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"Silentsong! Quick! Sparklefur is kitting right now!" Silentsong turned around to hear the Russetpaw's voice. "Where is she?" Silentsong demanded. "She's at the DuskClan border, near Vole River. Hurry up!" the apprentice, Russetpaw, lashing her dark brown tail, cried. Silentsong followed her. Russetpaw lead Silentsong through the thick forest, across streams and logs. The two reached the Vole River, and Silentsong saw a dappled gray-and-white she-cat lying on the soft sand, while a little head came out. Her mate


, Squirreltail, sat down next her, licking her swollen white belly. Squirreltail's ginger-and-white pelt was bristling, blue eyes slightly wild. "There you are." Squirreltail muttered, amazingly calm. "Help, please! I'm dying here!" Sparklefur wailed, blue eyes stretched wide. She let out a heave and squirmed as a kit pushed it's way out. He was a reddish-brown tom with blue eyes. "It's going well, keep pushing!" Silentsong muttered and licked the kit. The kit started to meow as he smelled Sparklefur's milk. He started mewing harder, and Silentsong lay the kit down near Sparklefur's belly. "It's a tom!" Silentsong cried happily, and Squirreltail gave the tom a quick lick over his tiny body. Sparklefur shrieked, and a spasm rolled down her body. "There's the second one! Push, push!" Silentsong cried. Silentsong looked at the proud father. "Careful, if she pushes too hard, it can cost her life! Let me." Squirreltail said, worried. The second kit came out. It was a silver spotted tabby she-kit. "Well done! A she-kit!" Silentsong meowed. She placed her next to her brother just as Sparklefur yowled in pain. One last kit dropped into the sand. She was a blue-grey she-kit with mint-green eyes. "There's the last one! Another she-kit! Come on, we'll bring you to the nursery."

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