Prologue[edit | edit source]

"Hey... Over here!"

A light brown tom with sharp blue eyes looked up, "What is it, Lee?" he muttered, returning his icy blue gaze back to the dark undergrowth.

"I thought you told us you were going to tell us what your leader was planning?" the tom asked in a harsh cold voice, with his sharp blue eyes, looking around warily, as if he was afraid someone was listening on their conversation.

"And when I find out, I will, don't worry. He always tells me." the brown tom hissed, annoyed with the fear Lee was showing, the fear-scent was over-whelming, that the tom bristled his spiky fur.

"And what about-" Lee asked. But was stopped mid-sentence by the brown tom raising his tail for silence, as if it was more important.

"I already took care of that, Lee, no need to worry." he mewed, looking around the dark forest, his eyes a bit confused when he heard a squeak come from the smaller tom.

"But... Iceclaw-" the tom whimpered, tail flicking even more urgently.

"Don't. Worry. About it," Iceclaw hissed. Then sighed, flicking his tail, "I need you to keep your head on, or we'll be found out."

"Okay." Lee mewed quietly, disappearing into the bush.

Iceclaw sighed, his eyes closed in thought, I've turned to darkness... What have I done?

He heard a voice, "I never you were the one to turn to evil," a mew growled in a silky voice, "After all..."

"Shut it!" Iceclaw snarled, looking around, "Where are you!?"

"Everywhere darling," The she-cats voice mewed, "They will find out." she finished silkily.

"It's not my fault!" Iceclaw snarled.

"If it's not your fault... Why are you letting them tell you what to do?" The she-cat asked.

"You wouldn't understand." Iceclaw growled.

"This ain't your way anymore, it's Joeys game now, your in league with rogues now," She purred, "I hope you're ready for what's coming, don't let your ignorance cloud your eye sight."

"What are you talking about?!" Iceclaw snapped. Looking around angrily.

"You'll see...." the she-cats voice seemed to disappear.

Iceclaw was left alone. His claws unsheathed. and staring into the deep and unforgiving darkness

Oh yes.. What have I gotton myself into? Iceclaw thought, as he started into the dark with upset and angry eyes. He growled, thinking, They will never understand!

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

"Wildpelt! Wake up!"

Wildpelt opened his eyes to the mew. "What is it?" he asked, yawning as he stretched.

A young dark brown tom was staring at him. "You were sleeping." he mewed, but Wildpelt twitched his tail, because he was only pointing out the obvious.

"I saw that, Fluffypelt." Wildpelt yawned once again.

"Yeah well...." Fluffypelt trailed off, looking suddenly uneasy.

Wildpelt stood up. "Well, what is it?" he asked, looking at the fluffy tom curiously.

"Oh, yeah! Whitestar wants to see you," Fluffypelt mewed, flicking his tail warily. "Another cat has gone missing." he mewed quietly.

Wildpelt looked sad, "All these disappearances are starting to get suspicious." he muttered.

"That's what most of us think." Fluffypelt mewed, hearing what he said.

Wildpelt looked at the young tom. "Do you think that?" he asked curiously.

"I didn't use to" Fluffypelt mewed nervously.

"Understandable." Wildpelt grunted. Walking out of the den, he looked around. He got pushed by one of the older senior warriors, a almost black tom with tufted ear tips and sharp blue eyes, who he didn't know very well, but he did met him when he joined the clan a while ago.

"Who is that?" Wildpelt asked Fluffypelt.

"Who's that? That's Ravenclaw, he was a loner like you, but he's getting a bit old, I thought you knew him." Fluffypelt mewed with disinterest.

Wildpelt watched the old tom grumble away. And he got a familiar feeling about the tom.

Whitestar was talking with Iceclaw. a spikey furred brown tom with sharp blue eyes. Iceclaw was one of those toms that you always seem to trust, but there was something wrong with them.

Bad vibes. Wildpelt thought, not very convinced with his feeling, Iceclaw never seemed to mind him, or bug him.

Iceclaw bowed to Whitestar, then padded up to Wildpelt. "Whitestar wants to talk to you." he seemed conflicted and worried, and he walked hurriedly away from Wildpelt.

Wildpelt watched Iceclaw confused, then padded up to Whitestar, his pure white fur bristling in anger.

The hot tempered tom growled, "Wildpelt, can you take a patrol to find Rosedawn?"

Wildpelt sighed, but nodded. Every time Whitestar sends a patrol, we never find anything. he thought sadly. But headed towards Fluffypelt, who was swishing his tail back and forth for Skykit to play with.

Fluffypelt asked, "What did he say?"

"Search patrol," Wildpelt mewed flatly, "You're coming with me."

"Okay." Fluffypelt shrugged.

Wildpelt led Fluffypelt out of the camp,

"Why Rosedawn? She was one of the best stragetists." Fluffypelt asked sadly.

"Because whoever is taking these cats, know that she's one of the stragetists." Wildpelt mewed

"Do you think it's rogues?" Fluffypelt asked, looking around at the undergrowth surrounding the well sheltered camp.

"No.... I have a feeling it's one of us." Wildpelt mewed to Fluffypelt, casting a glane at Iceclaw, who was talking quietly to Silverleaf.

Fluffypelts eyes widened,"Who?" he asked, his gaze followed Wildpelts gaze.

"Iceclaw," Wildpelt growled, "Or he at least knows who." he continued to walk out of camp.

Fluffypelt mewed confused, "Iceclaw? But he's nice! I've known him since I was a kit." his eyes grew sad.

"Never judge a cat by it's outside personality," Wildpelt mewed, "That's how they catch you off guard."

Fluffypelt twitched. "Okay..." he mewed quietly, looking at Wildpelt disbelievingly

Wildpelt looked up when he heard a sharp screech, the screech of a cat in pain, alot of it.

"That sounded like a cat!" Fluffypelt exclaimed, and was about to bound toward the screeching, but was stopped by Wildpelts tail.

"Don't be so hasty..." Wildpelt growled suspiciously, "Some cats get hurt like this."

"Oh.. Sorry." Fluffypelt mewed sheepishly. Wildpelt rolled his eyes, Fluffypelt seemed to young to be a warrior, Wildpelt wondered how old he was.

Fluffypelt didn't even look like a warrior, he looked like an extremely young apprentice. With fluffy fur and wide eyes.

Yeah... He is to young to be a warrior.. Wildpelt thought, I like his will though, he's smart. Wildpelt shook his head, narrowing his eyes.

Fluffypelt was waving his tail in front of his face. "Um.... Hello? Earth to Wildpelt!" he mewed. Waving his tail faster whenever Wildpelt wouldn't answer.

Wildpelt mewed, "Stop, Fluffypelt, it's confusing me," he flicked his tail, "Now, here's what we are going to do, Fluffypelt."

Fluffypelt nodded in excitement, swishing his tail back and forth on the leafy ground. His eyes a sparkling green.

"We are going to investigate that screech, but, we must be careful, when we reach there, on my mark, we jump into the clearing and fight whatevers there. Got it?" Wildpelt explained.

Fluffypelt nodded, "Got it!"

"Good, let's go." Wildpelt mewed. Leading the way to where the screech sounded. The forest was dark and foreboding, there was the promise of a strong storm. Wildpelt looked up, watching the clouds as he walked.

Fluffypelt asked, "Are we there yet?"

"Yes... Shh! I think I hear something." Wildpelt flicked his tail for them to hide in the bushes. Fluffypelt looked at the clearing with excited eyes.

"Ok on my mar-" Wildpelt was cut short when Fluffypelt jumped into the clearing with claws unsheathed.

Wildpelt finished, "Mark..." he shook his head, following Fluffypelt quickly. Only to stop when Fluffypelt was looking around confused.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Oh... I was expecting more claws..." he sighed in disappointment, sheathing his claws. "But there was a screech! You heard it too!" looking at Wildpelt with sad and disappointed eyes. He mewed, "That was a cat, it can't just have magically disappeared!"

Wildpelt froze, there was a heavy scent of cat and blood. He unsheathed his claws and yelled "Fluffypelt, watch out!"

Fluffypelt looked at him confused before narrowly dodging a heavy built pitch black cat, who's eyes were as cold as ice.

Fluffypelt backed up some more when the black cat rushed him with thorn sharp claws, aiming to kill.

Wildpelt jumped on the cat, dragging him away from Fluffypelt, who was ten times smaller then the cat, and would have been crushed if the cat leaped.

Fluffypelt just watched horrified. Wildpelt yowled, "Go get Whitestar!" as he held the cat down, who's eyes were narrowed slits.

Flufypelt looked like he was about to disagree, but thought better of it, and rushed away.

Wildpelt got thrown off, and he smashed into a tree, shaking himself as he got back up, but he was soon tackled by the bigger cat.

He fought back twice as hard, but he was no match for the huge cat, who was more stronger.

The black cat looked like he was about to land the killing blow, but he seemed to freeze. His eyes got wide.

He fell sideways dead, and standing behind him with claws unsheathed was a she-cat, with sharp blue eyes and beautiful blue gray fur.

Wildpelt stared at her. "Um... Thanks." he mewed in shock, but the she-cat shrugged, backing away and walking off.

"W-Wait! What's your name!" he called after her.

The she-cat stopped and mewed, "Lizzy, I'm a rogue," she mewed in a silky voice, "And your clan-mates are coming."

She disappeared into the bush, Wildpelt got up, looking around. And saw Fluffypelt burst into the clearing with Whitestar and Iceclaw following close behind.

"Oh awesome! You beat him! Oh wait.. Is he dead?" he asked excitedly, "He seemed like he knew what he was doing!"

Iceclaw had narrowed eyes, while Whitestar looked faintly surprised.

Wildpelt was looking at them with confusion, they seemed to know the cat, Whitestar mewed flatly, "Good job, Wildpelt." Iceclaw stayed silent.

Whitestar walked away, and Wildpelt followed, but was stopped by Iceclaw who whispered, "I'd watch who you talk to, you might get into trouble."

"Don't worry, Iceclaw, because I don't know anything that you do." he grunted, and pushed past Iceclaw, and Fluffypelt followed.

Iceclaw followed behind, looking around with narrowed eyes, Wildpelt didn't trust Iceclaw, he seemed to know things other cats didn't, even Whitestar seemed to be holding stuff back.

When they got into camp, Fluffypelt went to some she-cats to talk, Wildpelt rolled his eyes at the younger tom, and walked to Silverleaf, who was quiet, and mysterious.

She mewed quietly, "Hello, Wildpelt." she swished her tail, and her eyes were at her paws.

Wildpelt mewed, "Hey, I have to ask you a question, and this is really important."

"Sure." Silverleaf mewed, not looking up.

"You know Iceclaw better then anybody.. Has he been acting weird?" Wildpelt asked in a whisper when Iceclaw passed by, looking conflicted.

Silverleaf mewed, "Well, yeah.. But... I don't know why." her eyes had finally left her paws, they were a sad deep blue.

Wildpelt sighed, then walked away, So Silverleaf isn't going to be much help, but she doesn't seem to know anything either. He thought, disappointed. Then ran into Fluffypelt.

"Oh, hey Wildpelt! Totally didn't see you there!" Fluffypelt exclaimed, "I'm sorry." he bowed.

"It's okay, Fluffypelt," Wildpelt mewed, "I didn't see you either, actually."

"I'm not invinsible, wish I was though." Fluffypelt commented, looking at his paws.

Wildpelt nudged him "Come on, everyone wishes they were invinsible." he mewed amused, looking at the young tom.

Fluffypelt shrugged, "Oh, well."

Whitestar padded up to them. "Wildpelt, can you and Fluffypelt patrol the thunderpath border near the ash tree?" he asked.

Wildpelt seemed worried, but Fluffypelt mewed, "Sure."

Wildpelt sighed, There's no fighting Whitestar... Not yet at least. He thought darkly, wondering why Whitestar would send them to the thunderpath, it's dangerous, especially for a tom as young as Fluffypelt.

Fluffypelt was poking Wildpelt, "Hello? Come on let's go." he mewed as he swished his tail in anticipation, wanting to hurry off.

Into danger. Wildpelt thought worriedly.

Iceclaw had walked past, he and Wildpelt caught each-others eye, and both of them echoed distrust. But they both looked at the excited Fluffypelt with worry.

He finally followed Fluffypelt out of the camp, Fluffypelt sniffed the air, trying to scent where the thunder-path is.

Wildpelt stopped him. "Let me lead, your going to run a tree if you keep your head in the air." he mewed, flicking his tail to a tree in front of Fluffypelt.

"Okay." Fluffypelt mewed, and let Wildpelt take the front, leading him to the thunderpath.

They stopped at the edge, there was no noise of monsters. It seemed to be quiet. The thunder-path was the big stretch of land that was totally black, and hot when a cat stepped on it.

Fluffypelt mewed, "I've never been to this part of the terriotory before," he looked side-ways at the road. "Not as.. Loud as I thought it would be."

Wildpelt narrowed his eyes, he signaled his head to the Ash. "Come on, be careful though, that place is dangerous."

Fluffypelt nodded, then mewed, "Don't worry, I'm not scared." he then ran to the Ash.

Wildpelt yowled, "Fluffypelt! Wait! It's-" there was a roar of a nearing monster, and Fluffypelt seemed to be struggling.

"I-I'm stuck!" Fluffypelt yelled.

The roar was steadily going louder. Wildpelt thought horrified as bright lights started to come over the hill, Oh no... he watched horrified.

A cat jumped out of the ash, landing in front of Fluffypelt, and freed him of whatever he was stuck on, and pushed him into the forest.

The car started to veer toward the cat, Wildpelt yowled "Get out of there!"

The cat turned to look at him.

Iceclaw?! He thought amazed. "Iceclaw get out of there you mouse brain!"

But it was too late, the car had veered, and Iceclaw seemed to fall.

Wildpelt closed his eyes in horror, Did Iceclaw just.. Risk his life to save Fluffypelts?

He opened his eyes, and Iceclaw was on the road. He seemed hurt when he got back up, he was limping, and he was bleeding.

Wildpelt mewed, "Hey, get off there before another one comes and finishes you off!"

Iceclaw limped toward him, "I wasn't the one that needed saving." he mewed through heavy breathing. He looked at Fluffypelt, who was watching horrified.

"Be careful next time will you?" He asked, his whiskers twitching, he limped off.

Wildpelt just stared after him, Was... I wrong about him? he thought testily. Then looked at Fluffypelt. "What were you thinking?" he asked in a growl.

"I..I don't know." Fluffypelt mewed quietly.

"Iceclaw could have died, why didn't you wait?" Wildpelt asked hotly.

"I-I don't know!" Fluffypelt mewed louder.

"Both of you could have been killed!" Wildpelt growled.

"I know! I'm sorry!" Fluffypelt whimpered, looking more like a young apprentice then a warrior, he was cringing under Wildpelts angry gaze.

Wildpelt sighed, "Let's go, Fluffypelt," he mewed, "Be lucky Iceclaw was there, you might have died."

"I know." Fluffypelt mewed quietly. And they hurried away from the thunderpath.

"Told you he was nice!" Fluffypelt mewed suddenly, "I remember you told me that he wasn't really trustworthy."

"I know.." Wildpelt mewed in amazement, still surprised at Iceclaw for what he did, even though he could have died in the attempt.

They stopped at the camp entrance, the two she-cats Fluffypelt was talking to earlier rushed over in shock and amazement.

Wildpelt left them to it, seeing Iceclaw, he padded up to him and hissed under his breath, "Why did you do that?!"

Iceclaw seemed unruffled, "What? I don't just sit by watching a tom as young as Fluffypelt die." he mewed flatly, licking his wounded paw.

"No, no, you weren't there by a coincidence! You know something, you knew Fluffypelt was going there!" Wildpelt hissed.

"So what if I do? It's none of your business, I may know something, but I don't kill cats!" Iceclaw growled, losing his temper.

"Your going to sooner or later if you keep lying," Wildpelt hissed, "Tell me what you know."

"All I know is that, Whitestar knew perfectly well that Fluffypelt was going to rush to the ash, maybe you should yell at him for this, not me" Iceclaw pointed out.

"One day, your going to lose everything you care about Iceclaw, I know you too well" Wildpelt hissed.

"I almost did!" he hissed back, and Wildpelt seemed taken aback, and was shocked when he huffed away

Fluffypelt was getting asked alot of questions by the two she-cats, his fur was puffed out, and he looked excited. He explained what happened to the she-cats.

Wildpelt ran into Ravenclaw again, and the tom snapped, "Watch where you're going," he pushed past Wildpelt muttering, "Young cats.. Don't pay attention."

Wildpelt just stared at him, Old cats... So grumpy. He thought annoyed, then ran into Silverleaf, "Whoops! Sorry Silverleaf."

Silverleaf looked a bit scared. "I have to tell you something, Wildpelt, and it may destroy our clan." she mewed quickly and quietly.

Wildpelt looked shocked. "Okay, come with me." he mewed in a whisper, then led her quickly out of the camp, hoping not to be followed by anyone, especially Iceclaw.

Wildpelt led her to a small clearing with overhanging leaves, which blocked out the sky, and casted a shadow over the clearing.

Wildpelt looked at her then asked, "What is it?"

She seemed terrified now that they were alone. "I-I overheard Iceclaw talking to someone, and I thought it must have been one of us, because they were talking like old friends, but... I didn't recognise the cats voice, and that got me worried." she mewed quickly.

Wildpelt listened, "Okay.. What else?"

"Iceclaw was talking about Whitestar wanting Joey to send one of his cats to... To..." she faltered, staring at Wildpelt with growing fear.

"To... What?" he asked, trying to coax her to tell him what Iceclaw said.

"To kill you, Wildpelt! They want to kill you!" She yelled, staring at him with fear and sadness.

Wildpelt seemed confused, "Wh-What? Why?"

"I don't know!" she cried, "Whitestar wants you dead, and Iceclaw is just angry all the time, but I don't think he'd ever want a cat dead!"

Wildpelt was quiet, he was so confused, he wasn't sure who to trust anymore.

Silverleaf asked, "Are you alright, Wildpelt?" her eyes full of worry.

Wildpelt nodded. "I'm fine, thanks for telling me this, Silverleaf." he mewed to her, trying to reassure her, then asked, "Why is Iceclaw so..."

Silverleaf mewed, "I don't think I'm the one to tell you that, you'll probably learn one day." she flicked her tail, as if she knew.

Wildpelt nodded. "I understand, I shouldn't be asking that, I'm sure I'll find out someday." he mewed, then stood up, looking at Silverleaf, "Should we go back?"

She nodded, following Wildpelt away from the clearing, and back to the camp.

Silverleaf and Wildpelt glanced at each-other when Whitestar padded past with an angry look on his face, and he seemed to be looking for someone.

He whipped around to face Silverleaf, and he snapped, "You better find Iceclaw, I need a word with him," he looked at Wildpelt and added, "And you, you can you go hunting with Ravenclaw." he flicked his tail as if to signal that was that, and padded away.

Wildpelt rolled his eyes, Oh no.. Not Ravenclaw.... he thought annoyed, the old tom was grumpy and harsh, and Wildpelt wasn't looking forward to the hunting patrol.

He sighed when Silverleaf quickly padded away, Ravenclaw padded up grumbling, giving Wildpelt a death stare and mewing, "Don't slow me down."

Wildpelt thought As long as you don't slow me down.

Ravenclaw ignored him as he led the way out of camp. They stopped at a clearing, and there was the sound of mice and birds.

Wildpelt was ready to start hunting, but Ravenclaw stopped him with his tail, looking around suspiciously, he muttered, "Don't jump into things."

Wildpelt stood up straight, staring at the old tom, he was looking around the clearing, glancing into the shadows, and the trees.

Ravenclaw sighed, "Okay, you can hunt now." he mewed, almost bored.

Wildpelt slinked among the grass, still thinking heavily on what Silverleaf told him, but was quicly snapped out of his thought when Ravenclaw yelled hoarsely, "Watch out!"

Wildpelt looked up quickly, but only saw fur and claws.

He felt teeth prick at his neck, and claws driving into his stomach.

He choked up blood, the cat was heavy, so he couldn't throw him off. I'm done for! he thought terrified. Trying to wriggle away from his attacker Where is Ravenclaw? he thought, wondering if Ravenclaw was also one of the corrupted warriors.

He closed his eyes, losing conciousness, he felt the weight suddenly lift off him, and yowls and screeches.

And then his whole world went silent and black.


"Is he dead?" a voice asked.

"Well, he's breathing... Does that make him not really dead but close to being dead?" another voice asked.

A grunt sounded, "I don't think-"

"Now listen here Ravenclaw, his heart-beat is.. abnormally fast, he's dying, it'll be a miracle if he lives, with the wounds he's taken." a growl sounded to the left of Wildpelt.

"But.. Whitestar.." Ravenclaw trailed off, then sighed, "Yes, Whitestar."

There was a hint of happiness in Whitestars voice, but it was subtle, Wildpelt tried to open his eyes but couldn't, and another voice calmly mewed, "Chances are he probably will live, I'm surprised he didn't die as soon as the cat drove his claws into him."

Wildpelt thought, What happened? I can't remember anything...

The calm voice asked, "Who attacked him, Ravenclaw?"

"The cat was huge, it looked like a walking lion," Ravenclaw answered "Iceclaw, the cat would have killed him if I wasn't there."

Iceclaw mewed, "Okay, I need to go talk to Whitestar." and Iceclaw and Whitestar padded away.

A young voice asked, "So.. is he dead or not?"

"No, Fluffypelt, he's not, he's injured though." Ravenclaw answered cooly.

Fluffypelt sighed, "Oh, good, if he died, I would have no one to annoy."

Ravenclaw grunted, "You annoy me plenty." but it sounded amused.

Another young voice, but female, asked, "Injured? Like.. How bad?"

Ravenclaw grunted, "Bad enough, Willowleaf."

Wildpelt muttered, "I feel like I got crushed by a very fat kittypet."

The group of cats left around Wildpelt seemed to sigh in relief, then Fluffypelt asked, "Was it really like a walking lion?"

"Yeah." Wildpelt muttered, not feeling very well.

Ravenclaw growled, "Let's go you two, I want to check something, and you two are going to come with me."

Fluffypelt's tail twitched, "Okay..." he sighed, and followed Ravenclaw with Willowleaf.

Wildpelt just stared as they left, getting up, he licked his fur, which was bloody.

He curled up, and closed his eyes, hoping, he was just imagining that Whitestar and Iceclaw being corrupted, hoping... It was just his imagination.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Wildpelt woke up to the sun, he blinked a couple times, trying to figure out where he was.

He sniffed the air, and then realised he was in the warriors den, where he was taken last night, not many cats where inside, those who were, were fast asleep.

Wildpelt got up and stretched, still sore, he shook it off though.

As he stepped outside, there was only Silverleaf, worry in her eyes.

"Worried again, Silverleaf?" Wildpelt teased, trying to lighten the mood.

Silverleaf just signaled for him to follow her with her tail. And she led the way out of camp, leading him to a rushing river, with rocks over looking it.

Wildpelt tipped his head. "Nice place, Silverleaf. Why did you bring me here?" he asked, but next thing he knew, he was cuffed over the head by Silverleaf.

"Are you that forgetful?" she asked.

"Yeah, I forget easily, why?" He asked, getting a bit confused, and getting a familiar feeling about the river, a secure feeling.

Silverleaf stared at him, hope in her eyes, "Don't you recognize this place Wildpelt?"

Wildpelt shook his head, but the familiar feeling came back.

Silverleaf sighed, "I know you don't remember, but something knows this place inside of you, please think about it Wildpelt, because you already know Iceclaw more than you think."

She left him by the river, padding away.

Wildpelt felt bad for lying to her. I know this place, I don't want to.. he thought.

He sighed, then padded back to camp, thinking deeply.

He entered the camp, but almost slammed into Iceclaw who asked, "Where is Silverleaf?" his eyes filled with worry.

"I-I was just with her.. She's not back yet?" he asked.

"No! I know she went to talk to you, but you came here before her, and she told me she was going to leave you alone." Iceclaw mewed.

"Well we should go look for her then!" Wildpelt mewed alarmed.

Iceclaw nodded, running out of the camp, Wildpelt following close behind, yelling, "Silverleaf!"

Iceclaw yelled also, but froze when they heard a ear-splitting screech.

They looked at each-other in alarm, and ran toward the screech.

They almost fell into a small gorge, but the river was slow moving, and there was quick movement, a cat was trying to swim, but not doing so good.

Silverleaf called, "Help!" her eyes were wide in fear and alarm, and she kept going under.

Wildpelt looked at Iceclaw, and was surprised to see he was shaking, and there was fear in his eyes. Wildpelt gasped, "You.. You're Icekit..."

Iceclaw gulped, staring at the water. Wildpelt looked down at Silverleaf, who's efforts were faltering.

Wildpelt looked at Iceclaw He needs to do it, he needs to learn. He thought, still shocked that Iceclaw was the same innocent Icekit.

Wildpelt then decided he was never going to do it, so he was about to jump into the small gorge, but a flash of brown fur leaped over him.

Wildpelt backed up quickly, then went after Iceclaw, who had amazingly leaped, not caring that he was scared.

Wildpelt landed in the water, padding up, he continued to paddle, looking around. "Iceclaw! Silverleaf!" but there was no sign of either of them.

Wildpelt then saw Iceclaw on the shore bank, dragging Silverleaf up onto the bank, he was drenched, but he was no longer shaking, and there was no hint of fear in his eyes.

Wildpelt swam over to them, he got up onto shore, "Wow, you did it.."

Iceclaw was panting, and he shook his fur, and stared at Silverleaf. "Is she alive?" he asked.

Wildpelt sniffed her, listening, "Yeah, she's alive, wet, but alive." he mewed.

Iceclaw sighed, then looked around.

Wildpelt put his paws on Silverleafs chest, and started to push.

Iceclaw coughed up some water, then looked at him, "What are you doing?" he asked.

Wildpelt mewed, "Getting the water out of her."

Soon, Silverleaf coughed, then opened her eyes, and looked at the two toms, "Um... Whoops?" she mewed, twitching her whiskers a bit.

Wildpelt mewed, "Are you alright?"

Silverleaf got up, and shook. "Fine, I was pushed." she mewed, looking at Iceclaw with warning.

Iceclaw narrowed his eyes, and asked, "Who was it, Silverleaf?"

Silverleaf shook her head. "If I told you, you'd just go leaping into danger," she mewed firmly, but then sighed, "It was Hawk."

Iceclaw growled, then ran off.

Silverleaf got up hurriedly. "Wildpelt, you have to stop him, he hates Hawk, but Hawk is ruthless, he'll kill him!" she mewed quickly.

Wildpelt looked at her and nodded, chasing after Iceclaw, who had disappeared out of sight.

When Wildpelt reached the forest, he yowled, "Iceclaw!"

But there was no response, the forest was quiet, only the twittering of birds could be heard, and the wind rustled the trees.

He stayed silent. Something isn't right... he thought warily, twitching his ears for even the slightest movement.

He heard a lot of rustling and screeching to his right, and backed up just in time to see Iceclaw and a very big tom fighting, both toms were covered in blood, but niether of them were wavering, with rage in their eyes, and their claws outstretched.

Wildpelt jumped out of the way.

Iceclaw pinned the tom, "Oh, so now you make a habit of pushing she-cats of gorges now?" he snarled.

The tom threw him off, "What's it to you?" he hissed.

Iceclaw leaped again, landing on his back, the tom rolled, it was obvious he was trained.

But so was Iceclaw, he jumped off at the last second and landed on his stomach, The tom was taken aback as Iceclaw drove his claws into his stomach.

The tom snarled, "You think you can kill me that easy?"

Iceclaw growled, "No, but I know what can." his eyes were blazing with fury, and he jumped off and started taunting, "Come get me kittypet!" Wildpelt noticed Iceclaw picking up a stick

Hawk snarled, then rushed Iceclaw, and just as he leaped, Iceclaw just let him jump into the sharp stick.

Hawk groaned, and backed up.

Iceclaw pulled the stick out of him, staring at Hawk, surprised he was still living.

Hawk was bleeding heavily, "You've gotton smarter, Iceclaw," it was obvious he was dying, but he snarled, "But you forgot one thing, I finish what I start."

Wildpelt was ready to leap, but was too late, Hawk leaped with the rest of his strength, giving no time for Iceclaw to dodge.

He leaped onto Iceclaw, driving his claws into his neck. Then he got off, Iceclaw looked shocked, and he struggled to get up, but was too injured.

Wildpelt then stare at Hawk, who seemed to have some more fight in him, Wildpelt leaped on him, biting his neck and not letting go.

Hawk yowled, "Get off me!" he jumped, but it was a feeble one, and he fell, never to get up again.

Wildpelt decided that Iceclaw must have tired him out, then mewed, "Good job on that Iceclaw, he looks like that cat that almost killed me."

Iceclaw mewed, "I think I have bigger things to worry about."

Wildpelt turned to look at him, and he realised that Iceclaw looked like he was dying, his eyes were half clouded, and he was bleeding heavily.

Wildpelt stared at him. "What do you want me to do?!" he mewed horrified.

Iceclaw mewed, "I don't know, I'm not a medicine cat."

"I'm not either!" Wildpelt mewed.

Iceclaw then mewed something that hit Wildpelt deep inside, "But you should know, you were a rogue once, you had to learn some medicine, or you would have never survived."

Wildpelt stared at him. Well, if he is one of the corrupted warriors, I could just leave him here to die, and not worry about him, but that would be the same as killing him, and if he isn't a corrupted warrior, and he dies, but knows who's who, then I'm in trouble. He thought, then decided.

He looked for cob-webs, and finally saw some, he grabbed it, then hurrying back to Iceclaw, putting the cob-webs on, "That's about all I know about bleeding." Wildpelt muttered.

Iceclaw seemed fine with it as he stood up, he stared at Wildpelt, "Why are you staring at me like that?" he asked.

"Okay, I only saved you because you know stuff I don't, and I want to know." Wildpelt growled.

Wildpelt mewed a bit to innocently, "Remember, I saved your tail twice now." he then glared. "Can you at least tell me who's the bad guy?"

"Why are you asking me, when you already know the answer?" Iceclaw grunted testily, and padded back to camp, leaving Wildpelt confused.

Wildpelt decided to look around, he looked closely at Hawk, who looked dead, but was he dead? He wasn't breathing, but cats can hold their breaths, then breathe when no one is looking.

Wildpelt decided to leave him, he followed Iceclaw.

They found Silverleaf, who had walked to the camp, she looked at them, a bit angry about something, she rushed over to Iceclaw, "I'm telling you! I'll kill him if he's behind this!"

Iceclaw seemed confused, and Wildpelt asked, "About what?"

"There's been another disappearence." Ravenclaw had mewed, and looked like he was trying to calm Silverleaf down, but failed.

Iceclaw looked at Silverleaf, "Who?" he asked.

Siverleaf twitched, "I-I..." but was silenced by Ravenclaw, "The cat who disappeared, it was Fluffypelt."

Iceclaw went from confusion to shock and anger, and Wildpelt was amazed, "He-He's missing?" he asked.

"Yes, and Silverleaf thinks it was Whitestar who caused his disappearence." Ravenclaw mewed, looking at Iceclaw warningly.

Wildpelt wondered why they were all staring at Iceclaw.

Iceclaw asked, "So-So he's not in camp, no-where in the forest?"

Ravenclaw growled, "We've looked everywhere Iceclaw, we really did, but he was no-where to be found," and then added, "He might be... In the rogue territory though, but we all know that it's pretty much walking to your death if you go there."

Wildpelt seemed confused, "You make it sound like it's dangerous." he mewed.

"It is if your a mouse-brain, still is if you're really smart," Ravenclaw mewed, then flicked his tail. "No one has come out of the rogue territory," Ravenclaw looked at Iceclaw, "Alive."

Silverleaf was swishing her tail, and her eyes were narrowed.

Iceclaw mewed, "You don't know if you try." he shrugged and started to pad away.

Silverleaf stopped him. "Wait, Iceclaw, think about it, if you go to the rogue forest, you're walking to your death." she mewed.

Iceclaw mewed, "I'm willing to risk it."

Wildpelt watched him leave, but he hurried after him, "Iceclaw, don't you think this is a bit reckless?" he asked.

Iceclaw looked at him, and continued walking. Wildpelt asked, "Where is their camp?"

"On a sharp bluff," Iceclaw mewed flatly, "I can see why they chose it, whoever tried to attack it wouldn't have a chance, all they would do is run of the edge."

Wildpelt twitched. "Are we almost-" but he fell into a small shallow dip, and was lying down, his muzzle in the earth, he got up shaking his fur.

Iceclaw followed after him, more gracefully though. "Yes, we are." he looked up, they were in a shallow dip with rocky dens, and the edge of the bluff was straight ahead.

A voice sounded behind them, "Well, well, isn't this a surprise?"

Iceclaw and Wildpelt turned around quickly, tails bottled and fur bristling, and ears back.

"Now now toms, no need to show hostility.. Ah Iceclaw! I see you're doing well." the voice came from a small dark brown, almost black tom, with sharp blue eyes and a highish voice.

"Hello, Joey." Iceclaw grunted, and Wildpelt stared at him.

Joey stared at Wildpelt, "Who's your friend, Iceclaw?"

Iceclaw looked away. "No one important, I'm here for a different reason." he mewed, turning back and glaring at Joey, who's claws were out.

"Ah... About that Iceclaw, the young tom is perfectly safe, but I'm sorry to say..." Wildpelt realised that two big lion like cats were on either of Joeys side. and they were backing them up to the large bluff, but they seemed to be staring at Iceclaw, not Wildpelt.

"You and your little brother know too much, I need to kill you." Joey said in a mockish upset voice.

Iceclaw put his ears back, his eyes narrowed as the lion like cat charged forward, Wildpelt, not sure what he was doing, pushed Iceclaw out of the way, and him the lion-like cat both fell off the bluff, but Wildpelt grabbed a loose rock.

Joey and the lion-like cat stepped back, but Joey shrugged. "Oh, well, you win some, and you lose some." he flicked his tail and padded away, the lion-like cat following.

Iceclaw tried to help Wildpelt, but the rock was slowly breaking.

He mewed in a hurried voice, "Just go save him, Iceclaw," he glared at Iceclaw. "If you were truly not a corrupted warrior, you'd put family first, just remember that!"

Those were Wildpelt's last words, it wasn't a threat, but his tone made it sound threatening.


The den was cold and damp. With shadows covering the sick and wounded cats, and there was a smell of death in the air.

Fluffypelt was poking his friend, "Hey, Rosedawn, do you hear a disturbance outside?"

Rosedawn, the beautiful creamy she-cat looked up with flat yellowish eyes, she mewed in a rasp, "Nah, just a few mews."

Fluffypelt thought, There is something going on outside, too bad that fox brained lion cat is guarding it.

He looked around, then saw a small hole in the cave roof, he asked Rosedawn, "Hey, can you move over there so I can climb up to take a look?"

Rosedawn just nodded, and sat down, right over the hole. Fluffypelt climbed up onto her, and climbed out of the hole, which was big enough for a thin cat to get through.

The camp clearing was littered with bones of prey, and there were many cats, mostly big ones, hissing to each-other, glaring at the den that Fluffypelt and his friends were stuck in.

Fluffypelt jumped into the tree hanging above the den, he was on a low hanging branch, waiting for a distraction so he could save his friends.

Fluffypelt saw a light brown cat sneak into the camp clearing, the cats eyes blue as ice, and his ears back, and fur bristled.

He realised it was Iceclaw, and was about to yell out to him, but he decided better of it, and just watched as Iceclaw snuck to the den, surpisingly unnoticed.

He caught Iceclaw's eye, Iceclaw narrowed his eyes. Jumping on the nearest lion cat, and taking the whole group by surprise.

Fluffypelt jumped up and down on the branch, making it looser and looser on the branch, and soon he heard a crack and the branch fell, and he landed on the hard sandy groung on all four paws.

The branch landed on the den and a piece of it knocked out the lion cat guarding the lion cat. Rosedawn and the other warriors looked out, they jumped out, and looked at Fluffypelt, who yowled, "Go! Get out of here!"

They all nodded, and ran back home in a rush.

Fluffypelt saw Iceclaw knocking back one of the lion cats, and running toward Fluffypelt, "Come on, let's go!" he followed the retreating warriors, and Fluffypelt followed closely.

Soon they were away from the bluff, yowls still could be heard as they ran down the hill, back to their own home.

Fluffypelt finally scented the familiar smells of the forest and river, he sighed, and when they got to camp he almost practically tripped into the camp, making everyone else stumble into the camp, then just shrugged, taken aback by the many cats staring at them.

Ravenclaw and Silverleaf were surprised, in shock, and suprisingly, worried. About what though? We're all okay! Fluffypelt thought.

Iceclaw was panting and bleeding, his fur torn, and his eyes tired.

Silverleaf and Ravenclaw hurried up to him, and Silverleaf asked, "Where's Wildpelt?"

Fluffypelt looked confused. "Wildpelt came with Iceclaw?" he asked Silverleaf, who looked sad.

Iceclaw took a deep breath, then said sadly, "He's dead." his gaze tired and flat, and looked like he fought off every lion cat he ran into.

Ravenclaw growled, "What? How?"

Iceclaw mewed, "We were cornered to the bluff, and I could have went down when the cat charged me, but he pushed me out of the way, and he fell," he looked at Ravenclaw, who was bristling in anger. "I tried Ravenclaw, I really did."

Ravenclaw huffed away, and Iceclaw looked away, and Silverleaf mewed, "I think Wildpelt knew what he was doing, he always did."

Fluffpelt looked shocked and sad, He's dead.... he thought, My best-friend is dead.

Rosedawn limped up. "We have a lot of sick and wounded cats here," she mewed, then looked at Fluffypelt and Iceclaw, "Thanks for coming to save us." she added gratefully.

Iceclaw didn't say anything, so Fluffypelt spoke, "It's no problem, you are our clan-mates, you're family," he added, "Besides, I was stuck in that horrible place also."

Rosedawn nodded, then went to see if any of the wounded cats needed help.

Fluffypelt looked at Iceclaw, who's eyes were flat and no longer held the icy flames they usually held. Iceclaw was traumatized, that was the worst injury, in a sense.

Fluffypelt asked, "Hey? Are you okay? You seem a little out of it." he looked at Iceclaw, who looked up quickly.

"I'm fine!" he growled, and padded off.

Fluffypelt just stood there, confused. Iceclaw isn't usually like this... I feel like I'm forgetting something.. Fluffypelt thought, then Willowleaf padded up to him, "I guess all this death has caught up to him."

"What do you mean?" he asked her.

Willowleaf looked sad, "Don't you remember?" she asked.

Fluffypelt seemed confused, but then his eyes widened, "You don't mean..."

Willowleaf looked at him. "Yes, I mean what I mean," she mewed, "Death gets to a cat at one point, it changes them, I'm guessing." she flicked her tail.

Fluffypelt looked at her, then saw Ravenclaw, who looked older then he used too.

Fluffypelt felt unnerved by the whole thing, Wildpelt wasn't the first cat to die at the paws of the rogues, but he wasn't going to be the last.

Willowleaf asked, "Are you okay?"

Fluffypelt looked at his friend, her gray tabby fur was bristling, and her light green eyes were narrowed in worry, she was obviously unnerved by the whole thing too.

Fluffypelt jumped when Whitestar had mewed to them, "You seem to be taking this well, Fluffypelt." he sneered, which made Fluffypelt want to claw his face off. He thought, I've never felt so much anger before....

"Fluffypelt, can you take Willowleaf and Iceclaw to sharp edge, Ravenclaw reported seeing rogues there, and we need to teach them a small lesson." Whitestar mewed sumgly.

Fluffypelt looked around for Ravenclaw, Wait.. That can't be possible, I just saw Ravenclaw, but now I can't see him. he thought, then nodded to Whitestar, then looked at Willowleaf.

"I'll go get Iceclaw." Fluffypelt sighed, then stood up to find him.

"Iceclaw!" Fluffypelt called him over after finding him listening to Silverleaf.

Iceclaw glared at him, then padded over. "What?" he snapped, which was odd.

Fluffypelt was taken aback. "Well. Uh, you see. Whitestar wants us to go on patrol to sharp edge." he stammered.

"Isn't that a bit dangerous?" Iceclaw asked, his eyes slits, and his ears back.

Fluffypelt stared at him. "I wouldn't know, I've never been there." he mewed quickly, wanting to get this over with, because it was obvious Iceclaw was extremely angry.

"Fine, I'll come." Iceclaw murmured.

"Great, let's go!" Willowleaf, who had been quiet the whole time, finally had spoken up.

They padded out of camp, both Fluffypelt and Iceclaw were being silent, but Willowleaf kept commenting on the lucky stroke of weather they got.

"Sharp bluff is usually dangerous on rainy days, from what I heard," Willowleaf mewed, "Very slippery, cats have died falling off that cliff." she mewed, and beside Fluffypelt, Iceclaw had flinched, like just that sentence hurt him in some way.

Soon, they were at the cliff, and jagged rocks were everywhere, Fluffypelt twitched his tail nervously.

"Scary..." Willowleaf looked around at the jagged rock pointing out of the earth.

Iceclaw froze, staring at the edge, his ears perked, and his eyes wide. "Shh... I hear something."

Fluffypelt and Willowleaf went behind him immediately, staring around with wide eyes, and shivering when a voice echoed, "Well, Well, never thought I'd see you here Iceclaw, after our first encounter back at my camp, but I assure you, I haven't brought my clan-mates, it's just me and you."

Fluffypelt heard Willowleaf whimper, and get closer to Iceclaw, looking tiny next to him.

Iceclaw growled, "Come out, Joey! I know you're there."

A small tom had leaped down from one the rocks, his ice-blue eyes scorching, and his claws unsheathed as he mewed, "Ah, no one can hide a trick from you."

Iceclaw just stared him down, staying silent.

"Ah, I'm sorry about the death of your clan-mate." he mewed mockingly.

Fluffypelt started to growl, but Iceclaw shot him a glare that told him to stay quiet, which he did unwillingly.

Iceclaw growled, "Why are you on our lands? Your clan usually prefers the bluffs, not the forest."

"You see, Iceclaw, I need more territory, and this place is just the place," Joey sniffed, "Not like Whitestar would do anything though," then he snarled, "I bet Wildpelt would have scratched me to little patches of fur if he was still here, and a certain warrior hadn't failed to save a clan-mate."

Iceclaw flinched, and Fluffypelt stepped in. "Well, at least we're not fox-brained enough to live on a edge, where every step might be your death!"

Joey looked at him. "Ah, a prime example of Whitestars cruel heart, he made you a warrior a bit too early didn't he, he did the same with Iceclaw, then left you to die in the flood," he mewed in a flat voice, "You should be dead, along with all your clan-mates."

Fluffypelt remembered it too well, and it was true, and it would have been if Iceclaw wasn't smart enough to warn everyone of the impending water, the only cat that died in the flood was Blackflower, who had risked her life to save Iceclaw when the water almost washed him away.

Iceclaw finally mewed, "But that didn't happen, some of us were smart."

Joey narrowed his eyes. "You know too well who Whitestar really is, after all.. He did kill your mother.. Right in front of you." he hissed gleefully.

Iceclaw finally flinched away, his eyes sad as Joey mewed, "And what did you do? You just ran to Ravenclaw whining that your mother was murdered, but you never said by who, that was a mistake."

Fluffypelt snarled, "Hey, leave him alone!"

Joey continued, "And you also almost got Fluffypelt killed because of severel mistakes, almost causing him to fall off a edge, just as you let Wildpelt fall." he snarled.

Iceclaw had closed his eyes, and Fluffypelt snarled, "That wasn't his fault! That was Hawkpaws!"

Joey asked, "Are you finally going to give in Iceclaw? After all the cats you got killed?"

Iceclaw didn't answer, he was looking at the ground, with hatred in his eyes, but also hurt.

Joey sighed, "A silent answer is nothing," he jumped up one of the rocks, then mewed, "Cats have died because of you Iceclaw, you know as well as I do."

Fluffypelt didn't have any smart comebacks to throw at him, he just stayed silent.

Joey soon flicked his tail, and jumped away, leaving the patrol standing there in shocked silence, and left Fluffypelt confused on who the bad guy actually was.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

If anything was weird or unusual, this was one of those things.

Fluffypelt continued to stare where Joey had been moments before, and soon once again, the rocks were quiet, eerily quiet, but so was Iceclaw, which worried Fluffypelt a bit.

He isn't usually quiet... Fluffypelt thought as he looked at his quite shaken friend, and he meant that seriously, Iceclaw was shaking, and he didn't look so good.

Willowleaf was obviously thinking the same lines as Fluffypelt, because she asked, "Hey.. Are you alright?"

Iceclaw looked at her flatly. "I'm fine," he then looked at Fluffypelt, "We should get going, apart from Joey," he hissed the name, and continued, "There's nothing remotely suspicious here."

Fluffypelt just looked at Willowleaf, who looked concerned, but she shrugged then started to walk away from the rocky hill.

Iceclaw followed, not making a noise, but Fluffypelt snuck away, looking around. I'm not sure what for though... Fluffypelt thought, flicking his tail.

"You looking for me, Fluffypelt?" a voice asked, but it seemed cruel and harsh.

Fluffypelt jumped, then relaxed to see it was only Joey. Okay, well I shouldn't relax, this cat is a killer after all, and kidnapped me, and pretty much killed Iceclaw inside. Fluffypelt sighed, "Not really, but I do have to ask what made you do that to Iceclaw." he glared at Joey who was lying down, with a bored expression on his face, which was a bit unnerving.

"Ah, I feel compelled to answer your question, but then again, you're way to young to understand," Joey grunted flatly, "Way to young."

Fluffypelt shrugged. "It never bothered me when Whitestar made me an early apprentice, then early warrior, but it made Iceclaw angry.. I mean, really angry, I've never seen hate in him since Hawkpaw almost killed him on numourous occasions, one of them, like you said, involved me." Fluffypelt mewed confused, "But are you that cruel to do that to him?"

Joey took a bit to answer then mewed, "Fluffypelt, you wouldn't understand why I did it, but I do wonder why you are asking these questions, since you obviously do understand more then you should." he eyed Fluffypelt, then flicked his tail.

Fluffypelt growled, "I can't decide who's more evil, you.. Or Whitestar, it's obviously you, since no one would be so cruel enough to bring back old haunts."

Joey then got a sincere expression on his face. "Fluffypelt, you say I am a killer, which I shall not deny, but.. Whitestar killed more cats, and hurt more, then I ever will, and he shows no remorse when he does, Fluffypelt, the difference between him and me, I do show remorse, I don't make young cats warriors," he stopped then added, "And I don't kill a young ones mother, right in front of him." he looked at Fluffypelt evenly.

Fluffypelt stared wide-eyed, "So-So it wasn't one of your clan-mates that killed Frostflower?" he stammered.

Joey nodded. "I'd never kill a mother in front of her kit.. Actually, I wouldn't kill a mother at all, it's extremely evil to take a young ones family away," he mewed sadly, "Me and Iceclaw both know what that feels like," he looked at Fluffypelt, "You should feel that too, but Blackflower wasn't murdured, she died saving a life." he finished.

Fluffypelt felt a pang of sadness at the mention of his mother, but pushed on. "So you're saying Whitestar would willingly kill without remorse?" he asked.

Joey nodded then mewed, "Are you finished?"

Fluffypelt nodded, then started to walk away, and Joey mewed, "Remember, Whitestar isn't who he makes himself out to be."

Fluffypelt didn't look back, but continued walking.

Fluffypelt wondered what it was like to have insults and the past thrown at you, did it slash you on the inside like claws tearing through fur? Or was it like just something piercing your heart? Fluffypelt didn't want to ask Iceclaw, because if he did, he would just be doing what Joey did, only in a less mean way.

When Fluffypelt had caught up with them, they seemed distracted, and he was confused.

When they got to camp, all of them seemed to want to avoid Whitestar, especially Iceclaw. So Willowleaf went to report to Whitestar.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Well that was pleasent." he mewed to Iceclaw, who glared at him, and Fluffypelt thought, Okay, I should walk away now. he backed up, and headed to the warriors den.

He closed his eyes, thinking what Joey had said, and Joey did have a point, even though Fluffypelt knew he wasn't a good cat, but maybe... He was more sincere then Whitestar? Fluffypelt shrugged it off as he went to sleep.

He jerked awake when a cat poked him, he thought it was Willowleaf, but he looked up to pure green eyes, full of confusion and annoyance.

"Wildpelt!" he gasped in shock, staring at the tom as he leaped up, there was no mistaking that dark pelt and tufted ear tips, Fluffypelt didn't know anyone else that looked like that.

Wildpelt backed up a bit, his eyes narrowed and his tail flicking.

Fluffypelt looked around, and realised he wasn't in the warriors den, but in a misty clearing.

"Where are we?" Fluffypelt asked, but instead of answering, Wildpelt flicked his tail to across the clearing, where a small cat was whimpering.

Fluffypelt felt bad for the kit, but couldn't understand why he got a familiar feeling about it, or why it affected him so much.

Wildpelt looked at Fluffypelt, looking at him as if he wanted Fluffypelt to go to the kit.

Fluffypelt asked "Wildpelt, who's that?" looking at the kit nervously.

Wildpelt just shook his head, his eyes sad, but continued signaling to the kit, Fluffypelt didn't know how the kit was relevent, but Wildpelt sure thought it was.

Fluffypelt finally gave in, walking towards the kit. It was small and tiny, it's brown fluffy fur bristling, and the kitten was shaking out of fear and sadness, it's eyes blue eyes flashing.

Fluffypelt realised it was staring at something, when he looked up, he saw that a huge cat was standing over a pure white cat, but there was blood everywhere, and the huge cats claws were stained red.

The kitten squeaked, "Why? Why her?"

Fluffypelt then heard the echo of Joeys words around them.

I would never kill a kits mother in front of him... Actually, I'd never kill a mother at all, me and Iceclaw both know what that feels like.

Fluffypelt then heard Iceclaw, but he was confused and scared, what Iceclaw said, chilled him to the bone, but what was even more confusing, Fluffypelt never remembered him saying what he said.

Losing a family, is like losing a piece of yourself, you don't know if you'll be the next to die, or die of the shock, but it tears you from the inside out, and a thorn sharp claw stabbing into your heart, and you know that you can never forgive whoever killed your family, but even at a young age, you'd do anything, Anything, to kill the cat that would do that to you and your family, even if you have to die, to get revenge.

Fluffypelt then looked at the kit, who had grown silent, it's ice blue eyes cold and accusing, but when it turned to Fluffypelt it mewed, "She never did anything.. He did it because he could..." it looked away, then stood up, and ran off into the forest.

He whipped to face Wildpelt, who seemed sad, and he flicked his ear, then started to disappear.

"W-Wait! Why did you bring me here?" Fluffypelt asked, staring at Wildpelt.

Wildpelt hesitated, then looked at Fluffypelt, and seemed to mew, "You already know the answer, Fluffypelt," even though his mouth didn't move. And soon he disappeared, leaving Fluffypelt alone with the huge cat, who was mewing, "All of you will die.. I'll make sure of it!"


Fluffypelt opened his eyes, and thought, It was just a dream... He looked around. Nope, no Wildpelt... his ears drooped, if by some miraculous thing, and Wildpelt was alive, he was sure he'd be in here, but he couldn't be, he's dead.

Fluffypelt then thought, But.. Who was that kit? And why was he so familiar?

He jumped when someone stirred, but relaxed when it was just Silverleaf, who had opened one eye, and asked, "What are you doing Fluffypelt? You're going to wake someone up."

"Sorry, just thinking." Fluffypelt mewed quietly,then looked around, everyone was quietly sleeping, but they seemed nervous and tense for some reason, no doubt Whitestar told them something unnerving.

"Yeah.. Alot of cats are doing that lately, but it's better to sleep on it until morning if it's not that important." Silverleaf muttered, then tried to go back to sleep.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Hate to burst your bubble, but it is morning."

Silverleaf jumped up, almost bounding out of the den, pushing Fluffypelt out of the way. Who stepped on someones tail.

"Ow!" Ravenclaw muttered, purposely hitting Fluffypelt with his tail, then curled back up.

"Why is she in such a hurry?" Fluffypelt wondered out loud.

"Early patrols, Whitestar is being merciless with them." Ravenclaw muttered annoyed.

"The rest of us get sleep," Willowleaf muttered from her nest, but she just sounded sleepy, "Silverleaf is unlucky she got picked for one of those."

The warriors who were awake agreed, and one mewed, "Whitestar is more jumpy then usual, I think he's losing his mind, remember Talonwing, Ravenclaw? Just yesterday he sent her on early patrol, she never came back, mind you, she was told to go alone, which is crazy."

Ravenclaw mewed, "I know, poor Talonwing, she isn't really the warrior type, sweet cat too, she'd never hurt a mouse."

Fluffypelt was shaken to his core, Talonwing? She was my friend... His eyes widened, and the warrior continued "What if Whitestar is the cause of all these disappearences, he's been acting strange since Frostflower died, remember her, Ravenclaw?" the warrior wrinkled his nose. "He kept strutting around camp when she was found," he then added a glance to the still sleeping Iceclaw, then mewed, "Iceclaw wasn't the same after that either, apparently she was killed right in front of him."

Ravenclaw mewed, "I wish I could say that wasn't true, but it is, Darkclaw, something is getting fishy around here. It's starting to worry me."

Darkclaw looked grim, and Fluffypelt asked, "What exactly happened that day? I was in the nursery when I found out, and I didn't understand, until Blackflower explained to me that Frostflower was never coming back." he shivered. And what Darkclaw said next made him gasp.

"From what Iceclaw explained, it seemed the attacker was a huge cat with flaming cruel eyes and thorn sharp claws, and poor Frostflower was pretty much torn apart." Darkclaw mewed.

That sounds eerily like from my dream.... Fluffypelt stared.

"Yeah, the poor thing was so shaky when I found him, but... I think there was something he didn't tell me the first time around." Ravenclaw mewed, also looking at Iceclaw, who was still sound asleep.

Darkclaw sighed, "I've realised that the cats that disappeared were never found, or found dead, with the exception of Rosedawn and some others, but there were so few of them, and Wildpelt wasn't even part of the clan when Frostflower died, but he found the cats, but died in the process."

Fluffypelt remembered what Iceclaw had said, and it still confused him and he mewed hopefully, "Maybe he's not dead?"

"If there was even the slightest chance that Wildpelt is still alive, which is unlikely, why hasn't he come back." Darkclaw asked testily.

"Maybe he's lost?" Fluffypelt wondered.

"No, Wildpelt is smart and knew the area too well to get lost." Ravenclaw answered.

Fluffypelt sighed, "I guess.."

They all jumped up when Whitestars voice was heard outside the den, "I need a hunting patrol!"

Ravenclaw rolled his eyes, he got up and walked out, followed by Darkclaw, who still seemed grim.

Fluffypelt looked at Willowleaf, who was fully awake, her eyes sad, "I-I had no idea that's how it happened." she stammered.

Iceclaw stirred, then asked in a mutter, "Why are you two looking grim?"

Fluffypelt laughed nervously, "Oh. No reason, just some of the older warriors telling old stories.. Old, sad stories." he mewed, looking at Iceclaw.

Iceclaw looked suspicious, then stood up, and walked out of the warriors den.

Fluffypelt sighed, "I think he's on to us."

Willlowleaf whispered, "Fluffypelt.. He was awake."

"What!?" Fluffypelt mewed in shock, staring at her.

"I could tell, he was awake for the whole thing, he heard every word of it." Willowleaf whispered.

"Whoops." Fluffypelt mewed, staring outside of the warriors den, where there wasn't much activity except for the cats selected for the hunting patrol.

Willowleaf asked, "Why did you say Wildpelt could be alive?"

"Oh... It's nothing, really, just me not thinking." Fluffypelt mewed quickly, looking at Willowleaf nervously.

"Are you sure?" she asked, her eyes sad and confused.

"Yes, I'm sure." Fluffypelt mewed, then hurried out also, almost running into Whitestar who was flat gazed.

"Watch where you're going, Fluffypelt." his eyes cold, and his voice cruel, and he pushed Fluffypelt out of his way, and continued walking.

Fluffypelt shook himself, staring at Whitestar, he was about to yell after him about being polite, but thought better of it.

Hmmph, he could have at least said it politely. He walked out of the camp angrily, deciding to go and hunt, even though their was already a hunting patrol.

"If Joey meant his manners, then I will agree with him, they are awful." Fluffypelt muttered to himself, not caring on where he was going.

He froze, Why do I feel like I'm being watched? he looked around. But there was no sign of any life, just trees and silent wind.

He stammered, "H-Hello?" he flicked his tail nervously, then continued walking, but stopped when he heard a twig snap.

He asked, "Is anyone there?" he looked around once more, but still no sign of life. Maybe just a twig falling, not someone watching me. Fluffypelt shivered, and continued.

Fluffypelt soon got to a clearing, and he sighed. He sat down and licked his brstling fur, and relaxed, It's just my imagination, I'm sure I'm alone. He looked around. Yep... Alone. he sighed.

He jumped when a cat padded out, but he relaxed when it was just Whitestar, and Fluffypelt mewed, "Oh, I thought you were someone else."

"Really?" Whitestar said in an unnaturally perky voice.

"Um.. Yeah, I thought I was being followed." Fluffypelt mewed, looking at him confused.

"Well, I was just taking a walk, nothing much really." he mewed in his perky voice. But he was also glaring at Fluffypelt.

"Why.. Why are you looking at me like that?' Fluffypelt asked, staring at him.

"You know the old story?" Whitestar asked not so perkily.

"Depends which one your talking about." Fluffypelt mewed, and continued to look around.

"Oh, the Frostflower story." Whitestar mewed.

"Yeah, she was killed." Fluffypelt muttered angrily, starting to get annoyed with Whitestar.

"By who?" Whitestar asked.

Fluffypelt growled at him, "You should know, you heard Iceclaw tell it," he then added, "By a rogue, that's all."

Whitestar sighed, "Well, it wasn't a rogue, and I'm surprised, everyone believed him so easily." he mewed in a mock tone.

"And why are you telling me this?" Fluffypelt asked, flicking his ear.

"Why, because it wasn't a rogue who killed Frostflower, you deserve to know the truth, after all, I have a feeling Iceclaw will just follow his mother soon, he knows too much, but first..." Whitestar mewed.

Fluffypelt looked at him. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"I'm surprised Iceclaw kept it a secret, even from you.. I'd feel betrayed." Whitestar mewed flatly.

Fluffypelt listened as he continued, "I killed Frostflower."

Fluffypelt's eyes widened, but he didn't feel surprised, and mewed, "I know." even though he soon regretted it.

Whitestar hissed gleefully, "Oh? How did you find out?" Fluffypelt saw his claws unsheathe.

"Wildpelt told me." Fluffypelt looked at him evenly.

Whitestar seemed confused, "He's dead." he mewed.

"I never said he wasn't, he told me in a dream, but he didn't say it to me out right, I saw what happened." he glared at Whitestar.

"Wildpelt was onto me from the start then, that tom was too cautious for his own good, he was a rogue once, and that made him a threat to me, because he knew who was friendly, and who was just keeping their true personality a secret." Whitestar hissed.

"You did kill Iceclaw though," Fluffypelt mewed, and when Whitestar gave him a confused look, he added, "You killed him on the inside, I would know, because he wasn't the same when he came back."

'You are a smart little one aren't you... Yes, I guess you have a point, but he still knows, but you seem to know a lot more then he does." Whitestar stared at him, his claws fully unsheathed.

"And so?" he mewed. Fluffypelt lost some of his courage when he saw his claws.

"Well.. I can't have you telling everyone." Whitestar was padding toward him.

Fluffypelt backed up a bit, "What are you saying?"

Whitestar mewed, "I was intending to get rid of Iceclaw first, but now I see your a much bigger threat."

Fluffypelt flinched when Whitestar ran into him, pushing him back and he got stunned when his head smacked into a tree.

Ow... Fluffypelt thought as he shook his head, he dodged Whitestars next attack.

Whitestar growled, "I see you learned a thing or two." and he rushed Fluffypelt again, but Fluffypelt dodged again. And landed behind Whitestar.

Whitestar turned. "Why dodge? Why can't you fight like a cat?" he taunted.

Fluffypelt backed up a bit. But got taken by surprise by Whitestar, who slammed him into the ground, and he snarled, "If only Iceclaw was here to see his little brother die too."

Fluffypelt flinched. "He's near isn't he? You sent him and the patrol this way, you meant this to happen, so you can finally kill him." he mewed.

Whitestar mewed, "Why yes, but he will be all alone, and he will relive the moment his mother died at my paws."

"Well good thing I'm here then. So he doesn't have too."

Fluffypelt and Whitestar looked to see a dark brown almost black cat with green eyes and tufted ear tips, the cats claws unsheathed fully.

"No way," Fluffypelt gasped, "No way that's possible."

Whitestar was just as surprised, but he still held Fluffypelt down, "You're not alone are you Wildpelt, you brought some friends with you?"

Wildpelts whiskers twitched. "It just so happens a ran into some friends, who were hunting, and some rogues, who seemed angry at someone."

Shapes appeared from in the bushes, all of them with angry looks in their eyes, one of them was the hunting patrol that was consisting of Iceclaw, Darkclaw, and Ravenclaw, and Silverleaf.

Fluffypelt saw his chance when Whitestar released his grip, and kicked him off.

Whitestar shook himself, "Hmmph, like you and your friends will change anything."

Joey, who was beside a small brown cat mewed, "Perhaps we will."

Fluffypelt jumped to Silverleafs side, and turned to face Whitestar, and taunted right back at him, "But can you take on all of us?"

Whitestar laughed, "Really, I'm not mouse-brained enough to come alone." he flicked his tail, and soon more cats came out, and stood beside Whitestar.

"Those of you who had followed Wildpelt here obviously knew who I really was, or was suspicious of me," Whitestar mewed, "You won't make it out of here in one piece."

Fluffypelt laughed, "Actually, I could say the same for you."

Whitestar snarled, then growled, "Don't show mercy."

The cats nodded, and unsheathed their claws.

Fluffypelt whispered to Silverleaf, "We're going to fight?"

"No, Joey has a better idea, we're going to lead them to sharp rocks, but they only want you and Iceclaw, that's why you two have to act as bait, they don't really want us, there's more rogues waiting at sharp rocks, thanks to Joey, we have strong cats on our side," Silverleaf whispered back, "Just follow along."

Whitestar hissed, "We only want Iceclaw and Fluffypelt."

Fluffypelt then yelled "Then come get us!" he felt Silverleaf nudge him, and took that as the signal to start running, and not looking back to see if Iceclaw was going to follow, he bounded away.

Iceclaw caught up to him, and soon they were at sharp rocks, then turned around to see if the plan worked.

There was no sign of anyone chasing them, and Fluffypelt asked, "Did it work?"

"Yes.. But somethings not right..." Iceclaw mewed, narrowing his eyes, and nodded to the hidden rogues, who were just as confused as they were.

A rogue mewed from where he was hiding, "I agree.. Something's off."

Fluffypelt looked around nervously, then saw a cat run out of the bush, but gasped to see a bloody Silverleaf "They turned it back on us!" she yowled, and the rogues jumped out, their tails bristling.

Wildpelt followed shortly after, with Darkclaw and Ravenclaw on his tail, and soon Whitestar and some of his rogues ran out, chasing them.

Iceclaw bounded onto a sharp rock, tail bristling, and Fluffypelt followed.

Whitestar stopped, then held his tail up. "We don't have to fight."

Silverleaf hissed, "Well we are." She swiped her paw at a nearing rogue, who flinched away.

Whitestar mewed, "Fine, kill them." he mewed to the rogues following him, and soon, they leaped onto the nearest cat, and started biting and clawing.

Silverleaf got attacked by the rogue, and she was pinned down. And the rogue was biting into her neck.

Iceclaw jumped off the rock, and ran toward Silverleaf, pushing the rogue off her.

Whitestar then looked at Fluffypelt. "Do you want your clan-mates to die, Fluffypelt? Just because you were to young to fight your own battles?"

Fluffypelt mewed, "I'm not young."

"But there you are, standing up there as if your just a sitting kit being told to wait while everyone goes to fight." Whitestar mewed, getting closer.

Fluffypelt growled, "I can fight just as well as anyone."

"Then prove it, come down here and face me!" He taunted.

Fluffypelt was about too, but Silverleaf and Iceclaw leaped on him, holding him back and Silverleaf mewed, "Not a good idea, he'll fight you with rogues."

Fluffypelt wanted to scramble away, but finally gave up.

"Iceclaw, I'm surprised your not attacking me," Whitestar mewed, "After all.. I did kill your mother, I'd want to revenge her if I were you."

Fluffypelt saw Iceclaw tense and his eyes narrow.

Silverlead whispered, "Don't let him get to you too, he just wants you to go down there."

Iceclaw growled, then he leaped, landing on Whitestar, who was taken by surprise.

Fluffypelt felt someone bite his tail hard, and he ended up being dragged down of the rock. He kicked the cat in the face, but ended up falling off the rock.

He then was bombarded with claws, he got scratched in the side, and he retaliated by flinching and swatting wherever the cat was, he hit his mark when he heard the cat squeak when he scratched his eye.

Fluffypelt then took this chance, leaping onto the cat, and scatching his face, and letting him run off, with a smug expression on his face.

He then turned around to face Whitestar, who's claws were red.

"I thought you were fighting Iceclaw." he snarled.

"I know," Whitestars whiskers twitched, "All I have to do now is get rid of you."

A voice mewed inside Fluffypelts head as if it was finishing a sentence, And the worst type of loss, is the one when you lose your sibling, and you never even knew.

Fluffypelt flinched. "Iceclaw..." he mewed, "You killed Iceclaw...."

Whitestar laughed, "Yes I did."

Fluffypelt didn't really feel sad though, something was off, Iceclaw couldn't die that easily, he wouldn't believe him until he saw it for himself.

Fluffypelt gasped when Whitestar went for the kill, but Wildpelt leaped on him, then jumped in front of Fluffypelt, his tail bristling.

"Wildpelt.. Is Iceclaw dead?" Fluffypelt asked.

Wildpelt gave a slight nod. "From what I saw... Yes..." he mewed sadly, then grunted in surprise when Fluffypelt pushed him, and what happened next surprised Fluffypelt.

"No! I don't believe you!" Fluffypelt yowled, pushing Wildpelt onto his side, claws going for Whitestars face, unsheathed so they resembled thorns.

Fluffypelt blinded Whitestar, he scratched his eye, and then leaped, pinning Whitestar down.

"You going to kill me Fluffypelt?" Whitestar asked, and stared at him with his still seeing eye.

"I should," Fluffypelt hissed, and continued, "But I won't, you'll likely starve, so I'll leave you to the crows." he got off.

Whitestar growled, "I won't kill you, I'll leave that to my friend right behind you."

Fluffypelt turned around to see claws in his face, but he realised that the cat seemed frozen and staring, and saw Iceclaw taking his claws out of his stomach.

The cat fell, and Whitestar hissed, "I thought I killed you!"

"Ravenclaw taught me that neat little trick, gets cats every time." Iceclaw mewed smugly.

Whitestar backed up. "I'll be back." he yowled to the rogues, and ran off, with his little gang following him.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Your going to have to teach me that, from what I saw, it works very well."

"Maybe later." Iceclaw grunted, but he seemed more cheerful, Maybe just seeing Whitestar in that state makes him feel better about Frostflowers death, but Whitestar made it clear that it isn't over. he thought

Wildpelt mewed, "Well, we finally managed to chase him out, Rosedawn will make a good leader."

Iceclaw nodded, "And your going to have to teach me how you survived that fall." he mewed with an accusing look at Wildpelt.

"Haha, I was lucky." Wildpelt mewed.

Silverleaf sighed, "We better get going, some of us are seriously injured."

Soon, the small band of cats went to go back to their camps, but Fluffypelt thought, He'll be back.. And with more friends, but we have Joey on our side, but will we be so lucky next time? Or next time will one of us die? I hope not, but that's to worry about later.

Wildpelt nodded to Joey, and soon, they were on their way back home.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

A couple moons later, everything seemed normal in Fluffypelts eyes, but it still was nervous around, after all, another cat disappeared.

"Fluffypelt, are you okay?" Willowleaf asked, she seemed worried, "You've been pacing ever since the disappearence of Skypaw."

Fluffypelt mewed, "Just thinking"

Willowleaf seemed skeptical, "Sure." she mewed.

Fluffypelt rolled his eyes, "We all know you like me."

He then regretted changing the subject, because soon he had his paws on his head, and a head-ache. With Willowleaf staring at him, her tail swishing.

"Seriously Fluffypelt, It can't be Joey who took him, he's on our side, he promised that he wouldn't attack us, because Whitestar was the bigger threat." Willowleaf grunted.

"I know." Fluffypelt stood back up, staring at her.

Willowleaf narrowed her eyes at him and mewed, "By the way, do that again, and I'll make sure you get an even bigger head-ache." but she seemed nervous and quiet.

Fluffypelts whiskers twitched, You do like me. he thought, his tail twitching.

Willowleaf coughed, then mewed, "I'm going to go on that hunting patrol now!"

"What hunting patrol?" Fluffypelt wondered.

"Oh, there's Wildpelt! Bye Fluffypelt!" she hurried off, her ears back.

He then repeated to himself, "What hunting patrol?"

Silverleaf padded up to him, "You seem like you got hit on the head."

"I did." Fluffypelt mewed flatly.

Silverleaf asked, "Why are you in such a grumpy mood? Have you been hanging out with Ravenclaw?"

"Wh-What!?" Fluffypelt stared at her, "Of course not!" he grunted.

"Yeah.. Sure," Silverleaf rolled her eyes, then mewed, "Willowleaf seems fond of you."

"How did this come up?" He asked testily, his fur growing hot.

"Well, when I was young, everyone always seemed to fall in love in the spring, I found it weird." Silverleaf mewed, looking up at the sky.

"Maybe you're just weird." Fluffypelt laughed.

"Very funny Fluffypelt, now do you like her?" Silverleaf pushed.

"Why are you asking?" His fur growing hotter.

"Because I can, so do you?" Silverleaf pryed, her eyes excited.

"And I won't tell you" Fluffypelt hesitated and added, "Because I can."

Silverleafs tail drooped, "Wow, you seriously are in a grumpy mood." she mewed sadly.

"I'm just thinking." Fluffypelt mewed, his tail flicking in annnoyance.

"About what?" She asked, that mischievious gleam in her eyes.

"Thinking if you have a thing for my brother." he growled, and felt oddly satisfied when she got a surprised look on her face, and he could tell she felt awkward as she mewed a quick, "Bye, Fluffypelt!" and walked away quickly. Fluffypelts whiskers twitched.

"You like teasing she-cats don't you?" Wildpelt asked from behind him, he seemed a bit annoyed, "I just had Willowleaf come up to me claiming about a hunting patrol, when Rosestar never ordered one."

"I felt awkward." Fluffypelt muttered.

"She-cats will do that, but whatever." Wildpelt shrugged, and started to walk away.

"Oh, are you scolding me because you like someone too?!" Fluffypelt called after him.

Wildpelt froze, and next thing Fluffypelt knew, he was on the ground stunned, with Wildpelt walking away angrily. Fluffypelt thought, What did I say?! he grumbled on how cats were no fun.

He shook out his fur, then glared at Ravenclaw as he padded up to him. "Oh.. You going to give me a whack too?" he asked.

Ravenclaw seemed confused. "Um, well, if you talk to me that way I will, but no, I'm not going too," he grunted in the usual way, "Actually, there's something else I wanted to talk to you about."

"What?" Fluffypelt asked, "I want to get away from the whole love/like subject."

"Well, sadly, you aren't going too," Ravenclaw mewed flatly, "But mine is a bit more.. Non-happy and gleeful."

"Oh, your extinct love life or the thing you need to talk to me about?" Fluffypelt sniffed, and instantly regretted it.

Soon, he was stumbling to stand back up, but failed as Ravenclaw hissed, "Will you listen now? Or do I need to shove some dirt in your mouth?"

"I'm listening." Fluffypelt muttered.

"Good, it is crucial, because I think spring sets cats to fall in love with each-other, unless they had feelings for each-other to begin with." Ravenclaw mewed.

"Ugh, please skip the lovey-dovey stuff, it doesn't float my leaf!" Fluffypelt gagged.

"Well, please don't make anyone angry, because your going to get beat up by two cats one day." Ravenclaw mewed.

"You done?" Fluffypelt asked.

"Yes." Ravenclaw mewed.

Fluffypelt then mewed, "It still doesn't float my leaf."

"It will, I just know it," Ravenclaw muttered, "Someday, you'll know how it feels."

Fluffypelt rolled his eyes, then yawned as Silverleaf padded back up to him, her tail straight, and her eyes narrowed.

Fluffypelt flinched, "I know what your going to do."

"I should, but then again, you're right." she mewed in a hiss.

"Wait.. What?" Fluffypelt looked at her confused.

"You're right." she grunted flatly, and walked away.

Fluffypelt tipped his head, then shrugged. He then stood up, walking away from the awkwardness and nervousness in the camp, because it was starting to get to him.

He went deep into the forest, and let out a deep breath now that he was finally away from all the lovey dovey stuff.

He continued walking, but then stopped by the river, it seemed quiet, but he always knew it was dangerous when it rained, but the sky was clear.

He put his paw in the water, and realised it wasn't really cold, but still jumped away out of shock.

He seemed a bit curious and wondered out loud, "I wonder if I can swim, but then again, I never have."

He perked up when the wind changed course, he smelled a strange scent.

He bristled, his claws out. "Who's there?" he snarled.

"Oh.. Sorry, I didn't know I startled you!" a beautiful white she-cat came out of the bush, her blue eyes soft and concerned, and she looked around Fluffypelts age.

Fluffypelt was taken aback by the appearence of her, he stammered, "Oh.. Um you didn't startle me!" when he saw her backing up, he mewed, "No! Really I'm sorry, we just had problems with rogues, you can't be to sure." he laughed nervously.

The she-cat mewed quietly, "Oh, rogues?' she seemed openly curious, "Aren't you one?"

Fluffypelt laughed, "Well, we have a group, but, no we're not ruthless."

The she-cats whiskers twitched. "You never told me your name." she mewed.

"Oh, I'm Fluffypelt! What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm... Aurora." She mewed nervously, her tail flicking, and she started to back away again.

"Aurora, sounds weird." Fluffypelt mewed, but after seeing the sad look on her face, "But pretty, isn't it another name for the rainbow lights?"

"Yes, my mother told me it was the northern lights." She mewed quietly.

"Wow, I wish my name was cooler," Fluffypelt joked, then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I live near here, I'm on my own now, but I never knew there was a group of cats living near here, but then again, there was always a small bunch of vicious cat around where I live, they seem angry." she mewed.

Fluffypelt sighed, "Have they given you trouble?" he asked.

"No," she mewed, and they went silent, and after a few moments of silence, she mewed "The forest is so beautiful in the spring."

Fluffypelt was staring at the water, but looked up, "Yeah, it is."

"What are you doing out here, Fluffypelt?" Aurora asked.

"Just taking a walk, it was getting weird in camp," Fluffypelt replied, and looked taken aback when she laughed. And he mewed, "It was."

"Is it fun being with other cats?" She asked.

"Not when they cuff you in the head it ain't, but I guess it's fun, I haven't had much fun, the last time I had fun is when I was a kit," Fluffypelt laughed, "I'd always take my brothers prey and make him try and get it, it was quite amusing."

Auroras whiskers twitched, "What's your brother like?"

"Oh, he's grumpy, but he's a caring cat, he'd never hurt anybody, unless they hurt someone he cared about." he mewed.

"My siblings would never play with me," she sighed, "I never had a proper kittenhood."

Fluffypelts eyes widened, "So you never had fun?" he asked.

"No, not really," She mewed, "We just hunted and learned ways to survive, and my mother believed in strict teaching."

"Well, we learn to hunt and fight, and mentors are strict, but we were allowed to have fun." he mewed, then perked up. "Hey! Maybe you should come to the group! They would like you."

She shook her head. "I can't.. I don't do well with crowds, but... Actually, I'd like that Fluffypelt, I really would, but I can't that group keeps talking about weird things, and it scares me."

Fluffypelt mewed, "Oh please." he looked at her with big eyes.

"Can I think about it? Meet me here tommorow, and I'll give you my answer then," Aurora mewed, and her whiskers twitched, "You better not forget."

"Don't worry, I won't." he laughed, and her whiskers twitched.

"Okay Fluffypelt, I trust you." she mewed, and she then walked away, looking back only once, then disappearing into the bushes.

Fluffypelt was still standing there, he shook himself, then padded away, feeling a bit light headed.

When he got to camp, he was in a much friendlier mood, even Silverleaf seemed surprised she laughed, "Happy much? You seem like you just ran into something amazing."

"You can say that." he mewed. Then almost bounded into Iceclaw, who also seemed confused at Fluffypelts happiness.

"You alright?" Iceclaw asked.

"Perfectly fine." he mewed.

"Okay..." Iceclaw looked at him, "Just don't overwhelm someone with your... Bouncing." he mewed.

Fluffypelt argued, "I'm not bouncing!"

"You pretty much flew into camp." Silverleaf had padded up to them, "What's gotten into you?"

"Oh, just took a walk, I feel great!" Fluffypelt mewed.

Silverleaf and Iceclaw looked at each-other, they just shrugged, and continued to stare at Fluffypelt, who was staring back.

Fluffypelt then padded beside Silverleaf, he looked at her and his whiskers twitched, and she looked at him nervously.

He nudged her into Iceclaw, then padded away, trying to be calm, as if he didn't mean to.

He then saw Ravenclaw, who looked at him, then his whiskers twitched, "You look a bit moony."

"I do?" he asked.

Ravenclaw poked him, "You're practically floating, is something up?" he asked.

"Nope, just took a walk." He answered.

"Huh, must have been an awesome walk." Ravenclaw laughed.

Fluffypelt nodded. "I feel so much better!" he mewed.

"And cheerful." Ravenclaws whiskers twitched.

"Yep, don't worry, I won't try to make people angry, actually I could take a couple cuffs to the head, and still feel cheerful." Fluffypelt looked at Ravencalw, and the old tom was looking at him with amusement.

"What's so amusing?" Wildpelt asked as he padded up to them.

Fluffypelt looked at Wildpelt, and was about to reply, but then stopped, and stared at him.

"What?" Wildpelt asked.

Fluffypelt backed up so he could see both of them, and he seemed shocked, because they looked almost the same.

"Hey, are you two related?" he asked.

Ravenclaw seemed a bit nervous and Wildpelt tipped his head.

"I mean, you look alike, except for the eyes, Wildpelt has green." Fluffypelt pointed out.

Ravenclaw and Wildpelt looked at each-other, then Ravenclaw sighed, "That's because we are." and he looked away from Wildpelt.

Wildpelt didn't seem surprised, "No wonder you were so familiar when I first joined." he mewed.

Fluffypelt nodded. "Yeah, even though I do remember you asking me who he was." he laughed.

"Just wanted to make sure." Wildpelt argued.

Fluffypelt shook his head, then padded away, trying not to laugh.

Fluffypelt stopped when Willowleaf mewed behind him, "Are you in a better mood?"

He looked at her. "Sure, just took a walk." he mewed, and shrugged, but walked away from her, and she seemed a bit annoyed.

Fluffypelt stopped, and looked around, it had started raining, and he hoped that tomorrow wouldn't be raining, or nobody would want him to go hunt.

He hurried to the warriors den, where it was almost empty except for some senior warriors, who were getting a bit old.

He sat down, staring outside. Where the rain was lightly falling, Fluffypelt was confused. It was clear at sun-high.... he shrugged, dismissing it, and curled up.

After a long sleep, Fluffypelt had padded out for the river again, hoping that Aurora would be there, and to his joy. She was.

"Hello, Fluffypelt," she mewed, looking around, "I made sure I wasn't followed, those group of cats have been watching me lately."

Fluffypelt asked, "So? Will you come join us?"

She looked at him, "I have thought about it for a while.. And, I decided I will." she mewed.

Fluffypelt froze when he smelled crow-food, he growled, "Get over here Aurora, I think they did follow you."

Aurora listened to him without hesitation, she crossed the river, and went in behind Fluffypelt, and she whispered, "I smell crow-food and cat, just like they smell."

A cat laughed, "Well, well, look who it is." a pure white cat padded out, his eyes cruel and flat.

Fluffypelt growled, "Well, hello Whitestar."

Whitestar laughed, "My name is Frost now, you came here alone? No Iceclaw or Wildpelt?"

Fluffypelt mewed, "Nope, just me and my friend here."

Frost snarled, "Well, if you're alone..."

Aurora asked bravely, "What do you want?"

Frost looked at her. "And here we have lovely Aurora, thinking of joining them are you?" he mewed mockingly, his tail swishing back and forth.

"What's it to you?" she hissed, bristling.

Frost narrowed his eyes. "Well, I have no business here, I just decided to follow you, and to my surprise it led to the river." he mewed.

Fluffypelt just growled, "Come on, Aurora." and he started to walk away, but froze when he heard Aurora shout "Fluffypelt! Watch out!" He turned quickly to see a cat jump out of the tree with reinforced claws.

Aurora met the cat in mid-air, which took him by surprise, and they both went tumbling to the ground, and she had pinned him, growling, "Think it's fair to sneak on a cat when he's not looking, do you?" The cat whimpered, Auroras claws were on his neck. She hissed at him before letting him go, and he retreated, with Frost watching angrily, and he also walked away.

Fluffypelt asked, "Are you alright?"

Aurora mewed, "I'm fine, we better hurry."

They hurried to the camp, alarmed and hoping they weren't followed.

They went into the camp, there was very little activity, since almost everyone was asleep, so Fluffypelt led her to Rosestars den.

"Rosestar?" he looked into the den, but froze when he saw blood, and no Rosestar. "Oh..." Fluffypelt murmured, staring at the den, with Aurora behind him.

He yowled, "Wildpelt!" That was the first name that came to mind.

Wildpelt, Iceclaw, and Ravenclaw rushed over, looking at Aurora confused, but they looked in the den, and their confused faces turned to shock.

"What?" Iceclaw seemed confused.

Wildpelt hissed, "You two, out!"

Fluffypelt and Aurora bowed, and hurried out, watching scared as they checked the large den, Ravenclaw muttered, "How? How can this happen?"

Iceclaw asked, "Is there another way into this den?"

Ravenclaw mewed, "Yes, but no one knows where it is except for-" he froze, eyes widening as if he just realised something.

"Oh.. Oh no..." Iceclaw murmured.

"Whitestar!" Wildpelt looked up. Ravenclaw looked at him, but seemed confused because Wildpelt was staring at the thickened wall at the back of the den.

Ravenclaw mewed, "I think they're here..."

Ravenclaw and Iceclaw ran to Fluffypelt and Aurora, tackling them to the ground, as rogues with reinforced claws bursted through the camp, and rushing at cats, who were taken by surprise.

Fluffypelt looked around confused, and Iceclaw jumped off him and into the fray, while Ravenclaw protected Aurora.

Fluffypelt didn't know what was happening, he turned around to be clawed in the flank, he dodged the next attack, which was aiming for his neck.

"Come on little kit!" the rogue hissed, and he then slammed into Fluffypelt. Fluffypelt regained his balance, and kicked him away, jumping away from another rogue who tried to tag team with the other rogue.

They both ran off after that, Cowards... Fluffypelt thought. But froze when he felt something pierce his neck. Um.. Ow? he thought light headed, all feeling through him disappearing quickly, and his gaze turned black What? Huh, sneak attack me huh? That's totally fair.... I must be dead. he opened one eye, to see himself in a misty clearing, Yep... certainly dead!

He looked around, it was dark and weary.. But had a sense of security, but it was still creepy, it likely had creepy spirits too.

A figure began to form in front of Fluffypelt, and he mewed, "Great, I was right.. A creepy spirit...."

"I am not creepy!" The figures voice said, and it sounded oddly familiar.

"Talonwing?" Fluffypelts eyes widened as she fully formed with a disappointed look on her face.

"Of course it's me, who else could it be?" she asked flatly.

"A creepy spirit?" Fluffypelt grunted testily, "Are you here to tell me I'm dead?"

"Nope, I'm here to tell you that you aren't dead, and that you don't expect things when they are obviously going to happen," Talonwing snorted, "Even though, you are experiencing death, but you're not dead.. No."

"That's nice, but I can't wake up? What's the deal with that?" he asked in a growl.

"Well, you can't just wake up after getting a death blow, you have to heal," she mewed flatly, "You don't have nine lives though, it's quite surprising you survived."

"Huh." He grunted.

"Wow.. You're moody." she sat down and licked her paw.

"So I wait?" he asked.

"Yep, and I'm going to sit here until you figure out why they attacked." Talonwing sniffed, and continued licking her paw.

"Oh, and that's going to be simple." Fluffypelt muttered, flicking his tail.

Talonwing looked at him, her eyes narrowed, "Surprisingly, it is."

Fluffypelt flicked his ear, and asked, "Did they attack because of me?"

Talonwing shook her said slowly, "Close, but no, they attacked because of Aurora."

Fluffypelt narrowed his eyes, "And why would they want to hurt her? She's a nice cat!" he mewed, staring at Talonwing.

Talonwing whispered, "She knows too much, even more then Iceclaw."

Fluffypelt stared. "And.. He followed her, but not because he was suspicious on where she was going... But was going to.. Get rid of her." he mewed slowly.

Talonwing mewed, "You have to wake up, Fluffypelt, Ravenclaw can't protect her from Frost."

Fluffypelt looked around. "Well, um.. How do I get out of here?"

Talonwing perked up. "That's easy!" Next thing Fluffypelt knew, Talonwing had leaped at him with her paws sheathed, and he felt a sharp pain on his head.

Oh, that's how, whack me in the head... Fluffypelt thought, almost wanting to laugh. He tried to open his eyes, but he still felt like he got stabbed by claws, he still heard screeches and yowls, and others trying to figure out what to do.

He opened one eye quickly when he heard a scream, and saw Ravenclaw battling with a tom, while Aurora was being dragged by the neck.

He stood up quickly, and almost had to lie back down, he flinched, Ow.

He ran towards Aurora, claws unsheathed, and he leaped on the cat that was attacking her, Aurora jumped away from the two toms, staring at Fluffypelt with wide eyes.

The tom fled, and Fluffypelt looked at Aurora, "Are you alright?" he asked.

Aurora stared at him, "You're asking me if I'm alright? I saw that tom kill you!" she asked in surprise.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Yeah, it's not that hard to fake being dead."

Aurora was still shocked, and Fluffypelt shrugged, "Is everyone alright?" he asked. Aurora shook her head, "No, everyone was taken off guard, I think some of us are seriously wounded." she mewed quickly.

Fluffypelt mewed, "We need to chase them off, or else we're going to lose someone."

Aurora nodded, and leaped on the nearest rogue, biting him in the neck and hissing, "Run away little rogue!" She jumped off and the rogue ran off screeching. Fluffypelt doged a blow, and slashed the cat in the face, and the rogue ran off screeching also.

Ravenclaw finally managed to fight off the rogue, who yowled, and followed the other two rogues. Ravenclaw panted, "We can't keep this up, if only Joey was here!" he jumped on another rogue, making him run off.

Frost jumped up yowling, "Come rogues, they have learned their lesson," he looked at the weakened and shocked warriors. "And may this be a reminder of what we can do!" He then hesitated and continued, "And.. Don't expect to see Rosestar again." he nodded, and jumped away, with the rogues following him.

The cats looked at each-other, horrified. And one of the senior warriors mewed, "We're without a leader, he's ruined us..."

Fluffypelt looked at the weakened group, they're eyes sad and dull.

Fluffypelt looked at them. "Are you all going to give up that easily? Only because Rosestar is missing?"

Darkclaw asked, "But, without Rosestar, who's going to lead us?"

Fluffypelt looked around. "I don't know, all I know is, we can't give up this easily, Rosestar wouldn't want us to just give up." he mewed.

Darkclaw and Ravenclaw looked at each-other, and Fluffypelt continued, "We need someone who will lead us, until we find Rosestar." They all looked at each-other nervously, and murmured to each-other.

Fluffypelt sighed, "Seriously?"

Iceclaw mewed, "Well, Rosestar never named who would take her place."

"Well, then who did she trust most? Out of all of us?" Fluffypelt asked, looking around hopefully.

Iceclaw sat down, "We don't know, she always kept to herself." he mewed.

Wildpelt finally spoke up, "I-I have talked to her a few times, she seemed to be fond of me," Fluffypelt looked at him, surprised. "Huh, never knew that." he mewed with wide eyes.

Wildpelt shrugged. "I'm no leader." he muttered.

Fluffypelt mewed, "You're as close as we are going to get to one, Wildpelt."

Wildpelt seemed a bit nervous, just like the first time he joined their group, he looked around, likely hoping someone else had some experience of being a leader.

Fluffypelt just shrugged, and looked at Silverleaf, who wasn't looking to good, her eyes were wandering off, and she seemed distracted, Fluffypelt asked, "Are you alright?" he went up to her concerned.

Silverleaf nodded. "I'm fine, just getting a stomach ache. That's all." she mewed quietly. Fluffypelt tipped his head, not sure that she was being entirely truthful.

As Silverleaf padded away, he turned to Iceclaw, who was looking at his paws, and he seemed distracted. Fluffypelt narrowed his eyes, and went up to him, "Do you know why she's acting like that?" he asked curiously.

Iceclaw just shrugged, "I don't know.. She's a she-cat." he mewed flatly, and padded away also.

He looked over at Wildpelt to see him start to laugh.

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

Fluffypelt just stared at him, he obviously knew something he didn't. Which made him a bit annoyed more then curious.

He looked at Ravenclaw, who was rolling his eyes. Oh! He knows too? What is so funny? he thought, glaring at Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw didn't answer, he only flicked his tail and stretched, ignoring Fluffypelt.

"That's nice.. Just.. Leave me in the dark on what is going on?" Fluffypelt grumbled, staring at Wildpelt and Ravenclaw.

Aurora looked at him a bit shocked, "You.. You don't know what's going on?" she asked, eyes wide.

Fluffypelt looked at her, "No, do you?"

"Well... Yeah, I do, but I don't think I'm the one to tell you what's going on." She mewed flatly, also staring at Wildpelt.

Wildpelt had relaxed, "Iceclaw did tell you the answer, Fluffypelt." he mewed, a laugh in his voice.

Fluffypelt growled, "No he didn't "She's a she-cat" is not an answer!" he jumped when Wildpelt started to laugh even harder.

"That's because you're way too young to understand, Fluffypelt. It's surprising that your friend knows, and she's your age!" Wildpelt mewed.

Fluffypelt looked desperate. "I'm not young, I'm a warrior! So can you please tell me what's going on?" he asked.

Ravenclaw snorted, "Oh yes, your as old as me Fluffypelt, you're practically an elder." he growled flatly.

Fluffypelt ignored him, staring at Wildpelt, "Seriously! Tell me!" he mewed loudly.

Aurora answered for Wildpelt, who was too busy laughing to answer, "Well.. I still think that I'm not the one to tell you this... But, don't you think Silverleaf is, well, getting... you know..."

"Fat?" Fluffypelt asked.

Aurora shook her head. "Well, I wouldn't put it that way, but.. Yes.. Fat." she mewed.

Fluffypelt shrugged. "Maybe she's eating too much, she should lay off the mag-pies." he mewed.

Ravenclaw was now shaking with laughter, his pitch black fur bristiling, and his ears twitching as Wildpelt was still finding Fluffypelt amusing, "Way to put your words, Fluffypelt, but I assure you, she's not eating mag-pies." Ravenclaw mewed with a sneer, his dark blue eyes shining.

Fluffypelt looked confused, "What? If she's not eating lots of mag-pies, why is she getting fatter?" he asked.

Wildpelt mewed "Plump is a more civilized term to say."

Finally done laughing at Fluffypelt, "Easy answer for you, something other than food."

Fluffypelt rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah, that's easy, what else could be wrong with her? You all act like she's expecting kittens or something." he mewed flatly.

He was taken aback when they all went silent, their eyes wide and staring, and Wildpelt looked like he was about to start laughing again, "W-Wait a second, are you guys pulling my tail?"

His eyes widened also, staring at Wildpelt, "Does it look like we are?" Wildpelt sniffed, a serious gaze in his eyes.

"That's funny, you were laughing like this was a joke earlier." Fluffypelt mewed and looked at him in disbelief.

Wildpelt mewed flatly, "I was laughing at you, because you were acting like a mouse-brain."

Aurora mewed quietly, "Surprise?"

Fluffypelt looked at them, "So.. You're serious right?"

"As serious as that the forest has gone quiet." Ravenclaw mewed with a worried tone. Fluffypelt looked at him confused, but realised he was right, the forest had gone quiet, eerily so. He looked around, their were no birds chirping, no twigs breaking under prey.

Ravenclaw had his ears back, and Auroras eyes were wide with fear. Fluffypelt whispered, "This isn't normal right?"

"No, not normal at all." Aurora whispered back.

Fluffypelt felt a growing fear well up inside him, like something terrible was going to happen, something that they wouldn't expect.

"Where's Willowleaf? She was being awfully quiet while we were talking, and now she's disappeared," Ravenclaw mewed with narrowed eyes, "She's not usually quiet unless she has something hide."

Fluffypelt looked around, and WIllowleaf was no-where in sight, there were small group of cats staring at the silent forest.

Willlowleaf wasn't in the leaf and tree covered warriors den, nor was she in the thistle covered nursery. She wasn't in the shaded elders den either, where some elders were loooking at each-other confused from their hollowed out tree.

Fluffypelt looked in the medicine den, the moss covered floor was clean, and the leafy nests were totally empty, the small flow of water beside the medicine rock was slowly and quietly trickling into the pool, Fallow, the medicine cat, was in her small den, sleeping soundly.

"No Willowleaf here?" Fluffypelt mewed quietly, backing out of the den.

He realised he was followed by Wildpelt, Ravenclaw, and Aurora, who looked just as curious as he was. He shook his head, heading towards the leaders den, knowing that there was a secret entrance that only few knew of.

He stepped in, the sandy floor looked like it was recently disturbed, and a bunch of paw tracks pacing the den, then finally leaving the den out the secret, bramble covered way.

Ravenclaw mewed, "Those brambles would cut through a cats fur if they tried gettting through without knowing what to do." he indicated the small red spots around the bramble entrance.

Blood. Fluffypelt shivered, imagining what possibly could have happened to Rosestar, and why Willowleaf would come in here, then use the secret way out.

"Well, she was definitely in here, maybe we should follow her scent?" Ravenclaw asked.

Wildpelt nodded, and looked at Aurora, "Can you stay here? And yowl as loud as you possibly can if something happens? We're around mountains so it should echo." Aurora nodded, padding out of the den quietly.

Ravenclaw looked at Wildpelt, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that Willowleaf has something very important to hide." he mewed, slowly crawling into the bramble space, and disappearing.

Ravenclaw looked at Fluffypelt, "Just keep your head down, and crawl, you should be fine." he mewed

Fluffypelt padded towards the space, and crawled through it, trying not to jump, because of how small and cramped it was. When he got to the end, he didn't recognize the part of the forest. "Where are we?" he asked Wildpelt, as he scouted some bushes.

Wildpelt shrugged, "I don't know, no wonder the treck through that little tunnel took so long." he muttered, eyeing a piece of bush. Fluffypelt suddenly got a strong scent of blood waft toward him, he shivered, and felt like he was going to be sick.

He gagged, "Eugh, do you smell that Wildpelt?" He jumped when Ravenclaw had padded out with Iceclaw behind him, looking concerned.

"Oh, nice of you to join the patrol." Fluffypelt narrowed his eyes, but still smelled the blood. Looking around with wide eyes.

Ravenclaw wrinkled his nose, trying to find where it was coming from.

Ravenclaw froze, staring at the ground behind a bush. His pitch black fur started to bristle, and his tail started flicking nervously. Iceclaw, Wildpelt, and Fluffypelt stared at him, puzzled. They padded over, and froze too.

Wildpelt looking shocked, and Iceclaw looked like he was going to be sick. Rosestar was on the ground, dead, and looked like she was mauled by cats.

Fluffypelt looked at Iceclaw, who seemed to recognize this, but how could he? He was shaking, his eyes wide and nervous, glinting with a hidden anger.

Fluffypelt looked around, with narrowed eyes, "This is weird, it's too quiet, and.. Obvious." he mewed quietly.

Iceclaw had backed away from Rosestar, looking everywhere other than there, "Yeah, yeah.. Obvious..." He muttered, staring into the trees and undergrowth.

Fluffypelt jumped when their was a loud screech, it echoed off the mountains, filled with pain, anger, and fear. The cats had went silent while the cat yowled and yowled, chilling the group to the bone. Fluffypelt started running, he didn't know why, but something told him that Aurora was in trouble.

He burst through the entrence, to find Frost holding Aurora down, and a couple cats seriously injured staring at him. Frost looked up, his whiskers twitched, and his gaze turned to ice, "Well, you came alone? Why didn't the other three follow you?" he asked.

Fluffypelt was too taken aback to answer, Frost snarled, "You're not even safe in your own group, someone tipped me off about where you were, surprising you don't know who it is." he mewed.

Fluffypelt looked confused, and mewed, "Wait.. What?" Frost had his claws almost in Auroras neck, "Tell me Fluffypelt, can you really trust your clan-mates? One of them is going to have poor young Aurora killed." he sneered, showing stained teeth. Fluffypelt was about to pounce, but he held back.

This is likely just a ploy to get me close. he thought, and looked at his clan-mates, who's eyes were wide with fear. Aurora was struggling, but she was losing blood, and she looked like she could keep fighting, just as long as he was distracted.

Fluffypelt finally cracked, he leaped with claws outstretched, and landed right on his back. Problem was, Frost was bigger, faster, and better trained, he easily threw Fluffypelt off, and that gave Aurora a window to escape his cold grasp.

Aurora leaped to Fluffypelts side, and Frost snarled, "Well? If you want to fight, come get me!"

Aurora whispered, "He's trying to provoke you." she mewed.

Fluffypelt ignored her, chasing after him as he ran out of the den, Fluffypelt didn't care where he was going, just as long as he sunk his claws into his white fur, and finally getting rid of him. He didn't exactly know where he went, but it was a long stretch of openess.. Actually, Fluffypelt thought that it was somehow familiar.

He looked down, and he realised he was on the thunderpath, the black ashy feeling surface hot under his paws, and he thought. Oh no. No! I've been in this situation before, Iceclaw almost got himself killed! Time to back up, and leave.

Fluffypelt felt the ground start to shake, he looked up quickly, but not seeing any monsters in sight. He wasn't looking the right way though, because he heard someone call, "Fluffypelt! Behind you!" in a yowl filled with fear.

He didn't dare look, knowing what was coming, he braced himself.

He felt a heavy weight push him to the side, very harshly, and the sharp hit never came, and it went all silent once again. Fluffypelts eyes were still closed, his paws rooted firmly to the spot, I don't want to see what happened, I never, ever, want to see what happened.

Fluffypelt thought, hearing nothing, but it seemed like a shocked silence.

Aurora whispered in his ear, "Fluffypelt.. Open your eyes."

Fluffypelt whimpered, "Why should I?"

Aurora mewed, "You need to trust me, and you need to learn."

"I...I don't..." Fluffypelt mewed, knowing what happened, he was pushed by a cat, who wasn't so lucky this time, this time, the cat was never, ever, going to speak again

Iceclaw... Why.. he thought, he opened his eyes to see Wildpelt and Ravenclaw staring down at Iceclaw, who was completely still.

Aurora whispered, "I'm so sorry, Fluffypelt."

Fluffypelt shook his head. "You better say that to Silverleaf, not me." he mewed.

"And.... Ow... Why are we talking about me, when I'm not... Dead?" they all jumped at the voice.

Iceclaw stood up, shaking his fur. "I did it once, and lived, I think I could do it a second time." he mewed flatly, trying to move his paw.

Fluffypelt was still staring, so was Wildpelt, who seemed more confused then anything else.

They heard another roar of a monster, and they got off the thunderpath just as it veered toward them.

Wildpelt panted. "That was too close!" his fur was bristling, and his claws were clutching the ground, as if he was afraid a wind suddenly coming to blow them away.

Ravenclaw looked at Iceclaw. "Can you walk?" he asked.

Iceclaw nodded silently.

Fluffypelt flicked his ear, staring at the under-growth across the thunderpath, he could almost hear Frosts voice, taunting him. Fluffypelt couldn't hold back his anger anymore, he jumped onto the thunderpath, flying into the under-growth on the other side, and ignored the calls of his name from his friends.

"Finally going to fight back like a real cat, Fluffypelt?" Frosts cold, cruel voice ringing through the trees, "About time!"

"I've been fighting since I was little!" Fluffypelt snapped.

"Oh yes, like a bird trying to fly without it's mother." Frost hissed. And he leaped in front of Fluffypelt, causing him to skid to a halt.

Fluffypelt shook his fur, eyes raised in shock, staring at Frosts wild eyes as he growled, "Scared, Fluffypelt?"

"N-No..." Fluffypelt lied, he wasn't scared, he was horrified.

He thought Frost looked like he has lost his mind, if it wasn't already lost.

"Really? You look scared." Frost mewed, eyes narrowed dangerously, "You don't have your friends this time to protect you, remember, you came here without them." he added in a mocking tone.

Fluffypelt stayed silent, not sure what to do as Frost started circling him, with claws unsheathed, and teeth bared.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you, because we all know this isn't a fight you aren't going to win." Frost hissed, obviously taunting Fluffypelt.

Fluffypelt flicked his tail, a bit nervous. How can I get away from this.. Without seeming like a terrified kit? he thought, looking around quickly.

Frost stopped, flicking his ears in confusion.

Fluffypelt looked behind Frost, a misty looking tom was staring at them, but the tom looked similiar.. Almost identical, to Fluffypelt.

Them tom flicked his tail, and ran into the bushes, but Frost didn't seem to see him, "What are you staring at?" he whipped his head, around but saw nothing.

Fluffypelt saw his chance to slip away, and managed to follow the tom without Frost knowing.

The tom was quite fast, Fluffypelt panted. "Hey.. Wait!" he ran faster, and stopped when he was at a cliff.

The tom sat down, his eyes set and staring, he made no noise, and the mist around him gave Fluffypelt the chills.

"This place is beautiful isn't it?" the tom asked, flicking his tail, "Just as nice as I remembered it." he mewed.

Fluffypelt mewed, "Um.. Yeah.."

"You are Fluffykit, I remember you." the tom mewed, "I'm Grasspaw, silly name really, my new name is Spook."

"That's a weird name." Fluffypelt mewed, then added, "And I'm not Fluffykit anymore, I'm Fluffypelt!"

Spook nodded. "I thought so, you're a little older than I remembered you...." he mewed, narrowing his eyes.

Fluffypelt was about to say something, but jumped when Wildpelt asked, "Fluffypelt? Who are you talking to?"

Fluffypelt mewed, "Oh, Spook!" he indicated to Spook when Wildpelt padded out of the bushes, with a confused look on his face.

"But.. You're alone, Fluffypelt." Wildpelt mewed, looking around.

Fluffypelt looked at Spook, who was looking at Wildpelt with a calm look, and he mewed, "Only you can see me, Fluffypelt." his tail flicked, and his green eyes were understanding.

Fluffypelt looked confused, "Why? Why can I only see you?" he asked in a whisper.

Spook shrugged, turning his green gaze away from Fluffypelt, and mewed, "Some cats just can't see very clearly."

Fluffypelt looked at Wildpelt, who seemed a bit bemused, he flicked his tail, and he mewed, "Come on Fluffypelt, we need to get back to camp."

Fluffypelt looked up, and sighed, looking back at Spook, who was watching the sun set, he stood up, flicked his tail in good-bye, and followed Wildpelt, back to camp.

When Fluffypelt finally followed Wildpelt though the bushes, Spook only whispered, "Be careful, for cats are becoming ever more violent..."


Fluffypelt woke up, blinking in the suns rays, the warriors den was streaming in the golden rays, so he stretched, flicking his tail back and forth.

He stood up fully, and ran in place, trying to wake up his paws, and padded out of the den. He looked at the leaders den, which has been empty since Rosestar was killed, he sighed, looking around the camp, it was quiet, and desolate, ever since Rosestar died.

He looked into the medicine cat den, which was also empty, Fallow must be out collecting herbs... he thought quietly.

He yawned, backing out of the medicine den, and walked over to the elders den, which was empty, although he thought Ravenclaw should be going in there soon.. But knowing Ravenclaw... Probably not.

He finally looked into the apprentices den, which was empty except for Mistpaw, the little blind she-cat, but her hearing was amazing, better then all the warriors combined.. She could hear the pawsteps.. Even outside of camp, and a little farther, but she needs her hearing.

Fluffypelt was glad Mistpaw was becoming a warrior, she would be one of the best, sight or no.

Fluffypelt backed out, as quiet as he could, and went to the nursery, it's only occupents was a lone rogue, who desperetely needed help, Fluffypelt only knew that her name was Foster.. Or something like that, and she was in a lot of pain, and then Silverleaf, who was sleeping softly.

Fluffypelt backed out once again, and decided to go hunt, but hesiated, worried that Frost was still out there, waiting. Which he probably was, so he went back into the warriors den to wake up Wildpelt.

"Hey! Wildpelt!" almost twitching his whiskers, since this has happened before.

Wildpelt stirred, then growled, "What?" opening his eyes, and narrowing them.

"I want to hunt!" Fluffypelt mewed.

Wildpelt seemed confused, and asked, "Well why don't you?"

Fluffypelt flicked his tail, and mewed, "Because Frost is still out there, and if he attacks me with some of his rogues, I'm going to be out numbered."

"Then outsmart them." he muttered, before going back to sleep.

Fluffypelt hesitated, thinking quickly and realised that Wildpelt was right, he may be outnumbered, but he can outsmart them.

He padded out of the warriors den, thinking quickly as he walked out of the camp. Right, if I'm going to outsmart them.. I need to plan ahead, but how am I going to do that when I don't know where they're going to strike. he thought quickly.

He stopped, and shook his head, and sniffed the air. He couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary, apart from the scent of passing rogues.

He jumped when he heard a voice, "Why didn't you just ask me to hunt with you?"

He whipped around, yet relaxed when it was only Aurora, her white coat puffed up against the cold.

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