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Status: Alive
Current: IceClan
Past: None
Loner: Icewing
Mate: Owlflight
Daughter: Snowlark
Living: Warriors: REDUX
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: None

Icestar is a ghostly white tom with dark blue eyes. He is the de facto leader in the beginnings of Warriors: REDUX, but he later gains his nine lives.

In Warriors: REDUXEdit


It starts out with MossClan attacking IceClan, but they are powerless since IceClan doesn't have as many cats as MossClan...

Chapter 1Edit

It is shown that he has gained the trust of snowy owls, and occasionally they help each other. Icewing accidentally kills a cat while battling, so he runs off and meets up with the Tribe of Polar Caps cave-guards, Flight and the other one unknown (probably Aurora). They wonder if he's a rogue, and he says that he's the "leader" of IceClan. Flight says "Clan?" with much emphasis. Icewing wonders why she said it that way.

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