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This page contains the allegiances for the Cynder's Decision series.
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Forest, Barn and Twoleg Place Cats (Loners and Rouges) Edit

Cynder- small dark gray she-cat with bright yellow eyes and an odd red streak on her tail

Berry- pale gray tom with blue eyes and a white tipped tail

Link- pale gray-and-white tom with blue eyes

Storm- white tom with yellow eyes and gray stripes on his muzzle, legs and tail

Fawn- pale gray she-cat with blue eyes, dark gray muzzle and ears and a pink nose

Scar- dark gray scarred tom with yellow eyes, former BloodClan member

Blossom- tortiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes

Sandy- white she-cat with pale sandy brown tail, ears and tabby striped back

Stripes- white tom with pale sandy gray tabby stripes from his nose to tail-tip

Larch- elderly gray tom with blind blue eyes and a whitening muzzle

Fire ClanEdit

Leader: Birchstar- dark tabby tom with dark orange eyes

Deputy: Cherryflower- tortiseshell-and-white she-cat with blue eyes and a twisted paw

Apprentice, Hollypaw

Medicine Cat: Moonlily- solid white she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Minnowclaw- black-and-white tom with dark green eyes


Suntalon- ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes

Gingerwhisker- dark ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a white chest

Apprentice, Seedpaw

Birdclaw- black she-cat with pale eyes

Morningstream- pale cream she-cat with blue eyes

Leopardtalon- dark golden tom with dark eyes

Sandtuft- pale brown (with darker flecks) tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Dewpaw

Swallowtail- dark blue-gray tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Sharppaw


Seedpaw- pale gray she-cat with green eyes (later Seedspeckle)

Dewpaw- silver tom with blue eyes (later Dewpelt)

Hollypaw- white-and-gray tom with blue eyes (later Hollytail)

Sharppaw- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes (later Sharptalon)


Acornwhisker- pale brown she-cat with blue eyes and pretty rippiling redish brown tabby stripes, nursing Birchstar's kits; Nightkit (black tom with blue eyes and white speckles), Willowkit (pale brown tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes), and Heatherkit (reddish brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes)

Sorreldapple- long haired cream she-cat with pale green eyes and pretty white dapples, nursing Suntalon's kits; Cherrykit (pretty ginger she-cat with green eyes and darker tabby stripes), Stormkit (tortiseshell-and-black she-cat with amber eyes), and Echokit (pale cream she-cat with pretty green eyes and white tipped fur)

Willowleaf- white-and-pale gray she-cat with blue eyes, nursing Leopardtalon's kits; Wolfkit (ragged gray tom with bright amber eyes and three white paws), Vixenkit (fluffy dark golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and a white ear and paw), Fuzzykit (fluffy white-gray-and-gold dappled tom with bright blue eyes), and Featherkit (pale gray tom with blue eyes and a long, fluffy white tail)


Poppymist- pale brown she-cat with blind blue eyes

Mapledapple- tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat with pretty green eyes

Boulderclaw- ragged dark gray tom with blue eyes and has large scars over one, missing eye

Badgerfang- black-and-white tom with amber eyes (oldest cat in FireClan)


Leader: Mirage- sleek black she-cat with dark orange eyes and thorn sharp claws

Deputy: Bramble- large dark brown tom with dark eyes


Thorn- dark brown tom with dark amber eyes and a knotted pelt

Soot- black tom with dark orange eyes and a broken tail

Huttser- brown-and-white tom with dark eyes and a scarred pelt

Adder- black-and-white tom with dark eyes and a long, snaking tail

Duke- black tom with dark eyes and a scarred muzzle

Juarez- gray she-cat with orange eyes and a white streak down her muzzle

Shadow- very dark gray tom with dark orange eyes and a long scar along his flank

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