Cleverheart’s TaleEdit

0. Prelude to AdventureEdit

Cleverpaw snuck up on a juicy and plump vole; in a split second he sprang on his haunches and in a swift movement the vole was dead.

“Well done Cleverpaw!” A black tom with a single white tip on the top of his tail proudly mewed congratulations to his apprentice.

“Thank you Shadepelt, sir.” Cleverpaw mewed in reply. He wasn’t a really big fan of fighting or hunting, but the gray and white cat was pretty good at it.

Shadepelt and Cleverpaw walked back to the WindClan camp in silence, each deep in thought. They were the perfect mentor and apprentice- they had an identical personality, not battle hungry fighters but ready to defend the Clan if needed, and they were also some of the smartest cats in the forest. Cleverpaw was jogged into reality by a familiar mew.

It was Spurpaw. The brown she-cat with a white tip on her tail called again.

“Come on, what are you waiting for, Cleverpaw? I saved a really fat mouse for you and if you don’t hurry up I’m going to eat it!” Spurpaw’s voice called from over the clearing in the apprentice’s den.

“Well, if you do that then I guess I’ll just have to eat this vole I saved for you.” Cleverpaw retorted. He always had a comeback; it was always a good one though.

“Whatever, I’m starving after that hunt with Treepelt. He always makes me catch an insane amount of fresh-kill; when I get back to camp I wonder if it’s still fresh-kill and not crow food!”

Cleverpaw purred in amusement.

“Good night, Spurpaw.” “Same too you, Cleverpaw.” The two young cats then fell asleep in the WindClan camp.

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