Status: Leader
Current: ThunderClan
Past: Rogue (temporarily)
Kit: Cloverkit
Apprentice: Cloverpaw







Mother: Juniperclaw
Father: Cliffleg
Mate: Ferretcloud
Living: All of the Falling Origins Series (see warriors fanfiction wiki)
Dead: none
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: CloverBlondestar

The ClansEdit

Cloverkit is first seen in the nursery. He later goes out of the nursery to ask Redwhisker and Littlestar about the prophecy he is in. They do not tell him, so he goes back to the nursery and sleeps. He is next seen the next day bouncing out of his moss bed in excitement as his apprentice ceremony was going to be that day. He was then mentored by Ferretcloud. Cloverpaw is latter involded in a accident where Palefur, Cloverpaw's grandfather, is seen choking on a bit of mouse. "Nasty things mice sometimes" Palefur quotes. Cloverpaw, that night, gets dream meaning he is meant to go out opn a long journey and find his lost father. On his way he meets Stilton. He, Ferretcloud and Stilton walked on until they found a rogue group. The leader, Cosmo, is Cloverpaw's uncle. The three trek on until they find a large valley with a stream in the middle of it. They hop on a wooden thing called a 'boat' and sail to a massive twoleg place. They find a kittypet called Musty who takes the three cats to a cattery. In the Cattery they find Cloverpaw's father, Kile, and they go back to the Clans. When they get back, they realise the Dark Forest has taken over ThunderClan. Cloverpaw and his brothers, Dustpaw and Thornpaw and his sister Cinderpaw all have powers. Together they work together and defeat the dark Forest. Cloverpaw becomes Cloverflight. Dustpaw becomes Duststorm, Thornpaw (who is training as a medicine cat) becomes Thornface and Cinderpaw becomes Cinderfang. Duststorm and Featherflight mate. Borrispaw (cosmo) and Possumflight mate. Borrispaw and Cliffpaw (Kile) become Borrisflower and Cliffleg.

The DepthEdit

In the begining of the book, Featherflight gives birth to Duststorm's kit: Birchkit, and Possumflight gives birth to Borrisflower's kits: Briarkit, Bumblekit and Berrykit.

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