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Pineclan[edit | edit source]

Leader: Redstar: Red-brown tom iwth deep green eyes

Deputy: Cinderfeather: Light grey tom with light blue eyes.

Medicine Cats: Treebranch: Brown tom with amber eyes

Patchwind: Calico she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Redface: Brown-red tom with green eyes

Russetwing: Russet coloured tom with blue eyes

Ravenflight: Black she-cat with deep green eyes

Swiftstorm: Grey tom with lighter grey patches and blue eyes.

Sandheart: Sand coloured she-cat with one white paw and hazel eyes

Darkheart: Dark grey tom with black patches and green eyes

Spottedfoot: Calico she-cat with blue eyes

Stonetail: Grey tabby tom with a black tail and blue eyes

Fernlight: Grey she-cat with amber eyes

Dappleface: Pure white she-cat with a flecked grey muzzle and green eyes

Apprentices: None at the moment

Queens and Kits: Cherryfur: Light cream coloured she-cat with green eyes

Creamkit: Cream coloured she-kit with blue eyes

Thornkit: Dark grey tom with hazel eyes

Honeykit: A very pale orange she-kit with green eyes

Elders: Tornfur: A grey tom with a scrappy pelt and dim blue eyes

Ferntail: A tabby she-cat with green eyes

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