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This is written by Mistysun. Just for clarification, the prologue is about humans, and the rest of the story is being told by the cat Pumpkin


It was a bleak day when ten-year-old Anna stepped out of the car, and walked up the steps to the animal shelter. She was finally here, this was the day. She opened the door, followed by her mom. She watched her mom sign the papers, and then she turned to look at Anna, "It's time to chose the cat now..."

At first they were going to go get a kitten at a pet store. Now they were getting an older cat at an animal shelter. Why? Because the animals at the shelter needed owners. They had been abandoned of mistreated by their old owners or a stray. And now they were at an animal shelter, where they needed love and care. They were getting an older cat because those were the cats who less people took home, since kittens were so much more playful.

Anna entered the room where they kept the cats. She quickly surveyed all the cats, then ran up to one. "I want him," She told her mom. It was a tiny ginger cat, who was rather skinny with short but very soft fur. He had large eyes and seemed to smile at Anna.

"Are you sure?" Anna's mom asked, "There are so many other cats..."

But Anna only had eyes for this one.

At home, Pumpkin, as Anna had called the cat, slept on her bed. They gave Pumpkin some chicken-flavored hard cat food in a small ceramic bowl that Anna had hand-written "Pumpkin the Cat" on in sharpie.

Anna slowly stroked Pumpkin's head, and whispered, "You're the best cat in the world. I love you Pumpkin, and I always will," She then cuddled his furry body in her arms, and Pumpkin started purring.


Three years later...

Anna pushed Pumpkin off her bed. "Get off!" She yelled at him, "You're getting the bed all furry!" Anna's mom came into the room.

"Anna, I'm getting that puppy from the pet store today, you know, the one you wanted. Are you sure about this? Getting a new pet, and giving Pumpkin back to the animal shelter?"

"Yes, Mom!" Anna grumbled, "I'm sure! Pumpkin is so annoying, I'd much rather a dog! Actually, I just want Pumpkin to go." Anna's Mom sighed and noloded, picking Pumpkin up and putting him in the cat carrier they got so long ago.

As she put him in she whispered and shook her head, "I don't want you to go Pumpkin...." She said, then sighed again, "Why am I talking to a cat anyway?" She closed the door on Pumpkin's cage, locking him in, and picked it up.

Anna followed her Mom downstairs. On the way through the kitchen, she noticed Pumpkin's ceramic bowl with sloppy handwriting saying Pumpkin on it. It still held his half-eaten food from this morning. She picked it up and threw it in the trash. "Bye, Mom!"

Chapter OneEdit

Pumpkin stared out through the cage at the eyes of all the other cats staring back at him through other cages. He remembered this place all-too-well. The place where his life had been so boring and horrible, the place before he went to like with Anna. Why was he here again?

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