Ivypatch~ My Wrong Choice

Author: Ravenflight00
Status: Unfinished
Series: Happens Before Ravenflight was Born in The Dark of the Moon Series
Allegiances: BReezeclan, Ashclan, Pineclan, Splashclan
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None yet
Ivypatch just had kits born to Redwillow of Pineclan. She is only aware of her mistake after what he did...

Chapter 1~ The New KitsEdit

The kits were born perfectly healthy. Ivypatch nudged them closer to her belly so they could taste the nutricious milk.

The medicine cat, Waterfall, smiled and asked, "What will you name them?"

"I'm not sure Waterfall, I need some time to think." Ivypatch meowed as she looked longingly at her three kits, then she looked at the top of the den. If only Redwillow were here... then he could see how beautiful they are...

She stared back at her kits. Three... they say that's a lucky number.

She had given birth to two toms and a she-cat who would grow to be lovely warriors someday.

The first tom had red-brown fur like his father.

The second tom had dark grey tabby fur like his mother and the she-cat had white fur like her mother also.

Ivypatch looked at the first tom, "Redkit..." she looked at the other tom, "Duskkit... and... you little she-cat will be Fogkit!"

Waterfall sighed, "I guess I'd better go now! Goodnight Ivypatch."

"Goodnight Waterfall," The grey and white she-cat mewed, her deep green eyes sparkled in the moonlight, "May Starclan send you good dreams."

The white she-cat stepped out of the nursury just as she was about to yawn.

Fogkit squormed and her mother gently licked the top of her fuzzy head. Then she licked Redkit, then Duskkit. It was great to see them like this, all huddled together near their mother's belly.

But there was one thing missing.

Redwillow... Ivypatch sighed ruefully, and drifted into a deep tiring sleep.

Waterfall stepped into the nursury to check up on the new kits. Cherryblossom, a mother of two kits, sat in one corner and watched her kits play and tumble about the nursury.

"I'm Skystar!" a blue-grey she-cat mewed, "And your my faithful deputy Thunderstrike!"

"No I'm not!" mewed a ginger tom, "I'm a pineclan warrior that's going to attack you!"

Skykit let out a squeal as her brother pounced on her and she bumped into something furry.

Ivypatch turned to look back at the young kit who had bumped into her.

Cherryblossom rushed over. "Sorry Ivypatch! At this age they can get real hyper! Thunderkit, Skykit, why don't you play outside?"

Ivypatch purred in amusement.

The two kits rushed out, mewing playfully.

Ivypatch glanced to the entrance where Waterfall was sitting watching with amusment.

"Are the kits doing okay?" she purred.

"Yes. They are fine!"

Waterfall purred again, "Kits are so cute." She leaned in closer to Ivypatch and whispered, "Too bad they're father is in Pineclan. Then it would be easier to show him!"

"Yes. I know Waterfall. I plan to tell them when they are apprentices. Then they won't let it slip!"

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