Dappleheart's Regrets

Author: Hazel
Status: Finished
Series: From the Background's View: Hazel's Short Stories
Allegiances: None
Preceding: Order is unimportant
Succeeding: Unneeded
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Hi, my name's Dappleheart. You probably know me, and bits of my past. But I'm here to tell you the REAL story.

"My kits don't need his reputation and I don't need your sympathy" ~Dappleheart

That's me, Eaglestar's mate. Well, former mate.... I know what you must be saying how could she love that evil monster? No one knew of his treachery then; however I truly did love him...

I kind of still do. Well the him behind all of the murder and betrayal. But I feel bad for my kits, it's not their faults that their father is evil. Poor souls... Especially Brackenclaw. I remember the looks my clanmates always gave him and I will until the day I join StarClan. It wasn't his fault he looked exactly like his father! Why should they blame him for Eaglestar's actions!?

I went through agony too. It musn't have been hard to come up with insults and taunts for the mate of a murderer and the mother of his kits. Not to mention, he left me for Larkflight! My own sister! Of course, it was Larkflight who followed him into exile and Larkflight who had been fawning over him for moons.

After Eagleclaw murdered Willowfang, then tried multiple times to murder Smilestar, people ask how I couldn't see it. Well, could anyone else see it? No. So why blame me? I don't know....

It's not easy being me, but do not pity me. Pity someone who deserves your precious pity. I just want you to see things from my point of view. I can't believe Eaglestar's leader of ShadowClan now! Brackenclaw shouldn't have to go through this! It's not fair!

Nightfern left to join ShadowClan, and I still miss her dearly. I still see her at gatherings but it's not the same. How would you feel if you could only see your daughter once a moon?

Enough of my ranting, I think I have driven you all deaf. But I just wanted someone to hear me out... My life wasn't easy, and I'm still living through the prejudice, but its all worth it in the end. Cats in my clan still see me as loyal, and caring. That's all that matters, right? I still do have my regrets....

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