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Drifting Feathers Series

Author: Ottersplash
Number of Books: 3
Series Status: Standby
Story Spellcheckers: N/A
Sweetsong is Frostline's best friend. She's sweet, smart, and beautiful. But Sweetsong's life gets complicated. Two cats battle for her heart, trouble lurkes a paw-step away when a friend looks for revenge, and Sweetsong discovers a secret in her parentage.

Follow her life, problems, and triumphs in the Drifting Feathers series.

The Drifting Feathers Series is another one of Ottersplash's series taken from FeatherClan's piont of view. This series takes place in the warriors' forest. The FeatherClan's camp is much like ThunderClan's lake camp.


Drifting Feathers Series Pic.jpg
  • Drifting Feathers - Secret Truth: Sweetsong always believed her father never loved her. He never visited her brother, Riverpool, and her when they were kits. Her mother died before telling her the secret truth. What will Sweetsong discover?
  • Drifting Feathers - Fighting Hearts: What happens when Sweetsong is caught between a battle, Flamesoul vs Bramblestripe? Who wins Sweetsong's heart? Who wins here disappointment? Who wins at all?
  • Drifting Feathers - Angry Souls: ________ is in rage. He lost the battle between ________. His soul want's revenge, he seeks it, and finds it., But what will the ________ tom unleash while satisfying his angry soul?