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                                                                                                                                                                                      Nightclan is a clan located on the territory above mothermouth. Nightclan cats have strong and leather-like paw pads for walking th the woodland floor, and the stone floor.


Nightclan news: Redberry has given up her name on permanent queen and had taken place as a warrior once again.| Monstar loses a life| Icepaw and Snowpaw are now warriors.|Sunkit and Splashkit are now apprentices!| Cludheart returns to warrior duties.| Battle with a fox family breaks out, Moonstar loses a life! D:| Splashpaw takes her place as MCA.| NightClan is not suprised this time to find that Redberry is expecting..yet again another litter. It is still uncomfirmed who is the mate of the queen every time.Edit


Moonstar: Silvery tabby she cat with icy blue eyes and a scar on her front right ankle. 5 lives left. Roleplayed by: Feathermoon


Blueheart: Whiteish-blue she cat with deep blue eyes. (descendant from Bluestar). Roleplayed by: Rainwillow


Berryblaze: Light brown tabby shecat with green eyes and white chest front paws and muzzle. Roleplayed by: Feathermoon Apprentice: Splashpaw


Leafwhisker: Light brown tom with white muzzle and paws with green eyes. Rolepayed by: Rainwillow

Cherrywish: Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Rainwillow

Riverfoot: Longhair ginger tom with yellow eyes. Apprentice: Sunpaw

Hawkheart: Pure black she-cat with blue eyes.

Graymoon: Gray she-cat with yellow eyes and one white ear Rolepayed by: Leoparclaw

Crowtail: Really dark gray tom with blue eyes (desendant from Crowfeather). Originally Crowclaw from ShadowClan.

Icefeather: Slender white she-cat with blue eyes (Snowfeather's twin) Rolepayed by:Milleh

Snowfeather: Slender white she-cat with blue eyes (Icefeather's twin) Roleplayed by: Leopardclaw

Cloudheart: Pure white she-cat withh bright amber eyes Rolepayed by: Cloudskye


Sunpaw: Light and dark ginger she-cat with periodic white and has green eyes. Rolepayed by: Milleh

Splashpaw: Small tortie she-cat with light purple eyes. (MCA) Roleplayed by: Leopardclaw


Redberry: Reddish tabby shecat with yellow eyes (expecting)



Yellowbirch: Red-brown tom with yellow eyes who is said by Shadepelt to look exacily like Oakheart

Shadepelt: (originally from Riverclan)

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