Fire Meets Ice

Author: Twilight
Status: In the Making
Series: Haven't thought of a name yet
Allegiances: CrowClan, LeafClan, MoonClan, BerryClan
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
The story popped into my head when my mom was talking to me about my former friend, Keegan...

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Treeice sat down as StarClan cats neared her. "Hello." She dipped her head. "Do you have a prophecy for me?" she guessed.

"Yes..." breathed the starry tortoiseshell. "Fire and Ice...The two have fought, but they balance each out. They will save the clans..."

The other starry warrior stepped forward. "We must return...Remember the prophecy...Keep the two together..."

Treeice sat, baffled. Fire and Ice...The two have fought, but they balance each out. They will save the clans... Who might these cats be? She awoke to find herself sitting at Whispering Falls. She spotted Mothfang making his way toward the other two medicine cats. She padded over to join them. "Well, I should get back..." yawned Mallowpaw's mentor, Windheart. Treeice nodded her head in agreement. She flicked her tail, indicating for her apprentice, Smallpaw to join. The two cats padded back to camp.

Chapter 1 ~ Icewhisper[edit | edit source]

"Firefang!" screeched Icewhisper. She watched as he stumbled over toward her. "What?" he hissed.

"Look at this! You were the last one to leave Treeice's den! You messed it all up!"


She hissed and started to clean it all up. "Wait.." meowed Firefang. "I made this mess, I'll help clean it up..." he decided.

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