By Forestpaw13

Highlights a tom going through an emotional journey, beginning when his mate falls ill.

  • Grieving Claws - Oaktail's mate falls deathly ill. Will she recover?
  • She Lives Within Me - Oaktail faces the consequences of his choice.
  • On My Shoulders - Oaktail is offered help, and StarClan offers him a choice- one, or none?
  • In the Dead of Night - Oaktail's choice begins to disturb the Clan. What do they think of him?
  • The Mentor - Old spirits begin to stir, and Oaktail is caught in the middle.
  • Captured Hearts - A desperate search brings Oaktail to a horrible conclusion.



The logo for In the Dead of Night is out! This logo signifies some sort of journey in the darkness...

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