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Now I am the deputy of StarClan, but it has not always been that way. I started out as any other cat in StarClan. Wanting to defend and protect my Clan, even at the cost of my life. I was born in the middle of one of the hottest greenleafs of all time. The stream that runs through the forest was all but dried up. The fish were all gone. Some of the Elders said that the Ice Forest was completely melted. I was born with two other littermates, one was Cinderpelt and the other was a tiny black tom. That poor kit, with all his dark fur the heat killed him in five sunrises when he was buried Willowstar named him Blackkit. My mother Lightwhisper was heartbroken she followed and soon followed Blackkit to MoonClan. Our father Cloudrise begged our leader Willowstar to let him mentor Cinderpelt so he wouldn’t lose another of his kin.However Willowstar refused and appointed Sandstrike who was a new warrior to be my mentor and an eldrly she-cat Sundrop to be Cinderpelt's mentor. My time as an apprentice was quick and uneventful. It was soon after that I became Dustpelt that our Watersplash our deputy died. Much to many cats surprise Willowstar made Sandstrike deputy. Shortly afterward something happened that I would never forget. Cloudrise had taken a new mate; Foxflower. I was patrolling the ShadowClan border with her when a ShadowClan patrol exploded from the bushes. I fought like a leopard but there were too many of them. They injured me greatly, my ears were shredded and my leg was twisted badly. However when I found Foxflower, she was near death. She was lying in some brambles the ground soaked with blood. She opened her eyes one last time. "Tell Cloudrise I love him." She whispered then her head fell to the ground and breathed her last breath. When I told Cloudrise he went mad. Losing Lightwhisper, Foxflower and Blackkit was more than he could handle. "She was caring my kits!!!" he yelled at me. Sandstrike found him dead trying to take on a whole patrol from ShadowClan later that day. Many seasons later Willowstar died making Sandstrike leader. At about the same time our medicine cat Tigercloud died leaving a medicine cat from a far away clan Hollyleaf to take over. Sandstar made me deputy saying it was Willowstar’s last wish. 3 moons later a small group of cats came to StarClan. Redtooth, Petalfur and a small black and white she-kit named Darkkit. They were gladly accepted them into the Clan.

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