Dawn of Blood Series

Author: Ravenflight
Number of Books: 1
Series Status: Unfinished
Allegiances: BloodClan
Story Spellcheckers: None
Kody is delighted when her two-leg opened the door to the outside world. She has never seen anything but her two-leg nest and was dying to meet new cats in this new world. When she meets the cat of her dreams though, she discovers that not only will she have to join this mysterious clan he lives in but she will also have to do the leader's dark bidding.

She is set on a mission to find and kill the cat named Barley. Although she doesn't want to do it she would get in big trouble by the leader if she didn't. She wants to prove herself loyal to him once and for all. She's willing to do anything for love....

This series takes place in the alleyways of two-leg place and with Bloodclan as the only clan is the first


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