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This page contains the allegiances for the Drifting Feathers series.
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Leader: Sliverstar- slender, silvery-gray she-cat with dazzling blue eyes

Deputy: Bramblestripe- muscular, brown tabby tom with white tail-tip and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Cloudberry- thick-furred, snowy-white tom with bright green eyes



Frostline- slender, blue-gray she-cat with one white ear and beautiful blue eyes - FanClaned by Brownstorm

Echoheart- muscular, golden tabby tom with black stripes and green eyes

Flamesoul- thick-furred, flame colored tom with green eyes and a torn ear - FanClaned by Swiftfire101


Sweetsong- slender, beautiful black she-cat with white muzzle and blue eyes - FanClaned by Ottersplash

Riverpool- lithe, blue-gray tom with amber eyes

Wolf-eye - thick-furred, light gray tom with yellow eyes and great vision

Streamtail- slender, gray she-cat whith amber eyes - FanClaned by SnapeFan1


Roseheart- small, pinkish-red she-cat with blue eyes

Shallowfoot- shy, black tom with green eyes and white underbelly

Muddyclaw- thick-furred, brown she-cat with stunning blue eyes


Fuzzypaw- fluffy, black she-cat with blue eyes

Dashpaw- fast, blue-gray tom with golden eyes


Foxleap- red she-cat with black muzzle, paws, ear tips, and tail-tip and white underbelly and green eyes. Mate of Echoheart

Mistystone- silky gray she-cat with amber eyes. Mate of Riverpool - FanClaned by Feathermoon


Flowerkit- white she-kit with beautiful yellow eyes. Daughter of Foxleap and Echoheart

Talonkit- golden-brown tom with green eyes. Son of Foxleap and Echoheart

Applekit- ginger tom with a white ear and paw and green eyes. Son of Mistystone and Riverpool

Breezekit- blue-gray she-kit with blue eyes. Daughter of Mistystone and Riverpool - FanClaned by FeatherstreamWikia

Thunderkit- black tom with golden patches and amber eyes. Son of Mistystone and Riverpool


Littlefoot- small tortoieshell tom with blue eyes

Shiningcrest- still beautiful, blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes

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