Status: Deputy
Current: DawnClan
Past: None
Kit: Crowkit
Apprentice: Crowpaw
Warrior: Crowsight
Deputy: Crowsight
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mate: Silversong
Sister(s) Sandclaw
Brother(s): Duskshadow
Living: Creepy World of Darkness, Blinded By Love
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: Silversong

Crowsight is a handsome black tom with white paws and dashing blue eyes


The day I was choosen deputy, was the best day of my life! I've longed for that high of a rank all my life! My mother always believed I would become a deputy as long as I worked hard and was devoted to my Clan. Listening to my mother payed off. Now, I'm a lethal opponant in battles and one of the best deputies DawnClan has ever had. When I was a kit, I would often play with my sibblings, Sandkit and Duskkit. Now, they're known and Sandclaw and Duskshadow. We three are the strongest warriors in DawnClan. As an apprentice, I was given to Maskedfur, now a retired warrior. My last apprentice was Skypaw. She is now named Skyeyes. She has an incredible eyesight. Anyway, I became deputy when the former deputy, Kinktail, was slaughtered by a rouge running loose around the lake. I really can't wait until one day, hopefuly, I become leader. Legendary Crowstar!

Creepy World of DarknessEdit

Crowsight is first seen when Silversong, Ivysoul, and Gooseflight bring Ferretkit back after finding him on RainClan territory. Crowsight is described as gazing at Silversong with some sort of affection in his eyes. Later, he is sniffed out by Silversong and the two begin to meet at a specific spot. A bush near the DawnClan border.

Crowsight confesses he wants kits and a family but Silversong instantly rejects the idea and runs off.

Crowsight is also mentioned when he and Silversong run together towards the battlefield where they were to battle the Bloody Rouges. He fights alongside Silversong until she leaves and fights with Cloudstep. He then reappears by her side as she died and relives, killing Slicer and leaving the rouges leaderless.

Blinded By LoveEdit

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