Status: Apprentice
Current: PebbleClan
Past: None
Kit: Creekkit
Apprentice: Creekpaw
Warrior: Creekfern
Mother: Stonefeather
Father: Leopardblaze
Mate: Cripplepelt
Sister(s) Silverfrost
Brother(s): Beartooth, Brightpaw
Living: The Day the Earth Went Cold
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: Feathermoon

Creekpaw is a beautiful gray she-cat with lighter streaks and blue eyes


I used to always trot next to or behind my littermate, Brightpaw. I remember his soft gray and white fur always brushing against my streaked gray pelt. His amber eyes always watching me with security and comfort. We both loved each other a lot. My older siblings, Silverfrost and Beartooth, would always take care of us too, but not like Brightpaw. He was the leader, as you might say. But then he died. I used to love the fluffy blanket of snow always crunching under my paws, but now I hate it. It was snow that caused my brother's death. I would always get into trouble as a kit. One time I got into the medicine cat den and ate a few yarrow leaves. I will never make a stupid mistake again. I gagged for a long time and when I was finished, my throat muscles screamed because of all the gagging. Good times they were. I just wish Brightpaw could still be with me now, enjoying every bit of life.

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