Leader: Waspstar – gray tom

Deputy: Whitecloud – white she-cat

Medicine Cat:' Frostcloud – gray-blue she-cat with a white spot


Icefall – white she-cat with gray-tipped tail, pale blue eyes

Duskshadow – black tom

Stormbreeze – gray tabby tom

Aspenpelt – ginger she-cat

(Apprentice: Keblepaw)

Thornscratch – gray and white tom

Mountainsong – light brown she-cat


Leader: Meekstar – black tom

Deputy: Swampclaw – dark gray she-cat

Medicine Cat: Mintstorm – light brown tabby she-cat


Shadecloud – dark tabby tom

Runningheart – ginger she-cat

(Apprentice: Shadepaw)

Russetpelt – russet-colored she-cat

Yarrowleaf – pale ginger tom Blackwhisker – black tom

Grayfoot – gray tom

Hailspots – white she-cat with light gray spots

Firepelt – fire-colored tom

(Apprentice: Dawnpaw)

Twigstep – light brown she-cat

Snagtail – bracken-colored tom


Leopardfang – spotted golden she-cat


Leaplegs – ginger she-cat with one white paw

Snowkit, Bridkit, Poppykit, Rushkit


Leader: Harestar – ginger and white she-cat

Deputy: Webtail – blue-gray tom

Medicine Cat: Ryebelly – light brown and white she-cat


Sagetail – bracken-colored tom

Mintwhisker – gray she-cat

(Apprentice: Cloverpaw – dirty brown she-cat with white nose, green eyes)

Rubblestep – light gray she-cat

Rabbitjump – light ginger tom

Milkdrift – cream she-cat

Gorgeleap – dark tabby tom

(Apprentice: Rushpaw – mottled brown tom, green eyes)

Mouseleap – small, light brown she-cat

Keblstream – brown and white she-cat

(Apprentice: Boulderpaw)


Freckleface – white she-cat with ginger spots (E)

Dapplepelt – black and white she-cat

Bluekit, Whiskerkit, Friskykit

Flowerheart – cream she-cat



Leader: Morningstar – tortoiseshell she-cat

Deputy:' Reedheart – ginger tom

Medicine Cat: Seedshine – golden she-cat


Oatwhisker – dark and light brown tom, green eyes

Lilyspots – gray she-cat with darker flecks

(Apprentice: Olivepaw)

Goldenheart – golden tom

Rainspots – blue-gray tom with darker flecks

(Apprentice: Gurglepaw)

Mistyclaw – gray she-cat

Silvershine – silver tabby she-cat

Fishpelt – snowy-white she-cat with oily fur

Kestrelwing – light ginger tom

Cloudfur – white tom

Crowwing – black tom

(Apprentice: Hazelpaw)


Hailheart – light gray she-cat

Lakekit, Blizzardkit, Waterkit, Grasskit


Whiskerface – black and white she-cat

Into That Good Night

Author: Silver
Status: Finished
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: Skye and Millie
Snowflake and Icefall are identical twin sisters. But, Snowflake is a loner that falls in love with a cat from another Clan, and Icefall is your average ThunderClan warrior that has her own heart set on a special tom.

Meanwhile, Cloverpaw and Rushpaw, two WindClan apprentices, stir up a big mess in the Clan. With a lie that they make up taking seriously by their clanmates, the two worry that they might have stirred up chaos that can ruin their Clan.

In RiverClan, Oatwhisker makes his Clan believe he is ill. For wanting to stay out of Clan duties and not participate in Clan activities, Oatwhisker might just get the punishment of the decade.

Five cats, three problems, and chaos make its way in.

Chapter 1Edit

Icefall ran through the thicket. The squirrel she had scented just heartbeats before, was speeding away, frightened for its life. But, with Icefall being the best hunter in her Clan, she caught up to her squirrel and killed it with a swift bite to the neck.

“Great catch!” cried a voice from above her. Icefall looked up and noticed Duskshadow looking down on her. “Come on back to the patrol!” he called before leaving out of sight.

Icefall’s heart skipped a beat and her belly fluttered as if there were butterflies in there. She picked up her squirrel and the thrush she caught a little before the squirrel.

In the camp, Duskshadow was waiting for her. His black pelt was glossy and well groomed and his bright blue eyes glowed with affection. Icefall flicked her gray tipped-tail and bounded towards her crush.

“Good catch today, huh?” Icefall mewed. Her snowy-white pelt looked ruffled and dusty next to Duskshadow’s glossy pelt. Embarrassed, Icefall gave herself a quick groom. Duskshadow gave a chuckle of amusement.

“You don’t have to make yourself beautiful. I like you the way you are.”


“Of course.”

Icefall’s throat rumbled as a purr broke out. Duskshadow was so nice to her. Maybe we have a chance together.

The next day at dawn, Icefall woke up. She yawned and gave herself a good grooming. Her pale blue eyes searched around the den for Duskshadow. Was he here, or did he already leave? Icefall shrugged. He was her clanmate. They could always see each other.

In the clearing of the ThunderClan camp, Icefall spotted her lover instantly. He was yowling out the names of cats.

“Icefall, Stormbreeze, and Aspenpelt, come with me!”

Hearing her name, Icefall instinctively bounded after the patrol leader. Stormbreeze and Aspenpelt soon followed.

Leaving the ravine, Icefall breathed in the fresh air and the forest scents that came with the wild willows and giant oaks.

“I suggest we split up!” yowled Aspenpelt. Stormbreeze nodded and Duskshadow gave a brisk nod.

Icefall scurried away. Now away from the other cats, Icefall’s wild urge swept over her. She took in a deep breath and scented mouse. But, something else was mingled in that scent. Cat! The scent was familiar, but Icefall couldn’t put her paw on it.

A flicker of white movement came from a holly bush a fox-length from Icefall. Now alert, Icefall turned and arched her back in a hiss.

“Show yourself!” she ordered with a spit. Then, out came a snowy-white cat with pale blue eyes and a gray tip tail. Snowflake, Icefall’s twin sister.

Chapter 2Edit

Snowflake mewed quietly and stalked towards her sister, Icefall. Snowflake had a faint memory of her sister, but the argument they had had six moons ago was still fresh in her mind. Back then, Snowflake was known as Bubblepaw, for Snowflake’s bubbly personality. When Snowflake had left, she was an apprentice with her sister Icepaw.

Snowflake had wandered through the ThunderClan woods and happened to pass her old home in time for Icepaw’s warrior ceremony. She had been named Icefall. In that moment, Snowflake had wondered what her warrior name was going to be. But now, there is no more Bubblepaw, just Snowflake.

“Why do you need to leave when you can just stay here?” Icepaw had yowled.

“Because I don’t like it here! I don’t have the freedom I want!” Bubblepaw had retorted.

“But we can work it out together! We can find a way to satisfy your wild needs here in ThunderClan! Please stay, Bubblepaw!”

“It isn’t the same here. Being a loner will be way better than being an apprentice. I wouldn’t have responsibilities. No hungry bellies to fill before mine, no beds needing a change, no cats to take care of but me! Come with me, Icepaw, and we can both live the lives of loners!” Bubblepaw had begged her sister to come with her, but, Icepaw ended up staying with her Clan.

Angry that her sister refused to go with her, Bubblepaw had changed her name to Snowflake, not wanting to have any memory of her identical twin.

Now, Icefall stood before Snowflake. The burning anger that had overcome her on the day of the fight returned once more.

“Hello, Icefall.” Snowflake greeted crossly.

“H-hello, Bubble- I mean, Snowflake.” Icefall stammered. Icefall’s white body shook. Probably because of the sight of her sister.

Snowflake let out a sigh and looked over at her identical twin. Same pale blue eyes, same white pelt, and same gray tipped tail. Everything about the two sisters was the same. But not their personalities.

Stupid Icefall and her rules! Icefall loved to follow the rules, while Snowflake liked having a wild adventure, not following the rules.

“It’s good to see you again, Snowflake.” Mewed Icefall politely, although Snowflake sensed the same anger she felt rush through her sister.

“You too, Icefall.” Snowflake greeted coolly. Snowflake gave Icefall a curt nod of greeting, but didn’t say anything else.

“So, I’ll be on my way,” Snowflake said. Icefall’s eyes dulled with hurt, but her voice was calm.


With one last nod, Snowflake trudged away, leaving her identical twin behind.

After wandering away from her sister, Snowflake went to her abandoned Twoleg nest at the edge of WindClan territory. She cuddled into her next and closed her eyes, but found she couldn’t sleep. I guess I can just walk through Clan territory. Snowflake didn’t need to worry. Clans didn’t pay much mind to loners these days, so walking into one Clan’s territory wouldn’t cause much harm.

ShadowClan, Snowflake decided, would be a good place to go. She loved their wild personalities.

As she approached the border, Snowflake could smell the rotten scent that always clung to the territory. She scrunched up her nose as she crossed the border, into ShadowClan territory.

A frog hopped out and Snowflake gave chase. The green, slimy amphibian hopped like a hare and threw its self into a little pond. The pond was murky and green. The water was still. A breeze buffeted Snowflake’s white fur, but the water didn’t move.

“Blah! Dirty water,” Snowflake licked her lip and kept her mouth closed so she wouldn’t take in the foul scent produced by the water.

A twig snapped and Snowflake was about to run, but it was too late.

She spun around, hissing and arching her back. A broad shouldered dark tabby tom stood silhouetted on a dune.

“What are you doing here, loner?” he spat with a firm voice.

Snowflake flinched, but stood up to this, handsome, dark tabby. His dark eyes were dashing and Snowflake wouldn’t be surprised if this tom already had a mate.

“I can go where I please! I’m no threat to you, so I may as well stay here.” Snowflake sat on her rump and watched as the tom’s eyes brightened up.

“Feisty for a loner,” He smirked, “But are you strong enough?” With a yowl, he jumped up and tackled Snowflake. Angry now that her peaceful walk was disturbed by some mouse-brained idiot, Snowflake yowled back and dodged her opponent. The tom landed on the dirt and turned around to face Snowflake.

“Fast,” he mewed playfully. “But not fast enough!” He lunged once more, and, this time, he pinned Snowflake lightly. His dark eyes gleamed with affection. Snowflake’s neck fur stood on end and her heart fluttered. Was she in love with this cat? Was she breaking her rule? To not fall in love and live a free life? Was she really doing this?

“What is your name, pretty?” asked the dark tabby tom with dark eyes.

“Snowflake.” Snowflake responded. The tom got off of her and sat next to her. She sat up and groomed her dirty pelt.

“Beautiful name for a pretty she-cat like you, Snowflake. I’m Shadecloud, by the way.”

“You think I’m… beautiful?” asked Snowflake curiously.

“Of course. The most beautiful I’ve seen. And may I say I just love your wild personality.”

“So you don’t have a-” Snowflake began, but was cut off by Shadecloud.

“Mate? No, I don’t”

“But you’re-” Snowflake was cut off again.

“Handsome? I really don’t know. I would pick a mate, but none of my Clan’s she-cats are as beautiful and wild as you.”

“Thank you, I guess.” Mewed Snowflake shyly. She kinda did like Shadecloud. Snowflake opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“How about we meet tomorrow, on the ThunderClan border, eh?”

“I’d like that, Shadecloud.”

“So, see ya!”

Quickly, swiftly, Shadecloud pelted away. Snowflake let out a high pitched squeal and bolted away to WindClan territory. She wanted to feel lifted, feather light, free. Snowflake’s mind was filled with Shadecloud. Oh how she loved him! Snow flake just couldn’t wait for their meeting tomorrow!

Chapter 3Edit

Yowling at the top of his lungs, Rushpaw and Cloverpaw ran through the moorland. The two WindClan apprentices loved going out at sunhigh and running through the moorland, yowling really loud.

Rushpaw skirted to a halt. His best friend, Cloverpaw, stopped beside him.

“What’s wrong?” inquired Cloverpaw looking around. “Did you see something?”

“Well, we did see that white loner, but, no. I just thought of something.” Rushpaw added excitedly. “Why don’t we prank the Clan?”

“What do you mean by that, Rushpaw?” asked Cloverpaw. Her dirty brown fur buffeted in the wind and her splashed white nose crinkled up, like she always does when she’s curious.

“I mean, we should throw a prank! A lie. Like… oh! We could pretend a patrol of ShadowClan warriors came up and told us they’d attack in… in seven sunrises! It would be the best lie in moons!”

“I guess I could go for a good prank!” Cloverpaw mewed while looking over her shoulder at camp.

“Then, let’s go!” Rushpaw flicked Cloverpaw on the head with his dark, mottled brown tail and sprinted away towards camp.

When the two got there, Rushpaw and Cloverpaw began screeching their heads o

“ShadowClan is coming!”

“They’re going to attack!”

“We must prepare!”

“Hold up, what’s going on?” asked Harestar. Her ginger pelt stood on end. “What is it?” she repeated.

“A ShadowClan patrol came up to Cloverpaw and me and told us ShadowClan will attack in seven days!” Rushpaw cried, trying to make his voice still and clear.

“Rushpaw, Cloverpaw, Ryebelly, and Webtail, please come with me into my den.” Harestar ordered. Her blue eyes were frantic and Rushpaw got a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Now please,” Harestar began as the cats all sat down, “tell us again what happened.”

Ryebelly, the medicine cat, and Webtail, the deputy, leaned in closer.

“Well,” Cloverpaw began, “we were playing out in the moor when a ShadowClan patrol came and told us they would attack WindClan in seven sunrises.”

“Is this true, Rushpaw?” Harestar turned to Rushpaw and stared. Her eyes were firm and demanding, but Rushpaw couldn’t help it. She looked so funny when she was worried! It was only a matter of time before Cloverpaw and Rushpaw would reveal their prank!

“Yes.” Out of the corner of his eye, Rushpaw could faintly see Cloverpaw’s lips quiver as she held back a laugh.

“Then we must prepare at once. I will announce it to the Clan.” Harestar announced.

Rushpaw widened his eyes and his heart pounded hard in his chest.

“Wait, Harestar, we were just-”

“There is no time to talk, Rushpaw! You have to be training, now go!” Harestar padded out of the den. Rushpaw looked over at Cloverpaw. Cloverpaw’s eyes were full of worry. What have we done?

“All cats, gather beneath the High Boulder!” called Harestar. Cats appeared. Warriors, apprentices, elders, queens, and kits.

“We are gathered here today to announce important news! ShadowClan will be attacking in seven sunrises and we must prepare!” Harestar called out.

Cats below yowled approval and the queens gathered their kits and yowled.

“We will fight back, but, we will fight back early. Very early. We will attack in two sunrises. We will destroy their medicine supplies and take their kits! We will make them give us all their food in leaf-bare. We. Will. Be. Victorious!” Harestar stood proudly and let her chest out as her clanmates’ yowls cut the air.

Rushpaw and Cloverpaw looked at each other.

What have we done? Cloverpaw mouthed out.

Chapter 4Edit

The wind buffeted his fur as Oatwhisker lay there, on Sunningrocks, enjoying the bird song and the wind. It feels good not having to do any warrior duties, he thought. Today was his day off. He could rest all day long.

Oatwhisker closed his eyes and imagined him laying there, forever, not having to get up or having responsibilities.

“Oatwhisker, we need you immediately.” A voice interrupted Oatwhisker’s daydreaming.

“What is it, Reedheart?” asked Oatwhisker crossly while getting up.

“There has been a sign of ThunderClan crossing the border. Actually, they crossed up to the point where you’re standing.” Reedheart flicked his tail at the spot where Oatwhisker stood.

“So?” questioned Oatwhisker.

“So, Morningstar has asked me to get Goldenheart, Lilyspots, Olivepaw, and you and take us over to Waspstar.” Reedheart said firmly. Waspstar was ThunderClan’s leader. Did that mean Oatwhisker had to walk all the way to the ThunderClan camp?

“Fine,” Oatwhisker stretched and followed Reedheart to the edge of RiverClan territory, where Goldenheart, Lilyspots, and Olivepaw were waiting.

“Can you believe it?” asked Olivepaw when the patrol crossed the border. “We’re crossing a border! I’m on another Clan’s territory!” The russet apprentice bobbed around Oatwhisker, making him almost trip.

“Calm down, Olivepaw,” scolded Lilyspots, looking sternly at her apprentice.

“Sorry, Lilyspots, I’m just so excited!” squealed Olivepaw and began bobbing around Oatwhisker again.

“Keep it down! I bet you ThunderClan can already here us coming with all your jumping, mouse-brain!” hissed Oatwhisker. He hated apprentices and kits. They never let him rest peacefully.

“Sorry!” whimpered Olivepaw, but the russet colored tom wouldn’t stop jumping. They got to camp, and ThunderClan instantly fell silent. They watched, in eerie silence, while Waspstar made his way out of the den.

“Greetings, Waspstar.” Reedheart bowed and the rest of the RiverClan patrol followed.

“Hello, Reedheart, what brings you here?” Waspstar asked firmly. The gray leader’s amber eyes bored into Oatwhisker’s fur and made his pelt turn red hot.

“My Clan and I have noticed frequent border crossings coming from ThunderClan and Morningstar has asked me to tell you and the whole of your Clan that it will stop.” Reedheart spoke calmly. Come on, finish this already! Let’s go home! Oatwhisker tried vainly to stay patient, but it was hard.

“We never crossed your border! You fish-faces are just looking for an excuse to start a battle!” Icefall yowled, a young and beautiful ThunderClan warrior.

“Silence, Icefall. But,” Waspstar turned his head to his Clan and back to the RiverClan patrol, “she is right.”

“This is just a warning, Wasp-” Reedheart began, but was cut off by the ThunderClan deputy, Whitecloud.

“If it’s a fight you want, RiverClan, then it’s a fight you’ll get!” Whitecloud stepped forward and unsheathed her claws, hissing. Thornscratch and Shortpaw stepped forward with claws unsheathed. As did Mountainsong.

“Step back, Whitecloud and the rest of you! I’ll do the talking. But she is right, Reedheart, we will fight if it is necessary.” Waspstar flicked his tail, signaling for the RiverClan cats to leave.

When the patrol got back, Oatwhisker let out a sigh of relief. Finally, some rest, he thought. He lay in his moss bed and closed his eyes, awaiting sleep to overcome him, but, he stayed awake. I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow! If only I could stay out of Clan duties and not participate. An idea knocked on is head. How come all the ill cats don’t work? Because they’re ill! I’ll fake an illness and not have to be responsible for Clan duties!

Oatwhisker almost yelped in excitement for his new idea. It was the perfect plan! He’ll need to make up an illness, but it wouldn’t matter. He was work free! Oatwhisker couldn’t wait for tomorrow, when his plan would take action.

Chapter 5Edit

As the RiverClan cats left, Icefall couldn’t help but think of battle. Battle cries. Battle scars. Battle everything. Whitecloud hissed at the retreating cats.

“Filthy fish-eaters!” she mumbled loudly. Waspstar turned on her and gave his deputy a stern look. Be quite! It said. Or you’re asking for a talk in my den about respect.

“I hate when they do that.” Duskshadow said behind her. “I mean, when another Clan intrudes like that. Why don’t they just wait for a patrol to come by?”

“Then they wouldn’t have gotten here, mouse-brain! Don’t you know the evening patrol already came back?” Icefall flicked her gray tipped tail over his ear playfully. Duskshadow purred and she purred back. Then, Snowflake’s image popped in her mind and Icefall suddenly felt like being alone.”

“Uh, I think I want to take a walk in the forest.” She mumbled.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Duskshadow asked and moved closer to Icefall.

“No!” she snapped and regretted doing that. Duskshadow looked hurt and turned his head from her, moved back to his original spot, and didn’t turn his head back.

“I mean, no. I’m sorry I snapped, I just… I could be a bit of a nuisance sometimes.” Icefall apologized, but Duskshadow still didn’t look at her. With an angry huff, Icefall turned and headed for the gorse tunnel.

She trekked through the ravine and was lost in thought. In fact, she almost bumped into a tree if it weren’t for the squirrel in front of her. The forest smells overwhelmed her and seemed to calm her a bit. The droning sound of bees nearby was music to her ears, and the fresh pine scent clinging to her was delicious. If only days could always be like this. The air was warm and the sun heated her up.

Lost in her perfect world, Icefall didn’t notice she almost crossed the ShadowClan border until it was too late. Icefall gasped and jumped back, hoping no cat saw her.

Leaves crunched nearby and Icefall shot to attention. A dark tabby tom appeared in front of her. Icefall had expected hostility from his dark eyes, but instead, she found they were full of love and affection.

“It’s good to see you again.” He purred and crossed the border. What was this cat doing? Why did he cross the border? They never met, so how could he have said that?

The dark tom his tail with Icefall’s and licked her flank.

“Stop it! What are you doing? Who are you?” she hissed, pushing away from the ShadowClan tom. His eyes looked hurt as he hoarsely asked, “What?”

“I’m Shadecloud, remember? We met each other when I caught you near the Murky Pond? We played, remember?” Shadecloud moved closer to Icefall. She cocked her head in confusion.

“I do not remember.” Icefall whispered. Now Shadecloud cocked his head in confusion.

“I told you to meet me here.” Icefall shook her head. This cat was crazy! Who does he think he is? Trying to flirt with her and lie to her so she could like him?

“Maybe this will help you remember.” He leaned in close, his nose on her cheek. Down, down, down. He reached her lips and kissed her. It was then that Icefall realized their tails were still intertwined. Icefall wanted to push away and run, but her paws wouldn’t move. It was if they were rooted to the ground, or StarClan wanted this to happen.

But Icefall didn’t want it to happen. Yet, why did she find it saddening to think of moving from her position, breaking up their places? Did she want it to continue? Was she enjoying this? A bush shook and the faint sound of running pawsteps was growing distant.

What if it was Duskshadow? No, it couldn’t have been, right?

Oh, StarClan, help me!

Chapter 6Edit

Run, run, run! Snowflake’s paws kept telling her to run. Her muscles ached, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t wait to see Shadecloud again.

It still surprised her that she had actually fallen in love. But why? she still asked herself. Why?

It didn’t matter anymore. She’d fallen in love, now. No more turning back. The moorland grass whipped her face as she ran. The wind made her eyes tear, but she kept running.

Run, run, run!

The faint smell of rabbit made her mouth water and then she remembered she hadn’t eaten before leaving. Oh, well.

As Snowflake neared RiverClan, she could smell the fish. She had a couple of fish before and didn’t really enjoy it, but now, it smelled delicious.

But Snowflake didn’t want to stop. She wanted to see Shadecloud again. This time, would they intertwine their tails? Snowflake would like that. Mates, maybe?

She grew nearer to their meeting place. Close, very close, deadly close. There. The forest smells hit her like a wave. The pine sap, the pine itself, the soft droning of bees, and newleaf. The sun’s rays warmed up her back. A bush blocked her from her meeting place with Shadecloud. Just as she was about to push it out of the way, the sound of cats flooded her ears.

“I told you to meet me here.”

Shadecloud! But who was he talking to? Snowflake peeked through the bush and gasped. Shadecloud was there. But so was Icefall! What is that rotten piece of crow-food doing here?

“Maybe this will help you remember.” No! Shadecloud leaned in close to her twin. Close, very close, dead close. They kissed. Their tails were intertwined.

They kissed. That kiss was meant for her! Not her tamed sister! That’s my kiss! Mine! Snowflake bit back an anguished yowl as she watched Icefall stand there. There, in Snowflake’s place in front of Shadecloud. How could he?

He had asked her to meet her, and now, he was leaving her for her sister? Snowflake gave a low, long hiss. She couldn’t bear it anymore. Snowflake turned and ran.

Run, run, run!

She wanted to leave forever. No more Shadecloud. No more Icefall. No more nothing. Why her? Why when Snowflake finally gets a chance of happiness she losses her chance. Her chance. Why was Icefall even there? Did Shadecloud ask her too?

I thought I was special to you, she thought sadly. I thought you cared!

Maybe it wasn’t her destiny to be happy. Maybe she was meant to stay gloomy, cooped up inside her abandoned Twoleg nest.

Snowflake was back inside her nest as Bubblepaw, curled up with Icepaw. The two sound asleep, happy.

“Wake up! It’s almost sunhigh!” her mentor, Spottedbelly, would call to her.

“Grouchy furball.” Icepaw would whisper. They would laugh together until Spottedbelly and Icepaw’s mentor, Jumplegs, came together and punished them by making them clean the elders’ den for a moon.

But now, it was different. Spottedbelly and Jumplegs were elders, Snowflake was in a fight with her sister, and she wasn’t an apprentice by the name of Bubblepaw anymore. Change. Why so much change?

Bad change. Why couldn’t it all be good change?

Chapter 7Edit

“They are night hunters, so we will attack in the day. First, we lure them out of their pine forest and into direct sunlight. It’ll blind them, that’s our chance to attack from all sides.” Harestar instructed her warriors. They were all lined up together. The apprentices were in their den waiting for the warrior meeting to end and go on to the apprentice meeting.

“What have we gotten ourselves into, Rushpaw?” Cloverpaw moaned. She had been moaning all day since the announcement. Rushpaw sighed and shrugged. What did they do? They were going into an unnecessary battle.

“What have we gotten ourselves into?” Cloverpaw repeated.

“I don’t know. A mess, I guess.” Rushpaw shrugged. This is all my fault!

Rushpaw looked at his paws. He was too ashamed of himself to look anyone in the eye. This was all his stupid fault! Why did he have to make up that prank? If I had been a bit wiser, maybe this mess wouldn’t have happened.

I’m taking away lives by doing this, right? I mean, I’m the cause of the destroyed medicine supplies.

The mottled brown apprentice kept looking at his paws. A ball of moss lay near his paws. Rushpaw’s kit-like instincts kicked in, and he felt like throwing it around with Cloverpaw. But now wasn’t the time to play. It was a time to be sorry for one who caused such a terrible fate for an enemy Clan. However bad the Clan’s reputation is.

Was it time to go to Life Meadows? Yes.

Rushpaw got up to leave. Cloverpaw lifted her head and stared angrily at Rushpaw. Her fur stood on edge and her green eyes flared up with anger.

“Don’t you dare ditch me, Rushpaw! Don’t you dare leave me and make me take all the blame!” she hissed and blocked Rushpaw from the entrance to the den. The way she took her pose in front of the opening to the rabbit hole, and how her back was arched, made Rushpaw scared. This was a whole new side of Cloverpaw: A dark side.

“I’m not leaving you, Cloverpaw, I’m just going over to Life Meadows. I’ll come back. I give my word to StarClan.” Rushpaw quickly told his angered friend. Cloverpaw’s eyes lost their fire and her fur lost its spikiness.

Cloverpaw stepped aside and her white nose began to crinkle.

Rushpaw nodded his head and took his first step out.

“Where are you going, otter dung?” a hoarse voice asked from the shadows of the den. Rushpaw turned in time to see a big gray tabby paw step out from the mass of shadows. It was soon joined by a body. It was Boulderpaw.

“I said where are you going?” he repeated. Boulderpaw was a very well known cat. Given the fact he’s an annoying fur ball that won’t leave a single soul in peace. A tattle-tale you might say.

“None of your business, beetle brain.” Rushpaw answered crossly and made his way out of the tunnel. Boulderpaw took a step closer to him and bared his teeth, but Cloverpaw knocked the clumsy apprentice back into the dark.

Rushpaw gave a purr of amuesment. Nosy beetle brains, otter dung, fluff head!

Chapter 8Edit

Oatwhisker blinked open and stood up in a jolt.

The plan!

This was the day when all his life would change. No more work, no more duties, no more nothing!

Oatwhisker felt like prancing in happiness, but didn’t. He didn’t want his clanmates to think he was faking. He lay down before anyone could notice and began moaning and groaning. He clenched his teeth and curled into a small ball.

“Are you alright, Oatwhisker?” Rainspots asked Oatwhisker. Oatwhisker responded with a moan.

“I-I’ll go get Seedshine.” Rainspots hurried out of the warriors’ den and came back heart-beats later with Seedshine. The golden medicine cat carried a leaf pack in her mouth. She quickly set it down and began to examine Oatwhisker all over.

“Do you feel any pain, Oatwhisker?” she asked while digging through his fur.

“M-my s-stomach.” He stammered. He clenched his teeth again and moaned loudly. Seedhsine nodded briefly and put her paws on Oatwhisker’s stomach. She pushed hard and Oatwhisker pretended to hiss.

“I w-was out hunting and heard two loners say there was a new disease called Zamboy. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but… oh!” Oatwhisker hissed as Seedshine looked up at Rainspots. The tom’s eyes were wide in fear.

“Go get Reedheart and Morningstar.” Seedshine ordered firmly and Rainspots dashed out of the den. The other warriors were beginning to gather around, wondering what was happening to their clanmate.

“May StarClan spear his life.” Prayed Whiskerface, an elder.

Olivepaw and his friend Gurglepaw were huddled together behind Hazelpaw, the oldest and bolder apprentice of the three.

Not long passed when Reedheart and Morningstar finally appeared.

“What’s wrong with him, Seedshine?” Morningstar asked fearfully. Her tortie-and-white pelt was standing on edge.

“It appears he has some kind of new illness called Zamboy. It is spreading, he says. But I don’t know what herbs to use.” She announced without looking at her leader. “Just rest in my den, Oatwhisker, and don’t lift a claw ‘till I get back.” Seedshine quickly whispered something into Morningstar’s ear and sped out of camp.

“Here, let me help you.” Goldenheart and Rainspots pushed away from the crowd and helped Oatwhisker over to the medicine cats’ den. The two cats left the “ill” warrior in peace. He let out a humph of happiness. I’ve got the whole Clan fooled!

For the rest of the day, Oatwhisker had been fed by his clanmates. Seedshine came back and told Oatwhisker that she told the other medicine cats about the sickness. They suggested he never do any work until he felt better.

Oatwhisker was bored and wanted to have a little more fun and said, “But the loners said it was fatal. Cats with Zamboy cannot move from their spot or walk long distances or else they could suffer a horrifying fever.”

Seedshine’s eyes widened and she told Oatwhisker that he was never to do any warrior duties. Never again.

Work free! This was it! This was the life!

Chapter 9Edit

Icefall kept staring at her paws as she entered the gorse tunnel. Her eyes were widened and her claws were unsheathed. Her white fur was prickly and the scent of confusion lifted from her.

“Are you okay, Icefall?” Duskshadow asked worriedly. Icefall didn’t answer, instead, she nodded.

“I’m just tired.” She told her crush, padding slowly towards the warriors’ den.

“Will you come with me and look at the Full Moon? It will mean a lot if you come.” Duskshadow padded up to where Icefall had stopped. How could she enjoy herself with the one she loved when she had been with another tom that apparently knew her?

“I… okay, I’ll come.” Duskshadow’s dashing eyes searched Icefall and the two stared at each other for a moment. But Icefall quickly turned away.

“Come on.” She ordered and trudged out of camp.

Icefall didn’t know if the feeling of being with the one she truly loved made her feel better about what had happened near the ThunderClan border. Yet, she still wondered who had seen that kiss. Was it a ShadowClan cat? A loner? Snowflake? Duskshadow?

It couldn’t possibly be Duskshadow. He acted as if nothing had happened. That checked him off, but what about the other options?

Just forget about it! You’re out with your dream cat!

As hard as Icefall tried, she couldn’t at all get that moment out of her head, especially the part when the sound of paw steps faded and the bush shook.

Chapter 10Edit

An icy prick ran through Snowflake’s body, yet, she did not mind. She was too busy running, towards Mothermouth.

She reached her destination, stopping to catch her breath. She took off again, this time, passing Mothermouth, to a place calmer and happier.

Life Meadows. Flowers bloom every spring and deer come out and graze on the grass. A few wolves come out too and enjoy the rays of the sun.

Snowflake had been there once or twice when she was really angry at something. Life Meadows had some kind of special atmosphere that made every creature there feel calm and happy.

As she left the rocky surface that was StarClan’s territory, Snowflake began to see and feel long, soft, lushes grass. The tips tickled her nose and brushed against her sides, making her purr.

Not long after she entered Life Meadows did Snowflake alas find her special spot there. It was a nice clearing with a short pine tree providing shade for anyone under it. The smell of pine and sap hit her nose and dragged Snowflake there. But her spot was already occupied by someone, someone Snowflake recognized.

The sleek brindle body, and long fluffy tail, and her blue eyes shone with starlight. It was Shibaan! The star-gazing wolf!

“Hello there, young one. What brings you to Life Meadows this time? It’s not your sister, is it?” Shibaan spoke with such softness in her voice that it was hard to believe anyone can not be attracted to it.

Snowflake didn’t answer, just looked at her paws. Shibaan walked over from the shade of the tree and looked down on Snowflake.

“Well?” Shibaan pressed.

“It’s my sister again.” Snowflake mumbled.

Shibaan looked up at the sky. “StarClan knows how many more times you’re going to come up here for that!” Snowflake looked up at her majestic friend. Shibaan looked down from the sky and into Snowflake’s pale blue eyes. Shibaan had the same pale blue eyes, but they looked a lot nicer on her.

“What did she do this time, dearest?” Shibaan lay down and licked Snowflake’s forehead. Slobber dripped off of Snowflake’s fur, but she didn’t care.

“I was supposed to meet Shadecloud at the edge of ThunderClan territory and saw him and Icefall kissing. He betrayed me, Shibaan. And to think I actually imagined him as my mate!”

“Well, sweetheart, that’s no reason to blame your sister. She probably didn’t even know he was your lover. Maybe he even confused her with you. You two are twins, aren’t you?” Shibaan tried to reason, but it didn’t help Snowflake at all.

“No. He could have ruled out her personality. I know he could have! Icefall always has to ruin everything!” Snowflake lay down and pushed her face into her fur.

“Now, Snowflake, stop acting like a little kit and grow up. It’s not your sister’s fault at all. It was just a teensy weensy mistake. Now grow up and go talk to Shadecloud, work everything out, and then leave it at that.”

“No. I’m telling you, he could have noticed the difference! Icefall is a little goody-two paws! I’m wild, he could have picked that up from the start!”

“If you’re going to act like a little kit that doesn’t think, then forget about my help. A tip might help, though I doubt it: think things out and use your common sense!” With that, Shibaan picked herself up, and trotted away. Her brindle figure becoming just a mere spot on the horizon. The big field around Snowflake seemed to stop. Not a thing moved. No flowers swayed in the breeze, no deer were grazing, and not even a bee droned.

Silence. The way Shibaan talked to Snowflake today was a whole new side of the gentle and beautiful wolf. Maybe she was right, maybe Snowflake was just being stupid. The white she-cat picked herself up and turned around, back to the Clans. As she left, an apprentice entered Life Meadows. He was brown mottled and looked really nervous. He just nodded as he passed Snowflake by.

Snowflake nodded back and began to trot towards ThunderClan territory.

She neared her birth Clan. So close, she can almost smell Icefall. A white figure moved through the brush. Was it Icefall?

A gray tip-tail flicked and Snowflake knew instantly her sister was near.

“Icefall!” She called out, “Icefall!”

The white figure stopped and a face popped out. Same blue eyes, white face, and smile.

“Hi, Snowflake!” She said enthusiastically. Icefall stepped out and padded towards her sister. Icefall pushed her face into Snowflake’s white flank.

“I’m so glad you came!” Icefall said through a mouthful of fur.

“I need to talk to you,” Snowflake explained. As she opened her mouth to tell her about her feelings for Shadecloud, something interrupter her calm thoughts. Kill her!

What in the name of StarClan was that?! Snowflake closed her mouth and moved back from her sister. Was she really this angry that she was half attempting to kill her sister? No.


=Chapter 11 =

Rushpaw breathed in the scent of Life Meadows. Everything around him seemed really tense. Even the loner he had passed by looked really tense.

Tomorrow will be the day we attack! This scared Rushpaw even more.

The sun was beginning to set and the light around him began to dull. Rushpaw took in one last taste of the air and turned towards his moorland territory.

Instead of running, Rushpaw walked slowly. He felt a pit in his stomach. As he neared the camp, he heard cats yowling and the sound of pawsteps running.

Activity this late at night?

Rushpaw stayed low and flattened his mottled brown ears. He quickly made his way to the entrance to camp.

Harestar was in the center. Webtail was on her right and Cloverpaw on her left.

The ginger and white leader turned around and grinned.

“Good thing you’re here, Rushpaw. We’re attacking now.

Rushpaw stopped in his tracks. Attacking now? It wasn’t even the next day!


“Let’s go!” Harestar ordered and all the cats walked in a huge group next to each other. Rushpaw scooted out of the way and made his way next to Cloverpaw.

“What in the name of StarClan is going on?” Rushpaw asked his friend.

“Rybelly had a dream. She dreamt that two Clans were fighting and that the slimmest Clan lost. She says we should attack now that we are strong enough!” Cloverpaw left Rushpaw’s side and joined her mentor, Mintwhisker.

Rushpaw’s heart thumped hard in his chest. So hard, he thought ShadowClan might have heard them coming from their camp!

He slowed down a bit and walked next to Gorgeleap, his mentor.

“Now remember the battle tactics I showed you, Rushpaw,” Gorgeleap spoke without slowing down, “and show no mercy. Oh, and one more thing, Harestar wants you and Cloverpaw to go into the nursery and steal the kits.”

Rushpaw’s heart thumped even harder. This was a death sentence! No rival cat that has gone through the ShadowClan nursery has ever come out alive! How did Harestar expect two apprentices do such a task?

“Can Cloverpaw and I do something else? Other than get the medicine supplies and kits, of course?” Rushpaw asked hopefully and looked up at his broad-shouldered mentor.

“No. We do as Harestar orders without complaining.” Rushpaw looked down from his mentor and instead looked ahead. Into the bloody future that might cost a life.

Please, StarClan, let everything go according to plan!

The musky scent of ShadowClan grew closer until Rushpaw could see the entrance to the camp.

The WindClan cats stopped and lowered themselves into the ground. There were no guards to stop them and call the alarm, but what about their scent.

Rushpaw had moved to the front of the group, and was now next to Harestar.

“We attack in three, two…” Harestar and the rest yowled loudly and stampeded into the camp. Scared and terrified faces glowed in the night and the loud mewling of kits broke through the air.

Warrior and warrior fought until the ground began to turn red with the flowing blood of warriors fighting for their rights.

Cloverpaw’s dirty brown pelt appeared and Rushpaw rushed off to where she was. Cloverpaw was at the nursery entrance, waiting for him.

“Come on.” She ordered, barely being heard over the yowling of warriors.

Rushpaw followed Cloverpaw in. As soon as they entered, the two queens yowled like mad. The five kits huddled together in the corner of the den. Out of the five, Rushpaw recognized Shadowkit, Meekstar’s son. And Leopardfang, Meekstar’s mate was guarding her son valiantly.

“Don’t you lay a claw on him!” she yowled, understanding that the two apprentices were here to take the kits.

Suddenly, the entrance to the nursery shook and entered Meekstar.

“Touch a hair on my son and mate and you’ll be sorry!” He growled loudly. Without warning, Meekstar jumped on top of Cloverpaw and beat her head.

The young apprentice tried vainly to knock off her opponent, but Meekstar was obviously bigger and stronger than her. This horrified Rushpaw. Seeing his best friend being beat to death. Her blood colored the ground and her face was completely covered in blood from a large gash on her forehead.

Was this their punishment? Cloverpaw dies and Rushpaw there to witness it?

No, or at least Rushpaw wouldn’t allow it to be.

Rushpaw jumped on top of Meekstar’s back and clawed the tom. Blood splashed on Rushpaw’s eyes, blinding him. He was knocked off by Meekstar. Through the blurriness, Rushpaw saw Cloverpaw escape to a dark corner in the den.

A faint grin grew on Rushpaw’s face, then vanished when a shot of pain ran through his body. Meekstar had the mottled brown apprentice’s back in his mouth. Meekstar shook his head violently four countless heartbeats. The unbearable pain Rushpaw felt told him that the sight of Cloverpaw’s beating was only the beginning of Rushpaw’s punishment. He was supposed to die, he finally noticed. It is my destiny to die.

Rushpaw closed his eyes as Meekstar threw him against the wall of the den. It just so happened that the den was covered in small needles, sticking out on the outside. But one of those needles was sticking out on the inside.

A burst of pain shot through him. The point of the needle was sticking out of Rushpaw, right were his heart was.

The WindClan apprentice gasped and could barley breathe. He looked over at Cloverpaw and saw her green eyes widened in fear.

And that was the last thing Rushpaw saw before he closed his eyes and went into eternal sleep. One where he can watch Cloverpaw, his one true love, grow into a beautiful she-cat. He’d watch over her, from his place in the endless path of stars.

Chapter 12Edit

Icefall stared at her sister for heartbeats. Snowflake had been sitting in the same position for hours. She was sitting, facing Life Meadows and Mothermouth.

“Snowflake, it’s getting pretty late. I have to go, I love you.” Icefall turned around and started to make her way up the ravine and turned around. Snowflake was still sitting, but looking back at Icefall.

“But I need to tell you something.” Snowflake spoke quietly.

This startled Icefall. Was she going to talk about her encounter with Shadecloud?

“Look, Icefall, I… I’m really sorry about the way I’ve treated you all these seasons. I really look up to you as a sister, and I might have gotten carried away with somethings, but, I want us to start fresh. And maybe… join ThunderClan again?”

This really did startle Icefall! But it was a good startling.

“Of course I forgive you, Snowflake. I love a lot, and it did really hurt me when you acted kit-like a lot. I will be happy to welcome you back to ThunderClan.”

Snowflake smiled a little when a bush behind Icefall shook and leaves snapped underneath silent paws. Icefall whirled around and saw the same dark figure.


“Snowflake!” Shadecloud gasped and ran over to Icefall. “I’ve missed…” he turned and looked at the real Snowflake. She looked a little hurt and turned away, then back again.

“Wait, two Snowflakes? How… how?” Shadecloud stammered and looked at Icefall then at Snowflake.

“There aren’t two Snowflakes, just one. I’m Icefall. That,” Icefall flicked her tail at Snowflake, “is Snowflake.” Icefall’s head got fuzzy, then it cleared a bit. Maybe that’s why Shadecloud had kissed her! Maybe he’d mistaken her for Snowflake!

This really did clear some things up for Icefall. She didn’t have to worry about anything anymore! Thank StarClan!

Shadecloud ran over to Snowflake and licked her violently.

“I’m so sorry I mistaked your sister for you, Snowflake, I knew there was something odd about her personality!”

Snowflake purred but Icefall let out a low hiss.

“Now that I’m on edge, it reminded me that you are not on your territory, Shadecloud! Get off it now!”

Shadecloud looked over at Icefall. “Sorry.” He turned to look at Snowflake again and said, “Come live with me, Snowflake. We can be loners together. We’ll be happy. I already quit my Clan…” Icefall cocked her head and stayed that way. She wondered what her sister was about to choose.

“Well…” was Snowflake going to give up her offer to live in ThunderClan again?

“Icefall offered me something I really don’t want to give up. I’m going to live in ThunderClan.” She mewed and her pale blue eyes looked kind of sad.

“Then I’ll come live with you! I don’t want us to be apart anymore.” He looked up at Icefall with hope. “If it is alright with your sister.”

Icefall reluctantly answers, “Fine. But no funny business, got it?” She growled.

Shadecloud nodded and walked side by side with Snowflake all the way home.

Now I’ve got to deal with Snowflake’s mate!

Chapter 13Edit

“Snowflake! Shadecloud!” The Clan cheered their new members’ names together.

“Congratulations, you two!” Icefall mewed when the two new arrivals were leaving to their dens.

“Thanks a lot, Icefall. You mean a lot to me.” Snowflake purred when her mate had left to sleep. Maybe there can be good change.

Snowflake licked Icefall’s head and left to the warriors’ den. She was wiped out with the day’s excitement.

Duskshadow was in the warriors’ den speaking with Shadecloud.

“She used to be called Bubblepaw, you know.” Duskshadow spoke.

“Bubblepaw? Snowflake suits her better.” Shadecloud commented.

“Talking about me?” Snowflake interrupted. Shadecloud looked at her with those dark eyes she had fallen in love with. The white she-cat lay down on her moss bed next to Shadecloud and closed her eyes. She happily drifted off to sleep, content on her actions today.

Chapter 14Edit

It had been moons now and yet, nobody has noticed that Zamboy wasn’t a real illness. Oatwhisker purred and licked his light brown paws. He was content and well fed.

Suddenly, a pain in his stomach made him flinch and curl up into a ball.

What’s happening? The lights in the world seemed to switch off and become black. But that moment only lasted a heartbeat. When the lights of the world came into view again, he saw Seedshine, who had been dead for two moons. She had taken on an apprentice one moon after Oatwhisker’s beginning of a pampered life.

“Oatwhisker, our ancestors are deeply troubled. You have lied to your Clan and did not commit to your warrior duties. StarClan and I have been discussing the ideal punishment for you.” Seedshine spoke as starlight sparkled from her pelt and eyes.

“What do you mean? Oh! Aw, come on! I don’t want to do any warriors duties. Just leave me be and let me go back to my sleep. You’re bothering me!”

“You are an ungrateful little brat, you know that? You have been given the life of a warrior and born into the warrior code, guided by your ancestors! You are not a kittypet, in the open, where you are vulnerable to the Cutter and Twolegs!” Seedshine spoke with an edge and her golden, star-lit fur was bristling.

“Whatever, like I care about anyone anymore. Name me a punishment. Shoot.”

“Your punishment, Oatwhisker, is to really be infected by Zamboy. You are infected in the blood and you really are fatally ill. You will not live the high life anymore. You will get pains in your stomach, cough up blood, and suffer, just like you pretended to.”

As he heard this, Oatwhisker’s green eyes widened. He really was getting Zamboy? That illness he made up? Why?

“No! Please, I’ll do anything. Anything! Don’t give me the illness. I’ll tell the truth to the whole Clan! Please, please!” Oatwhisker begged and kneeled down.


“It is too late for ‘sorry’, Oatwhisker. You’re punishment will begin once you wake up from this dream.” Seedshine announced.

“No, please!” Oatwhisker’s eyes were swelling up. What had he done?

“StarClan doesn’t punish with sticks and stones, Oatwhisker. Goodbye.”

With that, Seedshine faded and Oatwhisker woke up from his dream.

“Maybe I’m just having a nightmare.” He whispered to himself. Oatwhisker got up to eat his mouse, when he started to cough. A pawful of blood came out. What? No!

A pain in his stomach made him sit back down again.

No! Why? Oh, StarClan, you can’t do this to me!

But we already did, Oatwhisker. Seedshine’s voice answered.

The new medicine cat, Hollymist, came barging into the medicine cat den.

“Oatwhisker! Are you alright?” Her voice sounded worried.

“No! I’m not alright! I’m suffering so much! Help me!” His stomach knotted up and he coughed out some more blood. This time, a pink thing came with it. Organs?!

“Help me!” This was unbarable! Oatwhisker began to pray, pray real hard. I’m sorry, StarClan! I’m sorry, RiverClan! I’m sorry everyone!

And thus began Oatwhisker’s life of pain.


Each cat mentioned in this story, had suffered a lot. But we may say, Oatwhisker will be the one to suffer the most. Snowflake and Shadecloud had one kit. Icefall eventually became mates with Duskshadow. Cloverpaw, or Clovernose, still mourns for Rushpaw and misses him dearly. Oatwhisker is living a life of extreme precaution. Every move he makes might be his last. He frequently dreams of his life as a healthy warrior, not this ill cat stuck in the medicine cats’ den.

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