This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Gloweh
This page contains the allegiances for the Weight of the Stars series series.
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Leader[edit | edit source]

Cloudstar-White tom with amber eyes

Deputy[edit | edit source]

Windfur-Brown tabby tom with amber eyes (Graceglow)

Medicine Cat[edit | edit source]

Leafheart-Brown tabby she cat with a white paw and green eyes (Loudsplash)

Medicine Cat Apprentice[edit | edit source]

Gracepaw-White she cat with a brown ear, paw and tail with amber eyes like liquid gold (Graceglow)

Warriors[edit | edit source]

Deepfreeze-White tom with icy blue eyes


Streamrush-Blue-grey she cat with amber eyes

Longear-Light brown tabby tom with amber eyes and long ears


Smokey-Smoky grey tom with blue eyes. Former kittypet

Bravewing-Ginger tom with deep blue eyes


Moonstream-Silver tabby she cat with light blue eyes (Graceglow)


Flashberry-White she cat with black flecks and grey eyes


Stonetail-Solid grey tom with amber eyes

Apprentice- Rainpaw

Apprentices[edit | edit source]

Treepaw-Brown she cat with green eyes

Rainpaw-Silver tom with blue eyes (Graceglow)

Skypaw-White she cat with a silver muzzle and blue eyes (Graceglow)

Shadepaw-Black tom with a white fleck on his neck and green eyes (Leopard)

Lightpaw-Dark tortoiseshell she cat with green eyes (Loudsplash)

Blazepaw-Light ginger tom with green eyes

Queens[edit | edit source]

Frostblaze-White she cat with amber eyes

Poppyheart-Dark ginger she cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail (Leopard)

Elders[edit | edit source]

Twistedfoot-Black-and-white tom with a twisted paw

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