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Goldenflower is a beautiful tortoiseshell and white she-cat with golden markings shaped like flowers, white paws,

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Current: Unknown
Name: Goldenflower

a white tipped tail, and light green eyes.


Before the Twilight Series[]

Goldenflower is born to Fernpelt and Lionleaf. Her siblings are Rainfur, Leopardfoot, Featherfoot, and Bravepelt. She is Flamefoot's and Heatherleaf's niece by her father's side. Greenflower, a ThunderClan elder, is Goldenflower's grandmother by her father. Her mentor was Littlemoon.

The Beginning[]

Goldenflower finds out her sister is having her kits. She states the kits aren't due untill next moon. Her sister gave birth to a tom. Goldenflower's grandmother, Greenflower, has blackcough. Featherpaw cures her. Goldenflower bumps into Hollystar while going over to visit Featherfoot. Goldenflower is given Mistpaw as an apprentice.

Kits and She-Cats[]

Goldenflower is showned congratulating Nightfern in becoming an aunt. Goldenflower spots Pantherkit and Meadowkit walking over to the apprentice's den. Goldenflower and her best friend, Nightfern, stop the two young kits. Goldenflower explaines that there is a storm coming. Pantherkit tries to protest, but Goldenflower looks at him with worry in her green eyes. Goldenflower grins when Pantherkit follows her advice, then comes back out to lick Goldenflower's leg.

Night Calls[]

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