Status: Warrior
Current: MoorClan
Past: None
Kit: Buzzardkit
Apprentice: Buzzardpaw, Cripplepaw
Warrior: Cripplepelt
Mother: Mistypelt
Father: Unknown
Mate: Creekfern
Sister(s) Unknown
Brother(s): None
Living: The Day the Earth Went Cold
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: None

Cripplepaw is a handsome, cripple, cream tom with blue eyes

History[edit | edit source]

I wasn't always known as Cripplepaw. My original name was Buzzardpaw. I was lively and happy, always playing with my sister and mother, Mistypelt. One day, a battle erupted between MoorClan and LightningClan. Two toms fought with me. Hard. They were too powerful and didn't seem to care that I was bleeding to death. I came back to camp barley alive but my medicine cat, Qualflight, fixed me up pretty good. I lived, but Finchstar changed my name. He changed it to Cripplepaw, for my crippled appearence. The storms of harsh leaf-bare broke out and took the lives of my mother, father, and sister. PebbleClan brought us to their camp, because of the weather. I met the prettiest she-cat there was. Her name was Creekpaw. She loved me, I knew, and we began a strong bond. She taught me that looks aren't everything, and that's why she fell in love with me. Maybe being crippled and having a big heart isn't so bad.

The Day the Earth Went Cold[edit | edit source]

Cripplepaw and his Clan are brought to the PebbleClan camp. His mother dies on the way and he begins a fight with Silverfrost when she tries to explain that his mother is dead. He fights back and doesn't except it until Silverfrost pins him and yowls into his ears.

He falls in love with Creekpaw, a PebbleClan apprentice who teaches him that looks don't mean anything, but personality counts.

All the Time in the World[edit | edit source]

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