Doctor Mew? A Doctor Who Warriors Series

Author: Leopardclaw and Skyflight
Number of Books: Emm, 8ish
Books: So far, The Eleventh Moon, The Mythrock Opens, The Star Explosion, The Impossible Warrior, A Good Cat Goes to War, Let's Kill Hitlerclaw, The Wedding of Riversong
Series Status: Started
Allegiances: None yet
Story Spellcheckers: None
This is a series based upon the 5th and 6th series of the (British) television series Doctor Who. If you don't know what doctor who is, Then Look at These. If you want.

Amypond met the loner, The Doctor, when she was a young warrior. Now she travels with him, and her mate, Rorytail. Then, the Doctor meets an seemingly old friend, Riversong, and things blow up. Literally.

Then, once things have blown up and returned to normal, a weird, freaky religious order of white cats, the Silence, come after them. And they want the Doctor dead.

BTW, the titles inside the brackets (In these) are the actual titles of the programs. Yes, I am basing them off the programs.

The Eleventh Moon (The Eleventh Hour) - The Doctor has newly regenerated, and his TARDIS ends up in the middle of the LondonClan camp. And now, when Amypond finds him, he has only a day to save the territory.

The Mythrock Opens (The Pandorica Opens) - The Mythrock has only been that - a Myth. But the Doctor, Amypond, Rorytail and the Doctor's old friend Riversong discover that it is real. And that it is a trap for the most powerful thing in the universe. But what?

The Star Explosion (The Big Bang) - The Mythrock has opened, and now the universe is dying. Only the Doctor can save it, but he could be lost forever if he does...

The Impossible Warrior (The Impossible Astronaut) - Riversong, Rorytail and Amypond bear witness to a warrior rising out of the lake, killing him.

A Good Cat Goes to War (A Good Man Goes to War)

Let's Kill Hitlerclaw (Let's Kill Hitler)

The Wedding of Riversong (The Wedding of River Song)

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