Have you ever had a Home destroyed suddenly by two-legs?

Have you've ever felt that you were gonna lose a sibling to sickness?

I've known all these things.

I am Yarrow

I am the second youngest in my family, I get bullied alot by my older sister,and my older brother doesn't really care, either that, or he's just quiet.

My youngest sister, River, is always constantly sick, and I'm starting to worry about her, so is everyone else.

When mom died our family gew apart, I was still mercissly teased by Dragon, my brother Shadow went even more silent then usual, and River almost died.

It's strange how these things can tear familys apart so suddenly. Especially with raging two-legs

This is our story, trials that we had to go up against, a cat who wants to kill us.

A cold heart in a raging storm

(Credit to Wetty for the name)

Chapter 1Edit

"Oi! Yarrow! wake up!"

Yarrow murmured something then closed his eyes tighter.

"Hey! Are you ignoring me?"

Yarrow growled "I am not ignoring you Dragon, I just don't have reason to talk." Yarrow curled up again, closing his eyes shut, trying to ignore his sisters ranting.

"Well! I'm the oldest and I said you should get up!" Dragon yowled loudly.

Yarrow murmured "Why don't you go rant to Shadow, he's the only one that listens to you."

Talk about adding insult to injury Yarrow thought satisfied, Dragon had stormed off. He yawned and stood up, then mewed "You can come out River/"

A tiny she-cat with big green eyes asked "She's gone right brother?"


"Yay, Dragon scares me, so does Shadow." River mewed.

Yarrow sighed "That's cause they are older, and far more Superior to us." he mimicked Dragons voice, and failed at it.

River giggled "I like you better Yarrow, your funny."

Yarrow growled playfully "What's that supposed to mean?"

River tipped her head and hissed playfully "You. Are. Funny!" she jumped onto Yarrows back "And what's even more funny is I can beat you up!"

Yarrow laughed "Come on River, your sick, you should be resting."

"Resting? I feel better," River assured Yarrow "And I need excersize, or I'll end up like Dragon."

Yarrows gaze darkened "If Dragon was here she'd slap you across the head you know that right?"

"Yeah, but I can out smart her, because anything she can do, I can do better!" River retorted.

Yarrow rolled his eyes "As soon as you grow a little more River," he got her off him, even though she was clutching onto him "Like mother said, you need to rest before you start your antics again."

River cried "Aw, that's insulting," she stopped whining "Then again, Dragon always talks about fighting off rogue cats that come near our home, but I've never scented any." River widened her eyes "Do you think she's lying?"

Yarrow shrugged "Maybe, but some of the rogues are always telling mother about two-leg activity," he shrugged "But I haven't seen a two-leg near here."

River asked "Do you know what they look like?"

Yarrow nodded then balanced on his hind legs "They stand on two-legs like this, and they have no fur, and are pink," he fell down on his face "Don't try standing, it won't work." he added to River.

She giggled "They look weird."

"Yes, but they always destroy stuff," Yarrow mewed darkly "I need to go see mother, you stay here, okay?"

River was about to protest but nodded "Okay..."

Yarrow walked out of the large den, and saw Shadow staring into the ground. He asked "Hey Shadow! Know where mother is?"

Shadow looked at him and mewed "She's hunting."


"Yeah." Shadow mewed quietly. Then continued staring at the ground. Yarrow then asked "Where's Dragon?"

Shadow answered after hesitating then mewed "She went looking for mother."

"And how long ago was that?" Yarrow asked

"A couple minutes ago, mothers been gone for hours." Shadow replied quietly.

Yarrow saw the worry in Shadows eyes "G-Gone. For hours?" Yarrow felt like a small kit again "Is she okay?" Yarrow asked.

Shadow growled "Get ahold of yourself Yarrow, I don't know, we'll know when she and Dragon come back."

Yarrow shook his head "Sorry, I'm just worried."

Shadow mewed "Mother can take care of herself, so can Dragon."

"I wasn't worried about Dragon." Yarrow growled.

Shadow shrugged "Either way, you shouldn't be worried."

Yarrow sighed "I don't get it."

"Get what?"

"Life." Yarrow mewed quietly. Shadow stared at him

"You... Don't get life." Shadow asked in confusion "What don't you get?"

"Life... in general," Yarrow mewed as he sat beside his brother. "River's been sick for a while, Dragon likes to torture me, and mother has ridiculously long hunts."

"Well..." Shadow trailed off "I'm not really sure how to answer your question Yarrow," he looked up at the sky "Life really is about living life to it's fullest, even though sometimes... You die of sickness, or something." Shadow shrugged

Yarrow nodded silently, watching the forest, waiting for his mother and his sister to come home.

Yarrow flinched when Dragon appeared looking sullen, even Shadow looked unsettled.

"What is it?" Shadow asked quickly as he stood up.

"We need to leave our home soon," Dragon mewed quietly. Dragon looked at Yarrow "Mother told me to tell you this."

Yarrow was surprised "Our... Mother wants us to leave? Is she coming with us?"

Dragon looked at him sadly and was about to say something before Shadow stopped her, they looked at each--other for a few minutes before Shadow looked at Yarrow "She's-She's not coming Yarrow."

"Heh... What do you mean she's not coming?" Yarrow asked.

"Exactly what he said!" Dragon snapped "Now we are gonna leave in two days time, so get River and tell her!"

"Your normal again." Yarrow mewed happily. Padding away.

He stopped outside the den "River?"

"Yeah big brother?" she padded out, looking well rested.

"We're going to leave our den in two days." Yarrow told her.

River tipped her head "Why? Where's mother?".

Yarrow shrugged "She might catch up with us, I don't know." Yarrow looked at his sister sadly, doubtful if she'll make the journey at all.

Dragon came. Followed by Shadow. She mewed "We need a lot of rest if we're gonna make it."

River hid behind Yarrow "Is Mother gonna come?"

Shadow only growled "No."

"Oh." River mewed upset.

Yarrow looked at them "Okay! Can you please tell us what's going on?" Yarrow glared at Dragon, cause she knew more then she was telling.

"Not right now! Be quiet!" Dragon hissed.

Yarrow and River went silent. Shadow stared straight ahead, as if waiting for destruction and terror.

Yarrow held his breath, he thought Why are they so mad and scared? What happened to mother? he thought Are two-legs the cause of this?

Dragon hesitated before mewed "Okay, now since I'm the oldest, you need to listen to me," she added with a glance to Yarrow "And this time actually listen, because it's important."

Dragon sighed and started "I did go looking for mother, it took a bit though, I found her..." she gulped "She was bleeding everywhere, cuts and slashes over her," she closed her eyes "She told me not to ask questions, but to tell you guys that we have to leave our home before the same thing happens to us." She finished.

Yarrow stammered "S-So she's..."

Shadow finished "Dead."

Dragon nodded "We'll leave tommorow at sun-high, that'll give us time to decide where we are going."

River was quiet. her eyes sad.

Shadow looked deadly serious and mewed "Well, we should all get some sleep." he backed into the farthest corner of the den.

Dragon curled up near the entrance. With Yarrow across from her. And River in the other fathest corner.

What Yarrow didn't know, was that danger wasn't too far away.

Chapter 2Edit

You know.. Most of the time I would complain when Dragon even went near me...

This wasn't one of those days

Yarrow was in deep sleep when he smelled burning wood. He sighed Two-legs proboly having a camp fire, it's nice to know fire can be calm and controlled.

He woke up though when there was an orange light creeping into the den. The leaves and branches that made and protected this huge den seemed to glow.

He tipped his head, not daring to move in case of two-legs.

Dragon had a different opinion on the situation though.

Yarrow felt a huge tugging sensation on his neck. And he found himself being dragged out of the den. with Shadow following behind.

Dragons eyes were full of fear at the light. While Shadow looked conflicted.

Yarrow asked "What are you doing!?"

Dragon shoved him up "Look you mouse-brain." she flicked her tail towards the den, it had been in flames, and Yarrow didn't even realise it

Dragon growled "The two-legs lit fire to the forest, what in the name of everything sensible were they doing?"

Yarrow shrugged and asked "Is River okay?"

Dragon had a look of mortal fear flash through her eyes.

"Dragon? Where is River?" Yarrow mewed in a strained voice.

"I might have left her... In the den.." Dragon mewed quietly. At that instant Yarrow leaped up and was about to head towards the den, but Shadow stopped him. He mewed to Dragon "Dragon, take Yarrow and get farther away from here, I'll meet you later."

He added to Yarrow "I'll get her." he bounded away leaping through an opening in the flames.

Yarrow was shocked and frozen in the spot. He didn't realise a tree was weakened and began to fall where he was standing. He felt a tug in his tail and he was pulled back.

Dragon yowled "Don't stand there like a dumb struck squirrel! RUN!" she had ran away from the fire. And Yarrow followed her after hesitating.

They did not stop, jumping over fallen trees as the fire quickly spread, Yarrow had never seen anything like it before, only in stories mother told him.

Yarrow yelled after Dragon "Do you know where we are going?!"

Dragon yelled back "We don't have time to think about that Yarrow!" she ducked under a tree that was just about to fall, but Yarrow got stuck.

Yarrow called "Dragon!" but he knew it was hopeless, behind him fire, in front of him, more fire. To his side, obviously, fire.

He wanted to be anywhere but here, he wanted to be safe in his den again, he wanted to know River was safe and sound.

But he was stuck. He felt like wailing like a kit, but he wasn't a kit anymore, he had to find a way to get out of here before the fire chokes him to death.

He looked around. trees around him were shrivveling up aas the flames ate the trees bark off. causing more trees to fall because of weakened limbs near the trunk.

He looked up at the sky and wished Mother if you can hear me, you have to help me some how, I don't care, I just want to be back with my siblings again.

Another tree fell in front of him, but he jumped back in time. He saw that the tree had sliced right through the fire. And was taking time to heat up, giving Yarrow a chance to escape.

He jumped on the tree and ran across. He made it just as soon as the tree caught fire. And he continued running.

He was starting to feel woozy, his lungs were full of smoke. And he fought hard to breathe. He ran straight though, determined not to give in. And soon he saw water.

He knew this river from when he was a kit, his mother had taken him here to show him the rivers sparkling water, which was welcoming at a time like this.

He didn't hesitate to jump in, he didn't know how to swim, but he took his chances.

He paddled immediately, fighting against the current to get to the other side. And be safe.

He climed out onto the bank. And turned around. He saw his home, his territory, up in flames. He wondered Are Shadow and River dead? but he pushed away the thought. He need to go on, it's what his mother told them to do.

He continued. he hid in the tree line as the fire burned his home. He put his head on his paws, and could only watch, as the fire burned what he called home.

He just layed there watching, not sure what to do next, he would even be glad of the company of Dragon, who had saved his life twice today.

So much had happened, and too fast. First his mother was dead, second, his brother and sister might be too.

Yarrow felt a rain-drop on his head. He looked up, rain clouds had gathered and it started raining. He jumped up and yelled "About time!" he looked angrily across the river. Where the fire was being doused by the rain.

He cried "How could you do this to us?" he glared at the sky "Didn't you care about us!?" he yowled with all his heart.

Yarrow stopped and backed away from the river, too many things. Too fast.

He started sniffing around for a familiar scent, he doubted that he would find anything cause of the rain. But he did catch a faint trace of Dragon.

He called "Dragon?" he looked around "Are you there?"

"Psst." is all Yarrow heard. He looked up and saw Shadow and River clinging on for dear life.

Yarrow looked confused "Um? how did you get here before me?"

River relplied to him, clinging onto Shadow, as if not to fall "Well, I did get stuck in the den, but I'm small and found a way out, cause I'm smart." she finished with a victorious mew.

Yarrow sighed "It's nice to see a living thing after what just happened."

Shadow laughed "Well, we are up here for a reason, we saw two-legs brandashing sticks with flames on it, as if threatening to light more of the forest on fire." he finished with a dark tone

Yarrow asked "So, you guys hid?"

"Yes," Shadow replied quickly "Dragon was here, she just went to make sure the coast was clear."

Yarrow sat down. Angry with himself. Why? He himself wasn't exactly sure, but somehow he felt as if this was all his fault.

He looked up at Shadow "I-I can't believe it, this happened too fast... First mother, then our home, what did we do to deserve this?"

Shadow shook his head "Nothing Yarrow, two-legs did that." he flicked his tail to the now burnt forest. The trees were burnt to a crisp, and some were creaking, in danger of falling. Some had fallen already.

Yarrow only watched the forest. What once was green was black and sooty. Never to heal, that forest would always have scars. Never to grow properly again.

He was silent. The river seemed undisturbed by the chaos around it, it's surface gleaming. The rain started to cease. Yarrow was still staring at the forest.

"Yarrow?" River asked "Are you okay?"

Yarrow didn't answer her, he unsheathed his claws into the soft ground.

"Yarrow! Get up here, two-legs are coming!" Shadow hissed.

Yarrow backed up. And leaped up into the tree. Sitting on the branch above them.

The two-legs came crashing through the bushes. Yowling loudly. Waving burning sticks around. They looked at the trees. Looking at the clinging cats.

It seemed tense between the two groups. The two-legs then continued waving their sticks around. Walking away from where they were.

River puffed out a breath, as if she was holding it.

Yarrow was staring coldly after the two-legs. He hissed and jumped out of the tree, chasing after them. His anger was boiling over. His claws were unsheathed to the max.

He thought he heard someone follow him. He looked around and saw Shadow yell after him "What are you doing you mouse-brain?!"

Yarrow snapped back "Giving them what they deserve!" he leaped. Aiming for the two-leg's stick.

The two-leg quickly turned around, wacking Yarrow with the heated stick. He rolled away. He stood up quickly. The two-legs were looming over him, their gazes full of evil.

Yarrow was backed up to the drop in the river. The dangerous rapids, his mother had told him how cats could die falling in to the rapids.

What should I choose? Yarrow thought quickly, the flames were pointed at him. He backed up some more, feeling a couple rocks fall into the rocks.

He gulped looking up at the two legs. Closing his eyes, expecting the flames to peirce him. Instead, he felt himself being pushed out of the way.

He heard yelling then a loud splash. Yarrow opened his eyes. Seeing Dragon standing in front of him, hissing. her fur puffed up.

Yarrow looked around and asked "Where's Shadow?"

Her gaze turned from angry to upset. The two-legs were starting to back away, and they had dropped their sticks into the river.

"D-Dragon?" Yarrow murmured.

She gulped. And shakily turned to the rapids. Her gaze was horrified. Yarrow looked down into the "Did Shadow fall into the rapids Dragon?"

Dragon didn't say anything. But her gaze revealed anything.

Yarrow couldn't believe it, did Shadow risk his life to save Yarrows?

Chapter 3Edit

I hate what has happened to my family, we seem to suffer for our mistakes

I never really understood my brother.... But I know he doesn't see me like Dragon does

Yarrow and Dragon were looking over the rapids. Confusion clouding their gazes, the water sent up a cold mist. It would have been beautiful... If it weren't so depressing.

Dragon just watched the water fall, she backed away from the river, she closed her eyes. Walking away.

Yarrow looked after her "Where you going?"

"No where." she growled.

Yarrow looked back at the mist. He saw a cat on the other side. She was beautiful. her fur was the same colour as the mist, and her fur seemed to sparkle along with it.

"Hello?" he asked.

She only watched him. she swished her tail on the bank. Her deep blue gaze looking at him with love.

"Mother?" it had to be her, it looked like her.

Her whiskers twitched. She nodded slowly. She swished her long pume of a tail again.

Yarrow tipped his head "W-What do you want?"

She looked down the bank. Then looked back up at him. She mewed something, but he couldn't quite hear over the roar of the rapids.

"What?! I can't hear you!" Yarrow mewed loudly.

She stood up. And seemed to come from the mist itself. She stopped in front of him. Looking down at him. She bent over and pointed her tail to the river. She seemed to mew "Mizu."

"Mizu?" Yarrow tipped his head "Wait!" as she started to dissapear "What about Shadow?"

She stopped. Looking at him and repeating "Mizu," she continued and said in a voice like the rivers soft swishing "Shadow is with Mizu."

"Wait! Who's Mizu?" Yarrow called as she started to dissapear.

"The River, my son," she continued "Follow the river, trust the river, she will help you." at that, She dissapeared into a thin mist.

Yarrow looked around. Still watching the mist, hoping that his mother would come back and tell him more, for he had a lot of questions.

Who is Mizu? And what did she mean by follow the river? Yarrow thought, confused.

He called back to Dragon "Hey! Dragon! I think I know where we can go next!" Yarrow figured it out, he looked past the rapids, down the river bank.

Dragon ahd come back with River he looked back "I know where Shadow is."

"How? Did you fall in?" Dragon sneered.

"No! Just trust me!" Yarrow snapped at her. And followed the rivers current, hoping he was doing the right thing.

Yarrow followed the rising mist. It sparkled in the moon light. The river calmed when they got farther away from the rapids.

Dragon asked after a few minutes of walking "Are you sure you even know where you are going?" She asked. Her gaze cold.

Yarrow mewed more confident "Yes! Stop asking!" he snapped at her

"I.. Only asked once" Dragon mewed in surprise. She narrowed her eyes "Why you acting like your the oldest all of the sudden?"

Yarrow stopped "Because. Dragon, We all know I am more mature then you," he stopped and tipped his head "And smarter." he added maliciously.

Dragon snarled. But didn't say anything as they continued walking.

Yarrow heard River "Mother didn't say anything about the river being dangerous..." she sounded like she was talking to herself, but she was looking at Yarrow "Nothing..."

"Well, the rapids are the dangerous part." Yarrow mewed flatly.

"Will we ever find Shadow?" River asked.

Yarrow looked at her Thank mother for Rivers innocence, she doesn't stammer when it's a hard question, she'll come right out and say it Yarrow shrugged "I do not know."

River only nodded. Looking at the river nervously.

Yarrow stopped when he saw mother again. But the cat seemed a bit to alive. And she was sitting by the river. Watching them with green eyes.

Yarrow tipped his head, he was frozen in the spot "Hello?" he called to her.

Dragon had looked at her also, and she yowled "Hey!" it was added with a growl.

The cat was taken off guard at Dragons hostility. She backed up. Looking smug, she swished her tail and then walked down the river bank.

"Hey! No one snubs me!" Dragon yowled after her. Then ran after the cat.

"Hey! Dragon!" Yarrow called after his sister "Where you going?!"

River mewed innocently "I think she's going after that cat." she pointed out.

Yarrow ignored River. And ran after his sister. Who was faster then him, so it was pretty pointless to go after her. Really pointless, but he didn't stop, he slowed down when Dragon had fully stopped ten foxlengths ahead of him. Looking around angrily.

He panted as he came up from behind his sister "That was not cool." he growled.

But she didn't have a retort, she kept looking around. Eyes darting back and forth. Ignoring Yarrow completely.

"Mother said it's not nice to ignore," River came toward them and mewed "She always said that."

Dragon kept looking around. Then relaxed "Well whoever that cat is, she's gone." she looked at the both "Well! okay! We have to find Shadow, and get too a new home soon, before we are caught like prey!"

"What?" Yarrow tipped his head.

Dragon twitched "Um... I mean... get rained on."

"Get.. Rained on?" Yarrow tipped his head "But you just said that-" Dragon tackled him and hissed "Rained. On. Period!"

River was watching Dragon suspiciously.

Dragon let Yarrow up. Walking away from them.

Yarrow could only watch as his sister turned into a completely different cat. A pacing, worried, unsure, snappy (More than usual) cat.

What is her problem? She is never like this... Yarrow thought She is so secretive all of the sudden, it's starting to freak me out Yarrow thought as he watched his sister pace.

Yarrow looked at the river, the water was sparkling in the pale sun-light. He looked up when his sister made a hissing sound.

The cat was there again. looking at them.

Yarrow was shocked on how much the cat looked like their mother, except for the eyes, which were moss green.

She was standing in front of Dragon. With seriousness in her gaze.

Dragon growled "What do you want?" her claws were unsheathed.

The cat looked at her and mewed in a voice that was almost as flowing as the water in the river "I know where your brother is."

Dragon looked at her unbeliving "How-"

The cat interupted her, and Yarrow was sure if Dragon hadn't been a bit shocked, she would have attacked the cat.

"Listen, I don't have much time, they are after you," she mewed in a hurried voice "I'll cut to the introductions later, but first, we have to get you out of here."

Dragon didn't seem to be listening "Who are you?"

The cat looked at her "I'll tell you later, but they are coming! And they'll surely kill you... Like they killed Frost," she added "Your mother."

Yarrow froze. Staring at the cat wide-eyed.

The cat asked "Will you trust me now?"

Dragon was silent. Her light green eyes deep in thought. She finally answered "Yes."

The cat nodded and ran, she was fast, maybe even faster then Dragon. But, Dragon followed with ease, while Yarrow and River were on her tail.

They soon got to a small clearing, there was a little pond. where the river flowed in, then out on the other side. The leafs covered the sky. Only a little bit of sunlight was let in.

This place freaked Yarrow out, but it also gave him a sense of security.

The cat stopped by the pond and turned "I am Mizu." she mewed.

Dragon was silent, Staring around her, she asked in a awed voice. "Where are we?"

Mizu flicked her tail "This place... Is just a clearing with a pond."

Yarrow finally spoke "Really? Because, I've been in many clearings, but none that freaked me out AND gave me a sense of security at the same time."

Mizu looked at him "This clearing was never touched by evil hearts, this clearing can only be seen.. By the pure-hearted."

Yarrow tipped his head "You mean, no evil cats have been here?"

Mizu nodded "Like I said, only the pure hearted can really enter this clearing. I don't know why, this clearing was founded by a cat, a cat that would be cast out out of the other groups," she added "It was also back when magic truly existed."

Dragon tipped her head "Magic existed? I thought that was a rumour." she scoffed.

"In the old days, way before even your grand-mother was born, there stood 4 groups of cats. They protected something.. Something that if placed in the wrong paws, would destroy," Mizu mewed "There were 4 cats, that were connected to the that something."

Yarrow listened intently, while Dragon was disbelieving.

"Before the things were destroyed, a cat with brown fur, and blue eyes, had promised to the last surviving protecter, that he would protect what was left of these groups," she stayed silent "His name was Sky."

Yarrow mewed "Is he alive?"

Mizu looked at him "Well... If a cat could live that long, then maybe, no one really knows where he went. But he found this clearing after the protector died, he wished to their ancestors for it never to be touched by those who would seek to kill purposely," Mizu looked down "And after that.. He disappeared."

Yarrow shivered, the story was creepy. He mewed "What a sad story."

"It's so many things," Mizu mewed "The things were shattered. But..One cat. Just one cat. Saved the most important piece..."

"On her last days. She came to this clearing, she had purpose, she had the strength and will to live, even though no one thought she'd survive her sickness, she cast the piece into this pond, and it shines every night, when the stars are brightest," Mizu added with a sad tone "Then... She also... Disappeared... Forgotton."

Mizu looked down into the pond "This is just the myth, I've been out here when the stars are at it's brightest, and i've never seen it shine," Mizu looked up determindly "But, I'm determined to do what Sky had set out to do, even if I have to die to do it."

"He had to do something else?" Yarrow asked.

"When the stone was cast into the river. Legend says he came back to see the cat dying, she said that, he should try and bring the clans back together, so that generations can live in peace again," Mizu finished.

"Then what happened?" Yarrow asked.

"Well, this is truly where it gets confusing, Sky was so close to what he was told to do, but apprently, He was killed by a cat as evil and mysterious as darkness, with eyes as orange as flames." Mizu shivered also.

Yarrow wasn't staring at her though, he was staring at the pond. There was a light mist rising from it. And there were two cats staring at eachother. unaware of the four young cats in front of them. "Sky, please, Lilywing would have-" She was cut off by the tom.

"I-I can't... Everything happened to fast." he said whith a shaky voice.

"Sky, your the only one that can save us! Please father!" the younger cat cried "I cast the stone into the river! Now all that has to be done is to rebuild the clans!"

Sky was silent "Please.... Flowerpetal... Don't...."

"I'm dying father! I want you to remember the clans, all that Lilywing and them did for you! They protected you!" Flowerpetal yelled in tears.

Sky looked at her. Then nodded determinedly "Okay, I'll make sure all the clans sacrifices were not in vain, especially yours... it must of tore you apart inside to cast the stone into the pond."

"No, Starclan pretty much told me to do it, Claw killed my family! Thank Starclan Goldenstar told you to run when his rogues attacked!" Flowerpetal was still frantic, her fur bristling.

Yarrow was so confused on what was happening. He continued to watch.

There were screeches and hisses from afar in the little vision, but to Yarrow, they were really really faint.

Flowerpetal mewed "Go Sky! Go save them!"

Sky nodded and ran toward Yarrow. But skidded to a halt in front of him.

Flowerpetal asked in a hurried voice when Sky stared down at Yarrow "What is it?"

Yarrow stared back at him, it was like staring into the river, Sky was a complete reflection to Yarrow.

"N-Nothing." Sky shook his head and ran through Yarrow.

When Sky had left Yarrows area of vision. Flowerpetal sighed and mewed "Please Starclan... Please.... Save..... Us..."

Her voice had faltered. and the mist and her... Seemed to disappear.

Yarrow blinked. The flinched when Dragon looked at him "You okay?"

Yarrow was concious that everyone was staring at him "I-I.... Nothing.." he bowed his head to Mizu. Who was staring at him intently.

Mizu mewed "Anyways, about your brother, he will live, he's just sick..." she trailed off.

Yarrow was so confused on what he saw, and no one else had seemed to see it.

He didn't know what he just saw.. But his instinct told him it was important, there was more to this forest then met the eye.

Mizu asked "Well should we keep going? Before your brother gets lost in his thoughts?"

"Yes, lets." Dragon mewed. Casting a glare at Yarrow. She nudged him... Well.. Pushed him. To force him to start following Mizu.

Yarrow was in deep thought, ignoring his sister, he truly wondered about what he saw, And how much it affected him so much.

Chapter 4Edit

I know it must be weird to see spirits come pretty much out of a pond. And start talking.

What did I just see? And what does it mean? This is pulling at me. Like I need to find out what happened with these "Clans" whatever they are. And the stones, and the evil that's trying to kill my family.

Yarrow was in deep thought. The group had continued their walk. Soon they were out of the clearing. And they stopped in a den, well... It was seperate dens, it had high stone walls, and moss growing on the sides.

Mizu looked around "Me and my sister came here, it was deserted luckily, so we just settled in here, the other dens are totally empty, we use that one." she flicked her tail toward the den hidden in the rocks, there was a small ledge leading down to the ground.

River commented "It's big."

"Yeah," Mizu mewed "That's what I thought when I first stepped in this place."

Dragon looked at the walls "The walls looked like they were cut by two-legs."

"Yeah, but I can't even smell two-legs anywhere, so if it was, it was a while ago." Mizu mewed to her, as if trying to reassure her. Yarrow didn't feel the same as at the clearing. But he looked around nervously, this place was different from the rest of the forest too, he felt as if something horrible had happened here.

Yarrow gulped and shivered all over "S-So... nice place.. It-It's nice.." he stammered. this place was giving him a horrible feeling "Really nice."

"You okay Yarrow?" River asked, looking at him in concern "You seem scared."

Yarrow froze when he saw movement. A huge.. and not the average huge, this cat was, more then the average huge. His golden pelt was bloody, and his eyes were tired. He looked around the clearing. He padded past Mizu and Dragon. He sat down looking at the sky, straight at the sun. Though Yarrow was sure any cat would go blind staring at the sun. This was obviously not the case.

He sighed. The power he seemed to have, was not in his form, but it was him. Himself. He mewed, the voice was so spetacular, it was like calm thunder "Why have you done this to us Starclan, everything you worked so hard to build.. Is destroyed."

Yarrow looked at him in shock Starclan? What is that? The tom looked down "Oh.... Lilywing... You would have clawed me silly seeing me brooding around like this." he laughed softly.

Yarrow watched as the vision seemed to end. The tom disappeared, and the world around him seemed to get louder again. "Yarrow! Your totally ignoring me!" River mewed a bit angry "It's not nice to ignore!"

Yarrow couldn't breathe, the horrible feeling came back. He imagined this clearing blood-stained, with cats crying, and cats wondering why this had happened to them. Yarrow felt tears well up in his eyes.

He clearly saw this place. This place was horrible, it held bad memories, of cats dying, and the cries of the cats losing loved ones.

River mewed "Oh, I'm sorry Yarrow! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" Yarrow didn't answer her. He had tears in his eyes now. He saw cats young and old, dying. It made him want to retch. He wanted to go into these cats world, to help them, but he knew it wouldn't happen, he'd always be the bystander.

The cat who never did anything to help.

It tore him apart. He saw this place, and what he saw, made him tear up. He didn't want to be the bystander, he wanted to help. Yarrow couldn't help but be trapped in this horrible place, this place held nothing good, nothing at all. It was an even worse feeling then when he watched his home burning into ashes.

River poked him "Yarrow..? Are you okay?" she mewed in a worried voice. He choked, he didn't want to watch anymore, he didn't want to see the hurt and pain in the cats, he just wanted it to stop.

He felt like he was going to be sick. So he mewed "Mizu! I'm gonna be sick!"

Mizu looked at him "What? There's that den over there." She flicked her tail toward one of the dens. He mewed "N-No... Somewhere out of this place!"

Mizu looked at him in shock "Well, anywhere outside I guess.. What's the matter?" He didn't answer her, he just ran out. Into the forest, he picked a sandy clearing to be sick in. He panted, he was full out teary-eyed. He sat down. Panting heavily.

"Yarrow?" He whipped around, expecting to see another spirit. But it was just Mizu. "What?" he snapped unintentionally.

Mizu didn't seem to mind though. But her voice became firm "Yarrow... What did you see?"

"See? What are you talking about?" he yelled at her "I didn't see anything!" he glared at her angrily.

Mizu mewed "You and I both know that you saw something, and whatever you saw wasn't pretty." she added softly "Was it that bad?"

Yarrows heart was pounding. He nodded "Please don't make me remember it.. It was... Horrible." he added with a hiss "Don't even make me recall it."

Mizu mewed softly "I... Wasn't going too."

Yarrow looked at her "Wh-What? You know what's happening to me?"

"Yes, even though I never see what you see, I understand." Mizu mewed.

Yarrow snapped "How can you!? You don't see dying cats! You don't see families being ripped apart! You don't see everything die!" He yelled at her.

She tipped her head "Please, Yarrow calm down.. Your in shock, I know everything is happening fast... But what you have is special."

"Special!? How can it be special?! It's torturing me watching those cats suffer, and I can't even do anything!" he snapped at her. Shivering all over.

Mizu whispered "What your seeing isn't the future.."

He froze "It isn't?"

"No... It's the past... and It wasn't a pretty past the groups had either." Mizu whispered. Her eyes soft as she mewed "Yarrow, cats go crazy when they see this stuff, and rightfully so, because, who'd want to see stuff like that?"

Yarrow growled at her "Oh, so I'm crazy now?"

Mizu shook her head "Yarrow, cats only go crazy when they actually try to do something, they start... becoming part of the past, soon... They become so blinded to the present... They litteraly are a part of the past." she mewed.

Yarrow coughed "Please tell me how to stop this."

Mizu mewed "You can't, but you have to see the good in situations, but of course, there was none in what you saw apparently."

"No.. All I saw was death... And loss." Yarrow mewed.

Mizu looked at him "I cannot stop these visions, niether can you, no cat can."

Yarrow mewed "Then I don't want to go back, if I know I'm going to have to face whatever happened in that place." he shook his head.

Mizu whispered "Your not the only one that sees this stuff." Yarrow looked at her as she continued "The first ever cat to see this type of stuff was a violet eyes, which isn't common by the way." She added.

Yarrow listened.

"And.. Shadow has been seeing it a bit too, but not full out like you." Mizu whispered "To him, they're just misty ghosts, he doesn't really pay attention to them."

Yarrow looked at her "But.. They are so real when I see them."

Mizu nodded "You must be seeing them full out then, your shaking all over, and your eyes are blood shot."

Yarrow twitched his tail "How did my family get caught up in this? We just want to find a home."

"Because your family was related to these cats." Mizu whispered.

Yarrow looked at her "What? How do you know?!"

Mizu laughed softly "It's obvious, your grandmothers great great grandfather... Was Sky."

Yarrow only stared at her. "Yarrow.. You are Sky, you two are more alike then you know." she mewed mysteriously. She stood up and mewed as if she hadn't said anything "Do you want something to eat when we go back?"

Yarrow nodded. Standing up shakily, following her. Mizu stopped "Yarrow, I can't tell you how to control this, but I think it's best if you don't tell anyone, at least not yet."

Yarrow nodded "Not like they would believe me anyways."

"You'd be surprised." Mizu mewed.

"Strangely... I don't think I'd be surprised by anything now." he mewed in a soft voice.

Mizu was silent "Visionarys came when the first died, he had a family, his son was a visionary." she finally mewed "It's rare to see cats have visions like you if they are not directly related to the first."

"But why me?" Yarrow asked

"That, I do not know, their ancestors chose the visionary as soon as they were born." she went quiet then asked "Have you been having them since you were little?"

"No, it started when we got to the clearing." Yarrow mewed.

"Mmm.." Mizu didn't really answer the statement, but continued to walk. Which annoyed Yarrow a bit. When they got back to the walled clearing, he expected to see the cats again, but it never happened. But he was still getting a horrible feeling.

Yarrow went straight for the den they stayed in, to find Shadow staring at the clearing, with horror in his eyes. "What? Have you never seen a cat before?" Yarrow asked, very relieved that his brother was alright "You okay, This place is creepy right?"

Shadow blinked and looked at him "Creepy..." he didn't say it as if he was agreeing, but as if he was thinking about it.

"Well, whatever, I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed." Yarrow mewed. Shadow didn't answer. Yarrow closed his eyes "Let's hope none of us get nightmares."


Yarrow opened his eyes, to find himself in a pitch black forest, who's pine trees seemed to reach to the top of the sky. He looked around.

This place has a creepy feel, Dragon would love this place He thought smugly, he looked around.

But it doesn't seem as bad as the other place.... He jumped when he heard a noise. A small she-cat padded out. She looked around and murmured to herself "Claw would kill me if he saw me doing this, he'd kill my whole family!" She looked straight at Yarrow, but didn't seem to see him, she continued to mutter "Claw, I hope someone comes and kills you off soon, everyone is suffering."

She jumped when there was a noise in the bushes, she whipped her head around and sniffed the air curiously.

Cats streamed into the clearing, many of them had reinforced dog claws, and their teeth had a reddish tint. The small cat mewed "You found me Claw."

"Yes.. I guess I have." A huge tom padded out. His chest puffed out, his claws looked like they could slash a boulder in half.

Yarrow was a bit curious on what was going on, he mewed "Hello?" They didn't seem to hear, but Claw hissed "Your a betrayer Breeze, you were weak when you were little, and your still weak now!"

"How did I betray you, for spending time with a cat I cared about?" Breeze asked calmly.

"The enemy!" Claw raged "Enemy, you are weak and foolish, you are no help to our cause at all!"

Claw looked at the cats lined up behind him "Do you really think you can take all of us at once?"

Yarrow gulped This must be a nightmare, I don't know these cats, it's just my imagination!

Breeze shook her head "I don't care if I die, one day Claw, a cat is gonna kill you, and if you die of old age with a kit that will continue your evil... He will die."

Claw laughed a cold cruel laugh "You really think that Breeze?"

Breeze nodded "Yes, kill me, but fate will catch up to you."

Claw seemed to lick his teeth "What about your family, as soon as your dead, we will track them down."

Breeze mewed still as calm as the forest "You do that, but you will be destroyed one day, and you know it, the stones are gone, the clans are shattered, but I assure you, a cat will destroy any relatives you may have in the future."

Claw laughed again "Ah, your determination Breeze is astounding!"

He snarled to the two cats near him "Kill her."

Breeze was caught off guard by the toms, the whole group made a circle around her, and Yarrow could not see her, but what he heard was even worse. A blood-curdling screech was heard. And the cats started to laugh. Yarrow was so shocked. He yowled "No!"

Claw looked up "A storms coming, we better hurry." The group nodded and they left Breeze torn and bloody, Yarrow thought he would retch, It must have been a quick and painful death.

He woke up with a gasp, and he looked around. Dragon was sleeping beside Shadow. While River was by the corner. He tried to calm himself Get ahold of yourself, it was just a dream!

Mizu was the only cat sleeping beside him, some how, the pretty she-cat calmed him, she didn't seem to wake by his jolting wake up. Yarrow sighed. He closed his eyes It was just a messed up dream, that's all it was.

The more he kept reminding himself, the more it seemed that the nightmare was just a dream.

Nothing else.

Yarrow stood up and left the den. Sitting in the middle of the clearing looking around. It was a silent night. But he still had a horrible clenching feeling. He looked at the moon, which was bright and full.

He then heard a noise. He whipped his head around. But nothing was there I'm hearing things.... But he heard it again.

"Who's there?!" he snarled, claws out stretched. He was totally caught off guard when a faint black she-cat with light green eyes padded out from no where, her eyes were grim and sad.

She sat down beside him. Looking up at the moon.

He mewed "Hello." The cat didn't look at him. Her light green eyes were serious. He scoffed Of course I say hello to a ghost, I'm going insane! He shook his head. And poked her, but it didn't affect her. His ears went back. He stood up and padded away from her.

Only to run into Dragon. "Ack!" she snarled.

"What?" Yarrow asked her.

"I heard you talking to someone, so I thought you lost your mind." Dragon retorted after recovering.

"Lost my mind? Wouldn't insane be better?" Yarrow asked, whiskers twitching.

"No Yarrow, you are clearly not insane." Dragon growled sarcastically.

"Nice to know you care." Yarrow grunted.

Dragon sniffed "Whatever little brother, I'm not the one talking to myself!"

"I never was talking to myself!" Yarrow snapped.

Dragons eyes sparkled. Then she flicked her tail to where Yarrow was sitting "You said Hello to something, or nothing." she mewed.

"Something is a better word to explain it." Yarrow murmured mewed quietly.

"Oh, brilliant!" Dragon rolled her eyes.

"Mmph." he grunted and started to walk away from her. He though he heard a creaking sound Huh? What? he looked at Dragon "How bad was that storm?"

"Uh hmmm, a bit worse then what we usually see!" Dragon mewed, then hesitated "Why?"

Yarrow looked around "One of the trees is creaking."

"It's... Probably nothing." Dragon mewed, sounding like she was trying to convince herself. The creaking grew louder, and it was right over the den where everyone was sleeping. Dragon twitched her ear "Yarrow, get everyone out of there!" she added harsher "Now!"

Yarrow nodded, and ran into the den, almost jumping on Shadow "Wake up! A tree is falling!" He grabbed River and practically threw her out of the den. Shadow looked at him dangerously, but stood up too, padding a bit quickly toward Dragon.

Mizu was awake already, she padded towards the den entrance, but froze. Yarrow growled "What is it?!"

Mizu looked like she was trying to move, but couldn't "I'm stuck!"

"On what?!" Yarrow mewed, looking around, he saw her paw snagged on a vine. "Well pull your paw out!"

She scoffed, tugging her paw "I can't Yarrow!"

Yarrow heard the creaking grow louder and he hissed "Can't you bite you way out?!" She started too, but the creaking was right over head, and snapping sounds were heard. He yowled "Ahh forget about it!" He smashed into Mizu, pushing her out of the den, and the tree fell down on to the den.

She rolled away from the den. Mizu sat up "Ah.. Thanks Yarrow!" she turned around to see only the tree that crushed the den.

"Yarrow!" River yowled.

Dragon was looking at the tree horrified.

Mizu whispered "No..."

Chapter 5Edit

Okay, having a tree fall on you, is not fun... At all

I really thought for a second, I was gonna die, right then and there

Mizu was in total shock Did... Did he just push me out of the... her thought broke off. She looked at Yarrows siblings. Who were in shock, and little River who was starting to tear up.

Dragon growled as she padded up to the tree "Oh you did not!" she sniffed the tree and mewed "Yarrow?" even she looked worried for her little brother.

Shadow was the only silent one, when Mizu looked at him, he showed nothing, but his eyes were glazed. Mizu blamed herself If only I hadn't got stuck...

She watched as Dragon was frozen in front of the tree.

Dragon looked like she was going to rip the tree in half, Mizu had never seen such anger in one cats eyes. Dragon backed away from the tree. Her eyes flashing a dangerous green. Mizu had her ears back, she could have been the one who died, but Yarrow had pushed her away from that, she could have easily been crushed.

River was already crying.

Mizu looked at her, wanting to comfort her, but she didn't know what she would say. She sighed. Looking up at the sky I'm so sorry Yarrow, I really am, if only I hadn't gotton stuck she closed her eyes tight.

She then heard twigs snapping coming from the tree. She whipped around to look at it. Some branches were torn, and hanging on by a thread. But some started to fall. And she saw a paw cling onto one of the strongest branches. Her eyes widened.

Yarrow had pulled himself out of the trees sharp branches. He was torn and bloody, but he was still alive.

Dragon was also shocked "Wha-How's that even possible?"

Yarrow shook himself, and he flinched, he looked at them all "What are you staring at?"

His siblings were staring at him with shock and amazement.

"Wait? What did I do?" Yarrow looked confused, which made Mizu's whiskers twitch.

Dragon murmured "Your alive, Yarrow." her eyes were sneering, but something else was in the depths of it. Something unexplainable.

"I see that Dragon, thank you." Yarrow sniffed "I realise that I'm standing, and breathing." he looked around him "And also I can move, so that's also me being alive!"

Dragon looked like she was holding back a retort. Yarrows whiskers twitched. He jumped off the tree and landed in front of them. He seemed okay, which was a miracle.

Mizu looked at them "I didn't know the storm was that bad..."

"It must have been." Shadow murmured quietly.

Mizu perked her ears, she looked up, and she saw sharp emerald eyes.

She mewed "Maybe we should move, I can lead you guys to a safe place, but I can't travel with you." She mewed sadly. Yarrow looked at her. Mizu calmly looked at him back "I'm sorry, I can show you where to go, but that's all I can do, the last surviving cats of the groups headed past the northern Mountain range, away from the lake, maybe you should head that way."

Dragon nodded "Okay, we need to move anyways." she glanced at the tree, then looked at Mizu "What about you?"

Mizu looked at the silver tabby, looking into her sharp green eyes "I will stay here, but don't worry, we will meet again."

Dragon didn't say anything. But Shadow bristled a bit "Aren't the mountains dangerous?"

Mizu looked at him, his pitch black fur was puffed out, and his moss green eyes were looking at the mountain range warily.

Mizu mewed "It's nothing to worry about, I can point the way for you, but I cannot go into the mountains with you."

Yarrow was hiding his emotions, he looked niether happy or sad.

River mewed "So we'll meet each-other again?" her blue gray pelt fluffy, and her blue eyes looking up at Mizu with surprise.

"Yes." Mizu mewed.

River nodded determined.

Yarrow looked distant.

Mizu asked "Shall we go now?" she was worried for the familys safety, for they were being hunted by dangerous cats.

"Yes." Dragon mewed.

Mizu nodded. Then mewed "Let's go, we can't waste time, not now." she added with a glance to the top of the ravine. She started to lead them towards the entrance, she turned, to see that they all hesitated. "You can trust me you know." Mizu mewed softly.

Yarrow shook his head "It's not that." They started to pad towards her, and stopped right behind her, watching her every move. "Okay, let's go!" Mizu ran into the forest. Hearing the paw steps of the cats behind her. She saw the sharp emerald eyes again. She froze. S

he felt Yarrow bump into her "What is it?" he asked.

She sniffed the air, there was a heavy scent of cats. She bristled and hissed "We must not stop, we have to hurry!"

Dragon called after her as she began running "We weren't the ones that stopped!" Mizu ignored her. Leading them farther away from the path, the mountain range was getting closer every stride.

River was panting, and she rasped "Mizu! Can we stop? I can't run anymore!"

Mizu stopped "Bu-But-"

Yarrow interuppted "I don't think it will kill us if we stop for a little breather."

Mizu looked at him with sad eyes That's what you think she thought sadly, the evil cats would not rest until the family was dead. Mizu then decided, it wouldn't hurt them if they stopped to take a short breather. She seemed to get impatient when the siblings were talking in hushed whispers. They were talking about where they were gonna settle It won't work like that... she thought sadly.

Yarrow stopped talking and looked at her, their eyes met, and the world seemed to disappear. She widened her eyes No no, not know please! But it came, She never saw what Yarrow saw, but this was different.

She widened her eyes more to see ghostly cats surronding the family. their red eyes scorching into her fur, their claws glinted in the moon light, and their teeth were stained red.

But the siblings didn't see them. Even Yarrow.

But he looked a bit nervous. The biggest ghost cat whispered in her ear "There is nothing you can do to stop them from killing them."

She growled under her breath "Leave me alone!"

The smallest mewed quietly yet harshly "It is fate, you cannot change the hands of fate."

"Yes I can!" she growled.

"No one can change the stars, you know one of them is gonna have to die for the others to go forward." the ghost cat mewed.

Mizu felt tears welling up in her eyes "I won't let that happen!"

"It's gonna have to." The ghost cat mewed, then they all dissapeared. She regained focus, then saw the family staring at her confused. Yarrow was looking at her confused also, like he never looked nervous. Was it just my imagination? Mizu thought to herself.

Dragon interuppted her thought "Is something wrong, Mizu?"

She didn't have the heart to tell them. The ghost cats were right, one of them had to die, for the others to go forward. "Nothing is wrong, are you ready?" Mizu mewed nervously.

Yarrow looked at River, who nodded. "Okay, we better hurry!" Mizu mewed quickly. She ran towards the mountains. It's peaks white. And the whole mountain side gray.


Yarrow was getting tired of all the running. He wasn't used to running long distances in long periods of time. He yelled after Mizu "What's the hurry?"

Mizu glared at him "Don't ask questions!"

He stared at her "Okay, Okay, I'm sorry!"

Mizu ignored him. She stopped in front of a valley. Fog was covering most of the area now, and Yarrow got the feeling they were in between mountains. There was moss and grass everywhere. And a couple of trees. But most of it was obscured by fog. He asked "What's with all the fog Mizu?"

Mizu didn't answer. She was staring at the mist angrily.

Dragon mewed "Hey! This fog is weird, and creepy. Can we hurry Mizu?"

Yarrow wondered how Mizu would react. Mizu turned to them "This is where we part ways." she flicked her tail toward the fog "Past that fog, lies a path. just follow the path, and don't stop, and you should be okay."

Dragon grumbled "How imformative."

Mizu ignored her and continued "You know your going the right way when you pass a rock shaped like a star." she mewed "Then you must go straight from the star. then you should leave the mountain pass. And into a forest."

Yarrow listened, and he nodded "Okay."

He padded past Mizu, but she held out her tail to stop him. "I must warn you, the mountains is a dangerous place." her gaze was distant.

Yarrow laughed "I can assume that, I've heard stories." but Yarrows laugh faltered at Mizus serious gaze.

"Never underestimate the mountains." she mewed.

Then she looked at Yarrow. She started to walk away from them. "Wa- Wait! Is that it?" Yarrow called after her "What about you?"

Mizu froze. She looked at him "We'll see each-other again, I wouldn't worry." she then disappeared into the forest. And Yarrow was left confused.

Dragon broke the silence "Shall we get going?"

Shadow nodded, then followed Dragon into the fog. River looked at Yarrow "Let's go!" she mewed. Then walked into the fog. Yarrow was left alone. He watched the place where Mizu had disappeared. His eyes distant, he shook his head. Then walked into the fog. He caught up to them. His eyes saddened at the parting of Mizu.

Yarrow still couldn't believe she just walked away. Yarrow climbed up a couple rocks. Then continued. Dragon was in front. Looking around. Soon, they had reached a mountain path, and the caverns were steep.

Shadow looked at it "A cat could die falling down there."

Yarrow looked down. It was endless gray. He murmured something. Then looked back at the forest, starting to miss his home, and Mizu.

River squeaked when some rocks crumbled.

Yarrow murmured "Calm down, I won't let you fall."

River looked at him gratefully "Thanks, Yarrow."

Yarrow nodded "No problem."

They continued forward, he felt something land on his head "Ow." he looked down and saw a pebble. He looked up. And saw pebbles rolling or falling off a ledge. Dragon was ahead of them, and the ledges above her were very weak.

Yarrow called "Dragon watch out!" as a large rock fell.

Dragon looked behind her "What?" she looked up. She gasped. And jumped back just as the large rock landed and tumbled into the abyss. She was shaking. Her eyes wide. Staring where she was standing moments before.

Yarrow mewed "Oh..."

He looked past Dragon. He saw two cats talking quickly, looking at the abyss sadly, then they disappeared.

Dragon looked at him in amazement "Yarrow? How did you know that was going to happen?" Yarrow flicked his tail upwards, and she looked up. The ledge was no longer in danger of falling. The weakest part was already gone.

Dragon gulped. Then stammered "We should hurry up, Mizu was right!" she hurried away from them, and they followed carefully. Yarrow stopped when he heard a whisper on the wind. Dragon looked at him and asked gruffly "What is it?"

Yarrow mewed quietly "Shh.. I hear something." Yarrow listened intently, the wind was always whispering. But this was different, the whisper actually had words.

"Your family cannot cheat death forever, one of you must die for the others to go forward!" the wind whispered in his ear.

"Don't you hear that?" Yarrow asked.

Dragon looked at him skeptically "No, what exactly are you hearing?"

Yarrow repeated in a silky voice "One of you must die for the others to go forward." he murmured silkily, feeling unwell.

Yarrow murmured the sentence over and over again What could it mean? he thought confused. He was feeling shaky.

Shadow looked at him "Are you okay Yarrow?"

Yarrow was silent

Mizu knew... I know she did he felt betrayed Why didn't she tell me? Yarrow widened his eyes as he looked up, it was night. And the stars were shining bright.

But one was shining brighter then all of them.

Yarrow tipped his head, the star was shining over something. He mewed "Hey, maybe we should follow that star!"

Dragon looked at where he was pointing "The north star?"

"Yeah... Are you sure that's the north star?" he asked.

"Yeah." Dragon mewed gruffly.

Yarrow squeezed to the front "Okay, let's follow the north star!" he led them forward, making sure he wasn't leading them to a bottomless pit. As they continued, Yarrow got the feeling they were being watched. He raised his tail for them to stop "Do you get the feeling that we're being watched?" he asked Dragon.

"It's because we are." Shadow mewed, who was nearly invinsible in the night. Yarrow managed to make out his flicking tail. Yarrow turned around sharply. He saw emerald eyes behind River. And they looked mean.

He yowled "River!" he jumped over Dragon, and landed on a small ledge above Shadow, but he couldn't stand there long. He jumped toward the cat. The cat moved quickly. He jumped onto a ledge above.

Staring down at them. "Hey come back down here and fight!" Yarrow yelled at him.

The cat mewed in a high pitched voice "And make you little ones fall? Hehe.." he narrowed his eyes "Fine, if you wish." The cat leaped toward Shadow who was not looking at him. The cat looked like he would land on Shadow, but Shadow seemed to disappear into the night.

Yarrow widened his eyes as the cat looked around harshly. Shadow seemed to materalize out of thin air. He sent the cat teetering toward the edge. The cat stopped himself from falling.

He looked at Shadow angrily "Don't mess with a son of night!" he leaped. Very quickly. Shadow side stepped and scratched his flank "Then don't mess with Shadows." he hissed.

He pushed River away from the cat. River squeaked.

Yarrow was surprised at Shadow fighting.

Shadow nodded to Dragon who whispered to them "Let's go, don't worry about Shadow, you'll see."

Shadow leaped up to a higher ledge, and when the cat went after him, Dragon nodded to Yarrow and River, then they followed her. They felt other eyes watching them, but not attacking Not yet Yarrow thought dangerously. Watching the eyes with challenging eyes.

Dragon hissed "Stop looking like that Yarrow." she added "Jump you two!"

"Why?" Yarrow asked.

"Just do it." she jumped over a ledge. Yarrow and River followed.

Shadow mewed from behind him "Hello!"

Yarrow looked up "How?"

Shadow mewed "I'll answer your questions later, first we need to rest."

He leaped to the front.

Yarrow mewed "I was just going to ask you how you did that?"

"Did what?"

"Fight like that, he was right on top of you, you just disappeared" Yarrow mewed awed.

Shadow smiled "There's perks to fighting in the night when your a black cat." he continued "Also, mother taught me to use my surroundings."

Yarrow joked "Can you you teach me?"

"Sure." Shadow shrugged "It might be a bit harder for you though." he warned.

Yarrow unsheathed his claws "Bring it."

Shadows twitched his whiskers "Let's rest first." he looked around. Then found an opening. He padded in. Dragon followed. Yarrow and River hesitated though, but then they padded in slowly.

It was rocky, and cold. Yarrow hated it in here, he was used to the warm sunny forest.

Shadow didn't seem to mind though, he mewed "I don't think anbody would notice the opening." his whiskers twitched. Dragons whiskers twitched too. Yarrow curled up near the entrance, after what happened to their home, he didn't want to take chances.

He had a dream.

It was a dark, he saw Mizu but her eyes were glazed. And she was just staring at him, and she was bleeding everywhere. He ran to her "Mizu!" but when he got to her, she disappeared.

He saw movement to his side.

He saw Dragon stagger out of the bushes. and fall. Bleeding her life out on the ground. He ran to her "Dragon!" he poked her, but she was dead This is just a dream!

He saw a shadow flick across the clearing. He turned. Shadow was standing right in front of him. His eyes evil. "Sh-Shadow?" Yarrow stammered.

"That's not Shadow." A voice mewed behind him. He dodged when the cat attacked. He leaped into the shadows. And ran around the cat. Who looked angry. He leaped at the cat but it seemed to vanish.

He panted. He heard a screech, and it sounded eerily familiar. He gasped when River came out of the shadows. Calm, as if she never heard the screech. She sat down, staring at Yarrow.

Yarrow asked "Are you okay, River?"

A tall shadow appeared behind River, and it was obviously not a cat.

He yowled "Two-leg!"

River giggled "It's okay Yarrow, some two-legs aren't all that bad." she added with eerie darkness "You'll see."

The two-leg stepped out of the shadows. The two-leg had moss green eyes, and yellow fur on the top of his head. He looked unhappy.

Yarrow stared at him, something flicked on inside of him. He felt the earth shake, and soon emerald eyes were surrounding him.

Yelling insults, or asking for help.

He heard Mizu whisper "Don't judge...."

Yarrow yowled to the sky "Mizu!"

He saw a star moving, he froze in his tracks. It landed in front of him, but it was a stone, not a star. He looked up, and the emerald eyes were gone, what replaced them were four cats, all gaunt looking, and sick. "Virtue......." The oldest mewed trailing off.

"Loss" the she-cat mewed. Then coughed.

"Courage" The other she-cat, who was obviously the strongest, mewed clearly.

"Shadows" The dark tom growled. his emerald eyes scorching into Yarrows fur.

"Wait, what?" he looked at the large cats in awe.

The strong she-cat padded up to him "Do you know who you are?"

Yarrow mewed shakily "I'm Yarrow."

The she-cats whiskers twitched "You are much more then that little leader." she looked at him with light green eyes.

Yarrow saw everything start to fade. He woke up with a gasp. He was panting. What did they mean? Virtue? Loss? Courage? Shadows? He thought confused. Everyone was still asleep, but it was getting light out.

He was staring into space with wide green eyes.

Chapter 6Edit

Mizu said the mountains was a dangerous place

It would have been nice to know how dangerous

Yarrow had got up and walked out of the den. He sat down and watched the dawn. He just stared, he never saw a proper dawn before. He tipped his head. The mountains whistling in the wind. He sighed, then looked at their temporary den.

It was a small rock cave, with no water near it, and no food.


Yarrow felt hungry. He was about to hunt. But froze Hunting might be different here then it is in the forest he thought.

Shadow poked him "Hello?"

Yarrow looked at him "Shadow." he bowed, then tipped his head "Have you ever hunted in the mountains?"

Shadow shook his head "Let's go hunting, I might have an idea." he led Yarrow among the path, and they saw a small grassy clearing, with one tree. Yarrow scoffed, but Shadow looked amused "Interesting." he looked at Yarrow "Okay, I'll teach you how to really fight, But it only works at night, shall we continue?" he asked Yarrow.

Yarrow nodded "Sure" He followed Shadow away from the clearing. As they walked, Yarrow saw a huge bird. He was about to yowl. But Shadow silenced him witha shake of his head.

He looked at the rocks around him, and tipped his head. He crouched. Not moving a muscle. The bird was chewing on a vole. It didn't seem to notice the two cats watching it.

Yarrow was shocked as soon as the bird started to fly. Shadow leaped with amazing strength, landing straight on the eagle. Yarrow rushed to help him. But didn't jump as high, and ended up landing on his stomach.

He watched as Shadow fought with the bird. And the bird began to weaken and it stopped flying. Shadow jumped off, and the bird fell. He landed with ease.

Yarrow jumped and managed to catch the bird before it slammed into the ground. Yarrow dropped it as soon as they both landed. He mewed "It's heavy!"

"That's an eagle, Yarrow, they are very hard to catch, especially in these surroundings." Shadow mewed "They can pick up kits." he added.

Yarrow shivered "Okay, will that feed all of us?"

Shadow shrugged "Maybe." he noticed a smaller bird "How about you catch that just in case?" he flicked his tail toward a hawk.

Yarrow nodded. and felt his brothers gaze watching him as he watched the bird. He saw the bird eating a smaller mouse Hmm, double prey! Perfect! Yarrow leaped. But the hawk was startled. He managed to claw his way up onto it's back. But it was rising. He bit it's neck, it flinched almost throwing him off. But he held on with all the strength he had.

The hawk began to weaken, and he was ready to jump off But where!? he felt himself fall. He closed his eyes This is gonna hurt. He felt something grab his scruff. and he felt himself being torn away from the hawk.

He opened his eyes to see Shadow in front of him. The hawk had landed. Shadow asked "Are you okay?"

Yarrow nodded "Fine." he stood up and went toward the hawk "At least I killed it." he pointed out.

Shadow mewed "As long as you didn't get yourself killed in the process, then yes you did." he joked. Yarrow sighed, then picked up the hawk. While Shadow carried/dragged the Eagle.

Dragon saw them, she rushed over to them "You hunted? What did ya catch?" she saw the birds in their jaws, her eyes widened "River has been complaining while you were gone."

Shadow nodded to her as Dragon started to help him. Yarrow went into the cave and placed the hawk down, River was taking a nap. He mewed "Wake up River, unless you want to skip eating!"

River twitched her ear. Then leaped up "Hey! Not fair!" Yarrow put the hawk down as Shadow and Dragon put the eagle down. River stared "Wow! That bird is huge."

Yarrow mewed "It's an eagle." he looked at it "Scary." he grunted.

River looked at them "When do we eat?"

Shadow and Dragon looked at eachother "Now if you want." Dragon mewed. River perked her ears. and started taking small bites of of the hawk. Yarrow shared the hawk with River, often casting glances outside.

It must have been sun-high. Because the sky was a clear blur with white puffy clouds. He yawned as he finished the hawk. He stood up going outside. He watched the clouds. The wind was cold as it rushed through the mountains, leaving him shivering.

He looked around. Then saw mist across from him. He narrowed his eyes "Mizu?" the cat just looked at him, and padded off. Yarrow backed up, wanting to follow the cat.

He ran toward the cat, but stopping a few fox lengths behind the cat. Who didn't seem to pay him any mind. Yarrow followed the cat. "Mizu?" he asked, but the cat didn't answer, she continued to walk.

Yarrow followed her into a small valley, there was a great waterfall, and grasses and trees. But something was out of place in this valley.

He felt himself slide "Oh?" He landed on some grass, then looked around, the she-cat had disappeared, and he was left alone in the strange clearing. He felt a strange feeling of fear sweep over him, the valley was dark and unwelcoming. Whatever was there in that clearing.

Wasn't nice.

Yarrow started to back up, but he was trapped, he couldn't climb back up. He gulped, staring into the dark shadows of the trees. There was growling coming from the dark shadows. And a hiss that mewed "What do we have here?" A group of cats creeped out.

Yarrow bristled then asked in a nervous voice "Where am I?"

The tom who had noticed him, growled "In a valley, in the mountains, nothing out of the ordinary."

"Wh-What do you want?" Yarrow shivered.

"Ah, that's the problem, we are looking for.. Ah... A mystical object." the tom mewed calmly and silkily. A tone that Yarrow refused to trust "You wouldn't happen to have a stone shaped like a star would you?"

A she-cat hissed "It's obvious he doesn't, now can we kill him? He knows to much!" she hissed, glaring at Yarrow.

Yarrow twitched And I thought Dragon was mean.

The tom growled to her "Soon, Ria, but first, he might know where it is!" he looked at Yarrow "Do you know?"

Yarrow yelled at him "Of course I don't know, and plus, why would I tell you?!"

The tom looked at him, then mewed "I like your spirit young one, but sadly, you won't see any of your family again." his claws unsheathed.

Yarrow snarled "What makes you say that?"

"Well first, now that you know us, we must kill you." the tom grunted bluntly "Where is your family Yarrow? I know one of them may have followed you." he growled.

Yarrow growled "I'm not going to tell you where they are!"

"Oh.. Too bad... I guess we're going to be killing you now." the tom mewed icily, and he started towards Yarrow. Yarrow saw misty cats behind the group, they looked scared, and ragged.

Yarrow blinked Have those cats died by this cats paws? He heard a yowl and looked at the tom, he was 2 fox lengths away from Yarrow, and he leaped.

He didn't close his eyes, but he just watched. And he saw something pitch black jump over him A raven? he thought with icy calmness. He jumped up Wait! Ravens don't jump! he saw the raven/cat smashed into the cat head on.

The group was taken off guard, they screeched and backed away. Running into the trees Cowards Yarrow thought. He watched as the pitch black cat winning the fight.

The tom growled "Okay Okay! I give!" The pitch black cat stopped, and the tom backed away "You'll regret this you two." he also ran into the shadows.

Yarrow gasped when the cat spoke "I've been saving you alot today, Yarrow."

It was Shadow.

Yarrow sighed "I thought I saw Mizu, I must have.. Wandered off."

"Wandered off is right." Shadow growled "You've been gone for a while." he flicked his tail. Looking around with narrowed eyes.

Yarrow asked "Who were they?"

Shadow stopped and looked at him "I don't know, but whoever they were, they weren't very friendly."

"I got that message!" Yarrow grunted, then mewed "How do we get out of here?" he looked around, but saw no path.

Shadow tipped his head, he flicked his tail to a tree near where Yarrow had fallen. He nodded to Yarrow and climbed the tree. Yarrow looked confused but followed. Shadow backed up. Then took a running leap, landing perfectly on the other side.

Yarrow hesitated "Um?" Shadow looked back.

He looked at Yarrow with a confused look "Well?" he asked.

Yarrow stammered "I-I won't make that!" he growled at his brother "I'll just fall again!" he growled hotly. Almost going to look for another way.

Shadow mewed "You never know until you try, Yarrow." he sat down, waiting for Yarrow to jump to the ledge.

Yarroow glared at him "If I fall I'm blaming you." he growled at Shadow, and started to back up. He started to run and leaped, he flinched, and thought he was going to miss, but he landed in a stumble in front of Shadow.

"See? Now let's go." Shadow mewed, and he walked away from the small valley, Yarrow followed amazed I was so sure I wasn't going to make it he thought in awe.

Shadow had led them back to the opening, but something was wrong. Yarrow flinched when he smelled the scent of blood. Shadow looked confused, then worried.

Yarrow saw blood at the entrance, he choked. He blinked, and took in a deep breath, before going into the den. The floor had blood on it, he stopped breathing for a few seconds, trying to figure out what could have happened. He looked around.

Shadow looked a bit shocked also, he looked around. But it was clear Dragon and River were missing. "What happened?" Yarrow asked.

Shadow sniffed the air "Hmm, it's clear they got attacked, I think they are alive." he mewed.

Yarrows ear flicked "How do you know?" Shadow didn't answer, only padded away from the den "Hey! Where you going?" Yarrow yelled after him.

Shadow stopped "Well, I don't think they are coming back."

"Why?" Yarrow asked.

"Don't you remember what those rogues said?" Shadow growled,


"Nevermind then, anyways, I think they were captured by them." Shadow growled flatly.

"Oh.." Yarrow mewed in a murmur "So are we going to save them?"

Shadow mewed "That was my original plan" he flicked his tail, signaling for Yarrow to follow him. They followed the scent of Dragon, which was faint and tainted with blood.

Yarrow shivered, hoping his sisters weren't dead. Yarrow and Shadow came to a small and thin path. "Well this is safe." Yarrow growled sarcastically.

Shadow seemed to have doubts of his own, but hept going anyways. Yarrow followed, muttering to himself. Yarrow flinched when some rocks fell off from the path. "Don't go too fast, this path is close to crumbling." Shadow whispered.

"I got that." Yarrow mewed a bit more loudly. Some rocks crumbled "Okay." he whispered. Shadow continued on. But Yarrow felt some rocks shift under him. He froze "Um... Shadow."

Shadow looked at him, then he narrowed his eyes "Don't move." he carefully made his way towards Yarrow. But Yarrow felt it starting to shift faster "Ack!" He did the mouse brained thing and jumped to Shadow.

Shadow froze also, and all was silent "Mousebrain." he sighed. Yarrow didn't move either "Well, we can't move, unless we want to fall." he mewed.

Shadow flicked his ear "I get that, Yarrow. And too bad... Looks like we are going to have too." Shadow made a sudden movement, and the whole path started to slowly crumble.

He looked up and leaped to a ledge above "Come on Yarrow!" Yarrow started to slip. But jumped just in time to scramble up to Shadow. They watched the abyss with wide eyes.

Shadow commented "Well that was close!" Yarrow nodded. Shadow looked around "Well... There's no other way but down.."

Yarrow flinched "You're crazy if your thinking we have a chance of surviving that." he flicked his tail toward the abyss.

Shadow mewed "Did I say we have to go down there? Let me think."

Yarrow looked around "We can't jump the chasm.." he murmured to himself.

Shadow froze, his eyes narrowed. Yarrow saw him look up then jump to another ledge above. "Hey!" Yarrow exclaimed. Shadow ignored him and jumped to another ledge. "Well...I guess I'll wait here." Yarrow sighed.

Shadow stopped "Are you coming? There's only one way we're gonna cross the chasm."

"Oh yeah? How?" Yarrow growled sarcastically. Shadow flicked his tail towards two jutted out rocks. "Oh... That's safe" Yarrow sighed.

"Safer then your plan."

"I didn't have a plan!" Yarrow yelled at his brother, then started to follow. Shadow waited until Yarrow was on the flat ground before walking again.


Yarrow was panting "Hey? Can we stop for like a few minutes?"

Shadow shrugged "We're almost there anyways."

"Where did the rogues even take our sisters?" Yarrow asked.

Shadow shrugged again "I don't know, but it's stronger around here, they've been here recently." he mewed.

Yarrow looked around "It looks like we're almost out of the mountains..." he mewed "Where's the star shaped rock?"

Shadow flicked his tail "Over there, near the entrance to that valley" Yarrow looked, the rock was huge, it looked like a rocky star. He ran toward it, not caring that he was tired. He stopped in front of it. He looked up at it in awe.

Shadow caught up to him, then mewed flatly "I thought you were tired."

"I was." Yarrow mewed in awe. Shadow looked at the rock too. Yarrow saw something glittering on the rock. He peered at it "Hey... What's this?"

Shadow looked at him "Does it matter?" he asked. Yarrow clawed at it, until a large chip fell from it. It glimmered softly. "Huh weird" Yarrow commented, there was vine holding the piece, he put the strange rock around his neck.

Shadow sighed, then continued on. "I'm sure we'll find them" Yarrow mewed. They walked toward a huge forest, with a lake in the middle. The scent of cats was heavy, mixed in with the rogue scents, was prey.

"Thank goodness, I was getting hungry!" Yarrow complained.

They continued toward the forest, and toward the rogues.

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