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Current: FireClan
Past: RiverClan, Rogue Warrior of DuskClan, Loner
Names: Flashkit, Flashpaw, Flashheart, Flash, Swiftfire
Family: Birchclaw(star) (father), Emberpool (mother), Moonshade (sister), Cedarcloud (sister), Rockkit (brother)
Status: Alive
Appearances: Burning Shadows, Dusk at Day
Roleplayed By: Swiftfire


Burning Shadows[]

Flashkit, Cedarkit, Rockkit, and Moonkit are born to Birchclaw and Emberpool, but Rockkit dies horribly two days after their birth. Flashkit was the adventurous kit in the litter and led his sisters into and out of danger, although he was the youngest of the litter. Eventually, Flashhkit, Moonkit, and Cedarkit became apprentices. Flashhpaw's mentor was Jaydawn, a respected senior warrior who was in his last moons of warriorship until retiring. But a sudden battle with WindClan left the leader dead, and Birchclaw became leader, with Jaydawn named as his deputy. Flashpaw was a skilled apprentice, catching and bringing down rabbits with his long legs and speed. He was also a skilled fighter, using his speed to fight in practice battles with Jaydawn and his siblings. The moon came when he was named a warrior and he was named Flashheart, with the qualities speed and bravery named, in his warrior ceremony.

Dusk at Day []

Coming Soon!


Revealed by his Roleplayer/Creator

  • Flashheart is crucial to the Dark Forest returning to power, but not in the way you'd expect.
  • Flashheart is the descendant of Firestar and one of the founders of the Clans but as to which one, you, the reader, have to keep reading to find out.
  • '''****MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***'''
  • Flashheart's powers are super speed, a deathly aura which allows him to kill whoever he wants, although at first he can't control it, and passage to any one of the ancesteral starry skies or the Dark Forest.

'''***Spoiler Alert Area Ended***'''

  • His connection with all the ancestors of all the night skies means that he will have great wisdom when he dies.

Pictures of Flashheart/Swiftfire[]

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