mostly
Preceding: none
Succeeding: none
Spellcheckers: none
Len has joined Splashclan recently. It was not the most convenant time to join though. The deputy, Greyscar, is planning something dreadful and only Len, with her new name Minnowpaw, will be able to thwart him.


The milky white glow of the moon illuminated the dark and eerie forest. In it's depth came the yowls and hisses of battling cats. They bit and clawed at each other with pure venom in every wound made.

"Splashclan will win this battle!" yowled a muscular grey tabby tom with a scar across both eyes, "Make every hit count!"

A jet-black tom leaped on the grey tabby, "In your dreams Greyscar! Breezeclan rightfully owns this land!"

"We'll see..." a smirk came over Greyscar's muzzle. He jumped to his feet and pinned down the black tom with a flick of his tail. "You have no hope in this one! Splashclan has been training their warriors greatfully! You and your cats with light and nimble feet are no match to pure strength!" He bit the tom's neck and he flailed in agony.

Seeing his victim struggle, Greyscar let go. Red streaked his muzzle and the other tom's black neck.

Not far away, another tom fought of a cat far bigger than he was. His ginger fur was streaked with blood from an open wound in his side.

Greyscar allowed the black tom to escape his grip and shouted to the ginger tom, "Go see Willowleaf, Firetooth!"

The ginger tom nodded and dashed weakly away from the battle.

The black tom dashed infront of Firetooth, blocking him from getting medical treatment.

"Where might you be going kit? Not going to get help are we? I hope not, that would be a disgrace for your clan if other cats came. It would show that you're too weak to fight us yourselves!" He landed a blow across the ginger tom's face leaving three red scratch marks.

"Silvershadow!" Greyscar yowled and pounced on him, "My warriors have the right to go get treatment from the medicine cat! Go now Firetooth! While he's pinned down!"

The tom nodded and dashed through the ferns just as Greyscar hissed the words that would end this battle.

"Now do you surrender... or do I have to kill your deputy Breezeclan?"

The were wide-eyed with fear for their deputy.

Silvershadow hissed, "Retreat Breezeclan! Retreat! This battle isn't over yet Greyscar! Breezeclan will have their revenge!" The cats ran into their side of the forest and Splashclan meowled triumphantly.

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