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Feathermoon or Feathery is a shining silver tabby with dark gray stripes, dark gray hind paws, and a dark gray tail tip and ears. Her front paws are white and so is her chest and muzzle fur

Feathermoon's History[]

When Feathermoon was born as Featherkit, she was stubborn, active, curious, and gentle. Featherkit was always a little scared of fighting, which led the current leader, Night (or Nightstar) the founder of NightClan to force Featherkit into a fierce training. Soon, Featherkit became Featherpaw, and a rough training began. Featherpaw siffered the harshness alone. With her sister, Silverpaw, training as a medicine cat apprentice, Featherpaw's mentor Shiverclous was constantly wincing everytime the young she-cat was injured. Finally, scratched and limping, Featherpaw settled down for her last day in the apprentices den. Soon, after sunhigh the next morning, Featherpaw had been transformed into Feathermoon and Silverpaw had gotten her full name a couple days before and was now Silvernose. After a moon of healing her sratches, a battle with some rogues/loners came and killed Silvernose. Feathermoon was left all alone in a world of horrible fighting. Since Silvernose's mentor had died after her sister had gotten her name, Silvernose had not had time to find an apprentice. The Clan was medicine catless. Soon after, a dream came to Feathermoon. It was Silvernose, saying to be the medicine cat of NightClan! What a miracle for Feathermoon to had been able to be sucked out of the nightmare. Feathermoon died after she had gotten an apprentice, five moons after. Feathermoon rests in CloudClan, (Starclan to NightClan cats) happily with Silvernose, her old apprentice, and Shivercloud, who explained it all to Feathermoon and soon regained the mentor-apprentice trust.

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