These Clans are not role -played Clans. They're run in an odd way, so we feel we should do it.

Clan of the Beasts (refferring to snakes, birds, etc.)

Top Beast: Viperstar, black and gray tom PLAYED BY DYSTANINE

Halfsnake: Anacondatooth, brown she cat PLAYED BY CRYSTALFACE

Bird's Health: Eaglefur, brown and tan tom PLAYED BY EAGLET

Piranhas (warriors):

Vulturewhisker, black she cat with a white head and extra long claws (longer than tigerclaw's) PLAYED BY EAGLET

Hawktalon, plain white tabby tom PLAYED BY CRYSTALFACE

Addertail, gray tom with black markings, scars, nicks in both ears, and missing the end of his tail (adder hurt it, thus the name) PLAYED BY DYSTANINE

Snakescale, orange she cat with marks on neck that look like scales PLAYED BY CRYSTALFACE

Rattlingfoot, golden ginger tom with a tuft at the end of tail that looks like snake's tongue PLAYED BY DYSTANINE

Underbeasts (apprentices) (training shared by all):

Snake-beast, redgray she cat with grass-stained paws PLAYED BY CRYSTALFACE

Piranha-beast, silver tom with reddish eyes PLAYED BY EAGLET

Stinging-beast, black she cat with silverish marks PLAYED BY EAGLET

Birthing-teeth (queens):

Tornfoot, a cream and black birthing-tooth with a twisted paw. Mother of Addertail's snakelets: Fiery-let and Cringing-let. PLAYED BY DYSTANINE

Snakelets (kits):

Fiery-let, flamelike ginger tom PLAYED BY CRYSTALFACE

Cringing-let, solid white she cat (name because she is always in a cringelike position because of a deformity) PLAYED BY DYSTANINE

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