"Skys Cloud?" a soft voice whispered.

A white tom-wolf looked up, his sharp muzzle and fuzzy ears and the necklace around his neck with a lightning bolt, a dark cloud, wind currents, and waves, gave away he was a tracker.

He barked softly "Yes?"

The she-wolf barked "The evil has started within the carrier."

Sky's Cloud nodded "I know, Broken Song, but I'm not sure who to pick."

Broken Song twitched "Why not someone young and true?"

Skys Cloud looked at her "You know it's against ancient law to pick a young cat," he glared at Broken Song "Who knows what would happen if I broke the law."

Broken Song whispered "You won't have a choice, the evil is descending, and only a young cat can stop it."

The lightning bolt glimmered softly, which meant it was time to choose.

Skys Cloud looked up "Fine, I'll pick one of the kits, one of them is loyal and brave, while one is loving and loyal, but the other one is brave, true and loyal."

He looked at Broken Song "So hard to choose, these kits hold a fate, no other carrier had before."

Broken Song growled playfully "What are you thinking?"

Sky Cloud twitched his muzzle "Let's just say, I have chosen, the kitten, who will save her clan, with the help with her friends."

He looked at the Lightning bolt "But I feel, that she will be betrayed by one of them, and be greatly upset about it, that's when the other must help her through." He stood up and looked at Broken Song.

"Tell Stone's Fall, that, when it's time, I'll take the stone, and give it too the kit." he looked at Broken Song.

Broken Song whispered "Do not dwadle Skys Cloud, these are dark times ahead, cats will die, and Starclan is trying their best to warn them."

Broken Song finished for him "But some of them don't listen to them."

Sky Clouds nodded sadly "Yes, I will be leaving soon, I wil be back when the deed is done," he put his paw up and bowed "Be careful Broken Song, and listen to the spirits around you."

At that, he bounded away, leaving Broken Song in the moon lit clearing.

Chapter 1Edit

"Oi Lilykit!"

Lilykit opened one eyes and saw a bunch of fuzzy golden fur "Goldenkit!" she grumbled.

Goldenkit was a hyper-active tom with blue eyes, he was loyal and brave, but he leaps before he thinks. But other then that, Lilykit considered him a good friend. Actually those are the reasons why Lilykit considered him a good friend.

Goldenkit mewed playfully "Come on Lilykit! I want to play!" he flashed a glance at his brother Bramblekit "And wake up my brother!"

Bramblekit was a loyal tom also, but he was more serious and more of a thinker then his brother was. He actually does the thinking for Goldenkit, But like Goldenkit, Lilykit thought of him as a good friend.

Goldenkit waved his tail "You coming?" he took a deep breath "I want to explore the camp, but I don't want to do it alone." he looked at Lilykit and flicked his tail.

Lilykit stood up and stretched "Okay, I'm coming, but I'm going to be the first one to look in the elders den." she looked at Goldenkit playfully.

Goldenkit shrugged "Whatever, I want to go into the medicine cats den."

Bramblekit, who woke up from their conversation mewed "Don't eat anything, some of those herbs might give you belly ache."

Goldenkit looked at him mischiviously "I never said I was going too." he turned back to Lilykit "Come on, let's go!" he bounded out without waiting for Lilykit to answer.

Lilykit rolled her eyes and followed, she looked behind her to see if Bramblekit was following. He wasn't. She turned and followed Goldenkit.

Goldenkit first stopped in front of the warriors den, he sniffed the air "Smell anything?" he flicked his tail to Lilykit, who smelled many cat scents.

Lilykit reported "Well, I smell Crowtail, and Clawheart." she eyed Goldenkit, Crowtail was one scary warrior, not that she would say that in front of Goldenkit, this time it was the exact oppisite from father like son, That's Rainbowdashs phrase. As if Crowtail was ever like Goldenkit.

Goldenkit took a deep breath "I smell... Er... Smells." he shrugged innocently.

Lilykit saw Crowtail step out, he was a strong jet black tom, with sharp emerald eyes, and sleek fur, his gaze went from Goldenkit to Lilykit and Goldenkit again, what was so scary about him was those emerald eyes.

Crowtail meowed a deep meow "What are you two doing out of the nursery?"

Goldenkit, not sensing Crowtails disapproving tone, launched into his story "We are exploring the camp, Crowtail! It's no fun being stuck in the nursery all day long." he kept his Crowtails gaze, which Lilykit found hard to do.

Crowtail flicked his tail when Clawheart came up from behind him "Oh come on Crowtail, these are kits," he said good-naturedly and he turned to the two kits "How about you go explore the medicine cat den, I heard there was a secret place in there." he pushed the two kits away.

Goldenkit and Lilykit nodded and ran toward the medicine cats den. There were strange smells coming from it. She asked Goldenkit "Is this Cloudfalls den?"

Goldenkit nodded slowly, and looked around to make sure no one was watching, and he went in. Lilykit was starting to have doubts when she stepped into the den.

The den was huge, with trickling sparkling water, a sandy floor. and a small crevice where Lilykit could just make out strange plants.

Before she could say anything, Goldenkit was running right to the plants and pulled a strange leaf out. Lilykit padded up and mewed doubtfully "I don't think we should be playing with Cloudfalls herbs, who knows what nasties they can cause us."

Goldenkit mewed "You're starting to sound like Bramblekit," but he looked doubtfully at the leaf. That's when Clawheart came in "Oh you don't want to eat those," he purred and took the leaf away "Those are yarrow leaves, don't take them unless you want to puke."

Goldenkit took out a black seed "What about this? It looks safe enough." he looked at Clawheart. Lilykit thought she saw an evil gleam in his stare but it was gone in a second.

"Oh those are perfectly harmless," he shrugged and mewed "They are really tasty too, especially when you have three of them." he twitched his whiskers.

Lilykit flicked her ear, she remembered Cloudfall saying something about black seeds, but she couldn't remember, just when Goldenkit was starting to eat three of the black seeds Cloudfalls voice rang in her ears.

These black seeds are poppy seeds Lilykit, they make a cat really sleepy, but when a cat has three or more... The cat might be out for awhile.

Lilykit then shrieked "Goldenkit! Don't eat the seeds!"

Goldenkit was about to eat a third one when he looked up "What? They're perfectly harmless." he was about to eat the third one when Lilykit tackled him.

"Cloudfall told me that the black seeds are poppy seeds, they make a cat real sleepy.. And if you have three of them. Let's just say you'll be asleep for a long time."

Goldenkit froze "Oh...Uh..... I'm not feeling..." he started to look tired and was staring at Lilykit.

Lilykit flicked her tail "You alright?"

Goldenkit nodded slowly and meowed in a relaxed voice "Perfectly fine." and he continued to stare at Lilykit, Lilykit started to imagine him as an older cat.

Lilykit mewed "We need to get to the nursery before you start falling asleep." Goldenkit was still staring at her with a calm look on his face.

Goldenkit joked in a sleepy voice "Yeah... I don't want to become delusional." he was now staring at Lilykit in a funny way.

Him and Lilykit went for the nursery where Bramblekit was there to meet them "Well.. How was the exploring?" he took one look at Goldenkit "Is he alright? He seems..." he cut off short when Goldenkit turned around and they saw Fishleap standing behind them.

"Well, hello Goldenkit, Y'all alright?" Fishleap was a really pretty she-cat who had a strange speak, she wasn't originally a clan cat, she was a rogue.

Fishleaps gaze started to look worried when she saw Goldenkit. "What have you been getting into now?" she poked Goldenkit gently "Please don't tell me you've been in the medicine cat den!"

Goldenkit sighed in a tired voice "Medicine cat den.." his eyes started to look glazed.

Fishleap called "Cloudfall?!"

A black and white tom came in "Yes, I just came into the camp from collecting herbs when I heard your yowl." Lilykit noticed more plants in his mouth and he saw Goldenkit, his gaze becoming narrowed.

"What'd he eat?" Cloudfall murmured.

Lilykit stammered "He ate poppy seeds, two." she looked at Goldenkit with a worried look on her expression "Will he die?" she looked at Cloudfall.

Cloudfall shook his head "No, like I said, it'll make him sleepy," he turned to Fishleap "Let him sleep, he'll be fine." he mewed in a reassuring tone. He walked out of the den.

Fishleap nudged Goldenkit and Bramblekit into the nest, they both curled up. Lilykit felt envious of her friends closeness. They were family, siblings.

Something she didn't have anymore.

All she had was Greenwater and a father who never really saw her.

Goldenkit opened one eye and looked at Fishleap who was keeping an eye on him. He looked at Lilykit and looked at Bramblekit and nodded.

They both looked at Fishleap who sighed and nodded. She gave Lilykit a warm gaze and went to sleep. Goldenkit and Bramblekit stood up and padded to Lilykit.

They took either side of her. Lilykit suddenly felt guilty, why should she be envious? When her family was right in front of her. Blood mattered sure, but the most special family is the ones that are close by bond.

The ones you could trust with your life. The ones you know will never hurt you, or betray you.

Lilykit went to sleep and heard Goldenkit mew quietly "Friends forever, no matter what happens." 

Chapter 2Edit

Lilykit was in a deep sleep, but she smelled scents, and she opened her eyes to find that she was in a clearing. total emptyness was around her.

Lilykit then saw a huge figure, with a sharp muzzle and fuzzy ears, and huge fangs.

Lilykit expected his gaze to be cruel and evil, but all she saw in his gaze was full of playfulness and love, and he had a strange necklace with a lightning bolt, a dark cloud, a wind current, and waves.

The thing spoke "Hello Lilykit, I'm Skys Cloud." he bowed in respect. Which surprised Lilykit.

He smiled "I have something to show you." he sat down and looked at Lilykit in sincere curiousity.

Lilykit asked "What? Are you going to show how I'm going to die?" she asked pointedly "What are you?" she had a feeling she could trust the thing, but she needed to make sure.

Skys Cloud looked sincerely hurt, he barked "I'm a wolf, sorry for not saying so earlier. But look beside me." he flicked his tail and stepped back. Three forms were starting to appear.

These cats were warrior sized, strong and lean, but what Lilykit couldn't believe was that she was staring right in the face of herself and her friends.

Goldenkit didn't look much like a kit, he looked strong, and Lilykit stared up at his blue eyes, which still hold loyalty and playfulness.

Lilykit turned to the brown tom who was staring at her, his serious gaze was still serious, but also held loyalty and something else.

Lilykit then turned to the brown she-cat who had soft green eyes, she was really pretty, with gleaming fur, older Goldenkit was staring at her with something in his eyes, something unexplainable.

Lilykit asked Skys Cloud "Is this our future selves?" she poked Goldenkit who looked at her softly.

Skys Cloud nodded "You three have a fate no other kittens have had before, oh and would you like to hear something else?"

Lilykit nodded excited "Oh yes!"

Skys Clouds voice turned eerily like Bramblekits, but this was an older softer tone. "Our fates were entwined, but never joined."

Lilykit looked confused and Skys Cloud looked up, Lilykit looked up and saw the night start to turn into dawn.

He barked "I must leave, this is only the start, Lilykit, never forget that." he disappeared in a breath a wind, and the dream ended.

Lilykit woke up to see her friends who were fast asleep. Goldenkit looked like a kitten again, and so did Bramblekit.

Lilykit stretched. She saw Goldenkit stir, and he opened his eyes. Lilykit twitched "Good morning." and she twitched her whiskers and flicked Bramblekit with her tail.

Bramblekit sniffed and looked at her angrily "I was having a good dream." he stood up and shook himself "Can't you at least wait until everyone else is awake?" he asked.

Goldenkit mewed "I don't mind." he looked at Bramblekit with smugness. A look Rainbowdash would cuff him for.

Bramblekit scolded "Well I wasn't the one who ate the poppy seeds."

Lilykit was still thinking about that Why would Clawheart not warn Goldenkit about the poppy seeds? Hmm. she thought.

Goldenkit shrugged "True, but they were tasty." he twitched his whiskers sheepishly. Lilykit knew he never really thought about Clawheart. But something told Lilykit that Clawheart wasn't really a friendly cat.

Lilykit stared at Goldenkit and Goldenkit caught her gaze and looked at her.

Lilykit looked away, then mewed "So... What are we going to do today?" she flicked her traill uneasily, feeling her fur grow hot.

Bramblekit shrugged and asked "How old are we?"

Goldenkit exclaimed "Don't tell me you forgot!" he purred.

Bramblekit shook his head "Your not getting my question."

Lilykit answered "We are six moons! We are going to become apprentices!" she nudged Bramblekit in excitement "I can't wait!"

Goldenkit mused "I wonder who our mentors are going to be."

Fishleap padded in and grabbed Bramblekit and he complained when she started to wash him harshly. Bramblekit complained while Goldenkit laughed.

Lilykit felt herself being picked up and being washed, she smelled Greenwater and she didn't make a sound, Bramblekit was fisnished and Goldenkit was next and he mewed "Hey!"

Fishleap purred "I don't want you to be scruffy for the ceremony, I want you to be sleek and handsome." Lilykit twitched her whiskers at that.

Greenwater stopped and walked out, Lilykit wondered if she actually cared what Lilykit did or didn't do.

Goldenkit was finished and he whined "Great, I proboly look like a fish."

Fishleap gave him a cuff on the ear and mewed "Oh you're so much like your father, when he was young at least." she pushed them towards the entrance.

Lilykit stopped behind them and waited for Hollystars call.

Hollystars voice sounded "Let all cats join beneath the high-rock for a clan meeting!" her voice rang in Lilykits ears. Goldenkit had an expression of excitement while Bramblekit was looking serious.

Lilykit padded beside Goldenkit and they froze beneath the high-rock, waiting for the mentors to be called. Hoping for dear life, she wouldn't get someone harsh and strict.

Or worse.

Chapter 3Edit

Hollystar voice rang "These kits are now old enough to become apprentices." She looked down at the three kits. Who were waiting nervously.

Lilykit watched Hollystar as she mewed "Goldenkit, fron this moment on you will be named as Goldenpaw, your mentor will be Whiteclaw."

Whiteclaw was Lilykits father, he was a huge white tom with sandy eyes, he was nice, but he was also very strict about clan life. He took it very seriously.

Goldenpaw went to his mentor and touched noses then turned to watch the rest of the ceremony.

Hollystar waited and mewed "Bramblekit, from this moment on you will be named as Bramblepaw, your mentor will be Birdsong."

Lilykit took a good look at Birdsong. She was a small black she-cat with icy blue eyes, and white paws. But she looked friendly enough.

Bramblepaw touched her nose and turned to Lilykit.

Hollystar finished "Lilykit, from this moment on you will be known as Lilypaw," she hesitated "Your mentor will be Clawheart."

Lilypaw turned to look at Clawheart and hesitantly touched noses with him, the lightning shaped eclipse stone suddenly shining.

Lilypaw backed away and Hollystar mewed "I have some bad news, something I should have announced before the ceremony."

All went quiet. even the forest was holding it's breath, there was no wind, not even the sound of a bird. Which would have been comforting.

Hollystar spoke "At the last gathering, there was a fight," she looked at her clan "I am afraid, that there is tensions between Thunderclan and Shadowclan." she bowed

Everyone was silent, and Clawheart broke the silence "Will the....Tracker come?" he shivered

Hollystar shrugged "I am not sure. If he does, we must be careful not to anger him, because he will take away the eclipse stone."

Lilypaw asked Goldenpaw "What's a tracker?"

Goldenpaw whispered "A tracker is a gaurdian of the eclipse stones, and when someones misusing the stone, they'll have it taken away from them," he narrowed his eyes "It's complicated, I heard this from Rainbowdash."

Lilypaw nodded slowly as Hollystar ended the meeting and went into her den. Lilypaw went toward Goldenpaw "So... Want to find a place in the apprentices den?"

Goldenpaw shrugged "Sure." he signaled to Bramblepaw "We're going to get places in the apprentice den, want to come?" he asked.

Bramblepaw nodded silently and folowed them into the apprentices den. it was large and there was a rock in the middle of it, with moss beds surrounding it, there was only one other apprentice in here.

The apprentice was jet black with amber eyes, and he mewed "Oh hello, I'm Blackpaw!"

Goldenpaw mewed "Hello." and he settled himself near the rock picking the large moss bed that seemed pre occupied, but the scent was stale.

Lilypaw found one by Goldenpaw, it smelled like Birdsong, but it was really stale.

Lilypaw saw Bramblepaw take the bed between them. and fell asleep immediately. Goldenpaw was looking around, taking in the den.

Lilypaw also went to sleep, expecting a dream, one never came. She only heard the light breathing of the other apprentices, and also warriors talking in the warriors den which was beside the apprentices den.

Lilypaw heard only bits of pieces.

She heard Birdsong mew "We're in for trouble if the tracker comes, you better be careful Clawheart," her tone was serious.

She heard Clawhearts voice "Don't worry about it, I'm not planning to go crazy, you sound like my sister."

She heard Birdsong retort "That's cause I am your sister."

Clawheart was silent when he mewed "Listen, the Tracker is more likely to punish Shadowclan, Thunderclan has done nothing wrong."

There was another voice, Crowtail, mewed "Don't be too confident Clawheart, chances are, we might be even with Shadowclan."

There were a chorus of agreements and Lilypaw heard Greenwater mew "What will you do Clawheart, if he chooses you?"

Clawheart mewed "Nothing, I'm not fighting against the tracker, it's suicide."

Lilypaw stopped listening, apprently the tracker was really dangerous, she only heard stories of the tracker. The dangerous wolf that went around doing the duty of protecting the stones and giving them to carriers.

Lilypaw knew what Greenwater meant, the tracker could pick either one of the clans, or both. She didn't know what would happen if a stone was taken away, but from the elders whispers, it was really bad.

The stone was like the clans heart, take it away, it stops working. Take away the carrier, everything stops working all together.

Lilypaw remembered that Rainbowdash had said that the carrier was taken away, but the stone was returned, and given to a more suitable carrier.

Lilypaw felt her eyes droop, thinking about stones and the complications of it was tiring.

She looked at her friend Goldenpaw, and felt her fur grow hot, she didn't know why her fur grew hot, it just did. He was fast asleep.

She looked at her other friend, Bramblepaw, who was fast asleep. He looked like he was dreaming cause he looked scared about something.

Lilypaw didn't dare wake him up, he wouldn't like that, she knew from past experiences that he was really grumpy when you woke him up.

Lilypaw decided to close her eyes one more time and try to fall asleep.

She felt herself go into darkness, and she was in deep sleep. She wasn't worried about anything right now, except about what training would be like.

Lilypaw decided to relax about everything until it needed to be fussed about.

But Skys Clouds ominous words that sounded like Bramblepaw rang in her ears "Our fates were entwined, but never joined."

Lilypaw wanted to figure what it meant while she was an apprentice, Bramblepaw hadn't said those words, Skys Cloud did.

What was creepier was that it was Bramblepaws voice, if not an older sounding version of Bramblepaw.

Lilypaw realised that her and her friends weren't going to have normal destines, Which goes to show that some cats get really special destinies, while everyone else is normal.

Ooo boy, I wish I was normal. Lilypaw though and sighed, finally falling into deep sleep, hoping to dream of a fat juicy mouse that she will learn to hunt for the next morning. 

Chapter 4Edit

"Lilypaw wake up," the voice was serious, and she felt something flick her flank. The voice persisted "You're gonna be late for training."

Lilypaw opened both eyes at the sound of training. She saw Bramblepaw flicking his tail and he mewed "Clawheart and Birdsong are waiting, Goldenpaws already gone."

Lilypaw looked over to her friends nest. It was totally empty.

Bramblepaw mewed "Well? You coming?" he asked. Without waiting for an answer he padded out. Flicking Lilypaw on the way out.

Lilypaw stood up and stretched. I hope trainings fun. she thought as she padded toward her mentor, Clawheart looked bigger and the stone was gleaming faintly.

Clawheart mewed "About time you're awake sleepyhead." he purred, but Lilypaw had a feeling he wasn't all good-hearted like Goldenpaw or Bramblepaw.

He flicked his tail "We are going to train with Whiteclaw and Goldenpaw," he bent down "Battle training," he twitched his whiskers "Just seeing what you know, then we'll get into advanced stuff."

Lilypaw thought Problem is, I don't know anything, she froze Unless he just wants to see what moves we used as kits.

Clawheart mewed "Let's go, they'll be waiting," he looked back at her "I'll show you the territory later." he turned and padded out of the camp, with Lilypaw on his tail.

They headed through the green undergroth, the sun casting small rays of light through the trees, making it seem like the forest was sparkling in the morning light.

They stopped in a sandy clearing. Whiteclaw was talking to Goldenpaw, who was listening intently. When they came toward them. They both looked up.

Goldenpaw mewed "Hi Lilypaw!" Whiteclaw was twitching his whiskers while Clawheart was looking serious.

Whiteclaw mewed "This is just basics, we want to see wat you know from apprentices practicing in the camp. And Hollystar has asked me-"

"To use your claws." Clawheart cut him off, finishing for him, there was an odd gleam in his eyes. Lilypaw shivered.

Goldenpaw and Lilypaw looked at each-other in horror. Whiteclaw looked confused at Clawheart and shrugged, dismissing the toms words.

Lilypaw went onto the other side of the clearing, she unsheathed her claws and she thought I'm so sorry Goldenpaw, if I hurt you.

Goldenpaw was obviously thinking the same thing, he was hesitant, and Whiteclaw mewed "Ready?"

Lilypaw squeaked "Ready."

Clawheart growled "Start."

Lilypaw thought, but she didn't have time, Goldenpaw bowled into her, she expected claws to pierce her side, but it never happened.

She heard Goldenpaw whisper "Sheathe your claws when your just about to attack." his voice went from soft to a growl as he tried to pin her down.

Lilypaw rolled away. And leaped up into the air. smashing into Goldenpaws flank and she whispered "This is so barbaric.."

Goldenpaw whispered "I know."

He pushed her away, he was a bit bigger then Lilypaw, so just smashing into him wasn't going to help, but then she realised that Goldenpaw always leaps before he thinks.

When she saw him runnning toward him she stood lightly and leaped to the side hitting his flank pretending to scratch it.

Goldenpaw twitched his whiskers and turned, he was about to launch another attack Whiteclaws soft mew sounded "Good job."

Clawheart looked disappointed for some reason. When Whiteclaw padded up to them she whispered "I just couldn't use my claws Whiteclaw, I'm sorry."

Whiteclaw whispered back "Don't worry, I wasn't expecting you too."

Lilypaw sighed then looked at Clawheart, whos dissapointment was gone in a flash and he mewed "Good work Lilypaw, you'll make a good warrior."

Lilypaw asked "Can we learn the territory now?" she added "I want to learn to hunt too."

Clawheart purred "Don't get ahead of your-self, but I can show you the territory," he nodded to Whiteclaw "Maybe Goldenpaw and Whiteclaw can join us."

Whiteclaw mewed "Patrol, good idea." he padded to Clawheart and led the apprentices out of the sandy hollow.

Lilypaw looked at Goldenpaw then mewed to Clawheart "Where we going?"

Clawheart mewed "To the border of Shadowclan, we can't trust Shadowclan, and Hollystar won't take any chances.' he finished with a grim mew

Lilypaw followed Whiteclaw through the undergrowth, it started to get foggy, cause of the marsh that started to appear.

She couldn't see but she heard Whiteclaws voice "Stop Lilypaw! your heading straight into-" he was cut off and there was a battle yowl

A tom came out of the mist and atacked Lilypaw with unsheathed claws. Lilypaw yowled in shock and surprise.

She heard Goldenpaws voice "Leave her alone!" she then saw a flash of golden fur slam into the tom, who was taken off gaurd.

He growled "You're trespassing!" he started to advance on Goldenpaw. Lilypaw mewed "It was an accident! I couldn't see!"

The tom ignored her and leaped ready to crush Goldenpaw. Lilypaw thought he was done for, but he just jumped to the side and scratched his flank.

The tom winced and Goldenpaw growled "It's 4 to 1, are you so confident to take on a whole patrol?"

The tom stayed silent and Clawheart growled "Marshwhisper! Leave them be, they're just apprentices!" He shoved Marshwhisper away "Lilypaw couldn't see."

Marrshwhisper snorted "Fine, but this will be settled." He disappeared into the fog, Lilypaw was led away from the territory.

Lilypaw sighed "This is all my fault."

Goldenpaw mewed "It's not your fault Lilypaw, I couldn't see either, I wouldn't be able to get him away from you if I didn't hear him."

Clawheart nodded "Goldenpaw is right, how about I take you to the lake?" he flicked his tail to a thin tree line, where something blue was sparkling through the trees.

They stopped on the edge. the waves lapped the sand, making the sand dark and wet, there was an island in the middle.

Whiteclaw mewed "That is the island, that is where we have gatherings."

Lilypaw watched in amazement, there were trees, and there was sand surrounding the island.

Whiteclaw looked toward a moor, it was windswept, full of Heather and proboly Horse-tail.

Goldenpaw asked "Is that Windclan territory, Whiteclaw?"

Whiteclaw nodded and mewed "Yes, they are lean and quick, and suspicious," he looked at them both "They are also untrustworthy."

Clawheart agreed "Yes, they are," he padded away and commented "Let's get back to camp, it's getting late." he padded into the undergrowth.

Goldenpaw and lilypaw followed him, with Whiteclaw in the back.

They got to the camp and were greeted by Bramblepaw, when Clawheart hurried to Hollystars den, Bramblepaw asked "What happened?"

Goldenpaw snorted "Shadowclan happened, Marshwhisper attacked Lilypaw," he was still bristling "I can't believe he would just attack."

Lilypaw nodded and thought she heard a howl in the distance, and she heard Rainbowdash, who was feasting on a mouse, mew "We're out of time, the tracker has come."

Lilypaw looked at her, then followed Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw into the apprentices den. Where Leafpaw and Blackpaw were sleeping.

Lilypaw went into her nest and fell asleep in seconds, not caring if the howls were getting nearer and nearer. A clan was going to suffer.

Lilypaw just hoped it wasn't Thunderclan.

Chapter 5Edit

Lilypaw woke up, she saw Bramblepaw and Goldenpaw still sleeping, there was a light mist.

She stood up and stretched, she wanted to learn how to hunt, she stepped out of the den. Clawheart was munching on a vole.

Clawheart looked up "Ah, good morning Lilypaw, want to learn how to hunt?" he flicked his tail at the fresh-kill pile "Everyone gets hungry in Green-leaf" he purred in amusement.

Lilypaw nodded "Oh yes! I want to hunt and eat." she also purred and wondered if the feelings about Clawheart not being trustworthy weren't accurate.

Clawheart mewed "Well come on." he bounded out with Lilypaw right on his tail, the mist started to dissapear when the sun started to get more up in the sky.

Clawheart stopped in the sandy hollow, which was sparkling in the morning dew. Lilypaw asked "So what are you going to teach me?"

Clawheart mewed "Show me your hunting crouch." he sat down and watched.

Lilypaw crouched being sure her whiskers were just touching the ground, she lifted her tail a bit, and she padded forward quickly.

Clawheart commented "Good, but be patient, and don't rush, they'll hear you coming." he saw a leaf fall, and he crouched in swiftness, padding forward slowly, before leaping and pinning the leaf.

Clawheart signaled "You try now, go hunt in the bush over there." he flicked his tail toward the small piece of forest.

Lilypaw went into the bush, sniffing the air, smelling a mouse. she dropped into a hunting crouch when she pinpointed it's exact position.

She pounced and landed on the mouse and killed it quickly. She picked up the mouse and headed back to Clawheart and put the mouse at his paws.

"How was that?" Lilypaw asked

Clawheart purred "Good, you're gonna be a good hunter one day." he sniffed the air and disappeared into the bush.

He came back later with more prey in his jaws and added it to the small pile of a mouse and a vole.

Clawheart looked around "Want to learn something valuble?"

Lilypaw nodded "Sure! Will it help with my skills?" she looked at Clawheart in confusion.

Clawheart nodded "Yep, guess what it is." without waiting for Lilypaw to answer he mewed "Moss!" he led her to a tree and arched his claws and slashed down-ward.

The moss fell into a heap at his paws and he looked at Lilypaw "You try." he backed up.

Lilypaw was a bit disappointed but did what he did, getting it right the first time, and the moss fell beside Clawhearts pile.

Clawheart picked his pile up and Lilypaw picked up her pile.

They headed back to the camp, and Lilypaw mewed "Moss for the elders is a good skill?"

Clawheart purred "Oh, you'll see."

Lilypaw put the moss down in the elders den and strated smoothing it into a bed. Rainbowdash and Granitefur were both watching.

When she was done they both settled themselves without saying anything. They didn't say thank you! Lilypaw thought.

Clawheart sensed her displeasure and mewed "Come on, your friends probably want to eat with you," his eyes flashed "You wouldn't want to keep them waiting."

Lilypaw shook her head and padded out, seeing Goldenpaw eating a Robin and Bramblepaw watching.

Goldenpaw mewed after gulping "About time, I thought Clawheart was going to keep you hunting," his eyes flashed playfully "And collecting moss."

Lilypaw glared at him.

Goldenpaw twitched his whiskers "Sorry," he nodded to the plump vole beside him "There's your food that Bramblepaw caught."

Bramblepaw rolled his eyes "As a matter of fact, it was so slow I let you catch it."

Goldenpaw then glared at him "Oh and you think your so smart, you didn't seem so smart when you almost walked into Windclan territory, with a patrol staring at you."

Bramblepaw bristled "You fell into the lake, that's worse!"

Now that Bramblepaw mentioned it, Goldenpaw looked wet, his fur was clinging to his sides. He looked angry and shook himself, purposely getting water on Bramblepaw.

Lilypaw growled "Stop fighting, you two are acting like immature kits."

Goldenpaw gave her the innocent look that always made her melt "Remember we were kits once, so you're calling all kits immature."

Lilypaw didn't know what to say "Fine." she sighed and picked up the vole and took a big bite. She thought Goldenpaw and Bramblepaw are both smart, too bad they are both proud.

Goldenpaw mewed "Sorry, I guess we did seem like immature kits, who have nothing better to do then fight for no reason."

Bramblepaw muttered also "I'm sorry."

Lilypaw nodded "Good," she looked at the toms softly "I don't like it when brothers fight, or friends for that matter."

Goldenpaw bowed his head .

Bramblepaw perked up "Hear that?" he was staring right at the entrance, somethings wrong" when he finished Clawheart burst in "Hollystar?!"

Hollystar padded out of her den "What is it, Clawheart?" her gaze turned serious "Speak."

Clawheart took a deep breath "I was ambushed by a Shadowclan patrol, they almost pushed me off the cliff, but I managed to get away," he looked at Hollystar "May I bring Lilypaw, Bramblepaw, and Goldenpaw, with me to check out to see if their still there?"

Hollystar mewed doubtfully "It might be dangerous," she hesitated "Okay, but make sure that they don't get in to trouble."

Goldenpaw whispered "Since when have we gotton into trouble?"

Lilypaw stood up and went over to Clawheart, all old feelings rushing back to her, Clawheart looked angry and his eyes were filled with hatred.

Clawheart flicked his tails to the three apprentices "Come, I'll stay at the back to make sure we will not be flanked, you know where the cliff is right?"

Bramblepaw nodded "That's the first place Birdsong showed me." He led the three cats into the under-growth.

Lilypaw looked back to see if Clawheart was still there, he was. But he was looking around oddly, as if he was wondering if anyone was watching them.

Lilypaw stopped when Bramblepaw stopped and he mewed "Here we are." he looked over the cliff "High ain't it?" he looked at the two apprentices.

Lilypaw looked also, the waves were slamming against the rocks, she asked "Would you survive if you fell?" she looked straight at Bramblepaw.

Bramblepaw shrugged "I don't know," he looked back "Clawheart, they are not-" but Clawheart was not there.

Bramblepaw mewed "Strange," he looked around before turning his gaze back to the cliff. "Actually, maybe, if Starclans is merciful."

Goldenpaw nodded slowly. Bramblepaw commented "Where's Clawheart?" he looked around "He said he'd be right behind us." he looked grim and stepped away from the cliff.

Goldenpaw and Lilypaw were amazed at the cliff. Bramblepaw hissed "Come on, I have a bad feeling," he looked at them and sighed "Fine, I'll go look around."

He walked away, leaving Goldenpaw and Lilypaw totally alone.

Lilypaw thought she heard something and looked up "Clawheart? Bramblepaw?" she asked faintly, and a bit scared.

Goldenpaw was alert, he looked around also and they turned their backs on the cliff. Two toms came out and they growled "Well, Well... Lookie what we got here, Claw was right, he has managed to get them all alone."

Lilypaw bristled "What did you do with Bramblepaw?" she unsheathed her claws, smelling another scent she turned back and saw the toms advancing.

She flinched when both of them were aiming for her, only her.

She braced herself to be blown over the cliff. She opened her eyes to see Goldenpaw was pushing the toms away from her and toward the cliff.

Lilypaw saw the rocks crumble under the weight of the two toms and Goldenpaw.

In an instant the rocks broke and Lilypaw could only watch as the two toms, and Goldenpaw, fall into the mist of the crashing waves.

Chapter 6Edit

Lilypaw was in too much shock to yowl, cry, or even do anything at all.

Lilypaw tried to gather what just happened. So two toms were trying to attack me, or kill me or whatever, but Goldenpaw slammed them away, but fell off the cliff with them. That's when she screeched "Bramblepaw!"

Bramblepaws brown fur slammed into her and stopped her falling off the cliff "What's wrong Lilypaw? Where's Goldenpaw?"

Lilypaw closed her eyes and shook her head, almost in tears. She shivered and looked at the raging lake below and then looked at Bramblepaw "He-he-" she couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it.

Goldenpaw was gone.

Lilypaw cried "This is all my fault!" she put her muzzle into Bramblepaws fur, who was frozen in shock.

He whispered "Don't worry, I-I'm sure he's alright." but he sounded like he was trying to convince himself more then he was trying to convince Lilypaw.

Clawheart had ran toward them "What happened? I was just chasing a rogue away and-" he then saw the cliff and looked at Bramblepaw and Lilypaw "Where's Goldenpaw."

Bramblepaw looked at him sadly and looked at the cliff, Clawheart looked at the cliff, then looked at them "I will be back." he looked ready to jump off the cliff.

Lilypaw screeched "What in Starclans name are you doing?!"

Clawheart looked at her "I'll be fine, weak yes, but fine, I will survive cause of the stone, I can sense him. Tell Hollystar I'll be gone for awhile." he jumped down like he was jumping off a rock and he was gone also.

Bramblepaw growled "He's crazy."

Lilypaw shook her head "I think he's the reason Goldenpaws gone."

Bramblepaw looked at her "What do you mean?" he flicked his tail nervously "I mean, what happened?"

"There were a couple of rogues, and they mentioned a cat named Claw." she mewed flatly and looked at Bramblepaw "What do you get if you take the heart away from Clawheart?" she asked.

Bramblepaw growled "Claw.... So he's bad?"

A voice sounded "Yes apprentices, bad." they both turned to see a strange wolf with a necklace, with the lightning stone glittering brightly.

Lilypaw exclaimed "Skys Cloud!"

Skys Cloud bowed "Yes, I have come to give the stone to the new carrier." he looked at Lilypaw "What is wrong?"

Lilypaw mewed shakily "My friend, Goldenpaw, he-he fell," she added "Off the cliff." she nodded towards the cliff. Skys Cloud looked over and went toward the cliff and sat down.

Then he howled, but as he howled, all stones glimmered and they formed a star. It glittered so brightly it was hard to believe that it wasn't a real star.

Lilypaw asked "What's happening?"

Bramblepaw asked "Guiding, protecting, it all makes sense," he mewed calmly "I think Goldenpaws gonna be just fine."

Lilypaw watched in amazement as he stopped howling and the star went back to the four stones. He looked back "Lilypaw, you have been chosen." he walked away toward the beach of the lake

Lilypaw mewed "Chosen- what?"

She looked at Bramblepaw and he looked grim "Something tells me that Clawhearts not going to be fine," Bramblepaw bowed and mewed "We should get back to camp."

As they headed she thought she heard Goldenpaw call and looked around I must be imagining it. she shook her head.

When they got to camp Hollystar bounded to them "There's bad news." She looked back and Lilypaw saw Clawhearts body, he lay limp.

Greenwater yowled "What are we going to do without a carrier?!"

Rainbowdash rasped "We will be weakend, and the tracker is still not here!"

Hollystar called "Calm, everyone calm!" she leaped onto the high-ledge "I know that this day has been very grim, first we lost Goldenpaw." she looked sadly at Fishleap, who buried her muzzle into Crowtails side.

She continued "And we also lost our carrier, but we must remain strong, the stones gone, we don't no where, but we will not succumb, we must survive!" she slammed her paw down and there were caterwauls.

Lilypaw was still leaning against Bramblepaw "Goldenpaw, he can't be gone."

Bramblepaw was strangely calm "He's going to be fine," he mewed into Lilypaws ear. "Don't worry, Hollystar is wrong to say Goldenpaw is dead"

Lilpaw hoped he was right, for Goldenpaws sake, and life.

Because Clawheart was dead and gone, and she knew it wasn't to Starclan, he was bad, and evil.

Lilypaw knew she should have trusted her feelings, Clawheart was only acting to be a good carrier, and a good mentor.

Lilypaw mewed "I wonder who's gonna be my mentor now."

Bramblepaw mewed "Let's not worry about that right now," he sighed "You need rest after all that screeching you did." he nudged her toward the apprentices den

When she got in she looked at Goldepaws nest and instinctivly went to the nest and curled up in it.

It comforted her that she could still smell his scent. Like he was still there, but he wasn't, and she believed that soon it would become stale.

Why did Bramblepaw persist that he was going to be fine? Lilypaw couldn't answer, Goldenpaw had fallen into the misty waves, she saw him fall.

There was no way he could have survived.

Unless like Bramblepaw said, Starclan was merciful. But they never stand in the way. So she gave up hoping he was alive. Why couldn't Bramblepaw?

She closed her eyes, hoping when she woke up from this real nightmare, Goldenpaw will be alive, and so was Clawheart.

Well, minusing Clawheart. Lilypaw mewed to herself "Let's face it," she laughed "He's evil." she looked at Bramblepaw who was asleep.

Lilypaw looked at the stars "Why did you let this happen Starclan?"

When she closed her eyes she dreamed. Not of Skys Cloud, not of Starclan, but obviously of Goldenpaw. Why did it have to be him? She was depressed enough already.

Goldenpaw then asked which made her jump "You okay Lilypaw?" he looked weak and wet, he also looked cold and sick.

Lilypaw gasped "You're not! You're dead!" she looked at him "You in my dream proves it!"

Goldenpaw shook his head "No, I-I think I was saved by a wolf," he looked at Lilypaw "Those toms are dead though, I don't think they know how to swim," his eyes gleamed mischeviously "Or had past experience with falling into water."

Lilypaw sighed "So you-you're alive"

Goldenpaw sat in front of her, inches away "Alive and in the flesh," he looked at his wet fur "And fur." he smiled "Maybe I should make Bramblepaw wet some more?" he asked playfully

Lilypaw asked "Where are you?"

Goldenpaw answered with a joke "Right in front of you, mouse-brain."

Lilypaw looked at him "No seriously." she flicked him with her tail "Where are you?" she was overjoyed that he was alive.

Goldenpaw mewed flatly "Being carried, by the wolf."

Lilypaw flicked her tail "That's all?" she looked at him and her fur grew hot, and she stared at him "Goldenpaw..."

Goldenpaw mewed "Lilypaw."

Lilypaw shook her head "Sorry, I'm just amazed," she looked straight into his gaze "That your alive."

Goldenpaw shrugged "Time for you to wake up." he flicked his tail toward the sky, where the sun was rising. it was dawn in the real world.

When she turned to look back, he was gone, and the whole clearing disappeared 

Chapter 7Edit

Lilypaw woke up, she was kind of surprised that she was in Goldenpaws nest, but then remembered what happened.

"You like him don't you?" Bramblepaws voice sounded in his nest, it held no jealously or hate, only mere understanding.

Lilypaw stammered "N-No, of course not, he's my best friend, and so are you!" she shifted uncomfortably. And looked at Bramblepaw.

Bramblepaw shrugged "It's okay if you don't want to tell me, it's perfectly fine, I-I understand that it might be a bit private to you."

Lilypaw mewed in exasperation "But I don't!" Or do i? Lilypaw hadn't really thought about it, but now that Bramblepaw mentioned it, Goldenpaw always made her feel different.

She sighed. Rainbowdash yowled "The Tracker is here!"

She hurried out and she saw Skys Cloud gently drop a golden cat, it was breathing, but unconcious. The Tracker barked "Everyone! Gather round"

All cats made a circle around him. Watching him with scared and confused eyes.

He barked "As you all know, Clawheart has died, so you are without a carrier." he looked straight at Lilypaw and a strange sensation come over her.

Skys Cloud voice barked "That is why I'm giving the stone to the rightful owner, the true owner." the lightning stone glittered around his neck. he brought out Clawhearts stone, which was glittering softly.

Hollystar asked "Who's the new carrier?" she said it politely and respectfully.

Skys Cloud barked "I do protect the stones, Hollystar, but the stones choose." he put the stone on the ground and it turned into a small golden orb.

Then it headed straight for Lilypaw, it formed a necklace around her, the feeling was nice, like eating prey when your hungry, or feeling love for someone.

All cats watched her in amazement and Rainbowdash muttered "You do realise Skys Cloud, that it is against ancient law, to give the stone to someone so young, so you cannot garantee she will live?"

Skys Cloud mewed "Ah Rainbow Dash, you're looking as young as ever," he answered her questoin "I can never garantee someones going to live, but like you said when we were young. Some laws need to be broken for the greater good."

He then looked around "Also, who is your medicine cat?" he looked down at the small cat at his paws "I think this young one needs attention."

Cloudfall padded into the circle "I am," he stopped by the cat and sniffed "He's really weak, I'm surprised, he looks like he drowned."

Skys Cloud shrugged "Goldenpaw will be fine, he's going to get sick though, but I think he'll be fine." he looked straight into Cloudfalls gaze "But I'm no medicine cat, but I ensure you he'll live, if not get really sick."

He bowed to everyone and bounded out, leaving the clan in shocked silence.

Lilypaw asked Cloudfall "Well?" she looked at him "You gonna help Goldenpaw or not?" she felt confident. Eclipse Stone Weilders had a special connection with the medicine cat.

Cloudfall bowed to her in respect and mewed "Can someone get me thyme, and maybe some Colts Foot."

Bramblepaw nodded while Birdsong and Cloudsky took Goldenpaw to the medicine cat den.

Lilypaw was now in her own shock So that's what Skys Cloud meant that I was chosen, she looked at the stone I promise on the ancient laws, that I will use the stone for good, and not for evil. she took a deep breath.

She padded up to Hollystar and bowed, Hollystar bowed back, which surprised Lilypaw. "Hello." Lilypaw looked straight at her leader.

Hollystar only bowed and walked away, while warriors were nodding to her. Rainbowdash was looking more relaxed now.

Lilypaw then got a sudden thought, she headed towards the medicine cat den, Goldenpaw was awake and sitting up, but he looked like he did in the dream. Wet and Cold.

Lilypaw asked "You alright?"

Goldenpaw twitched his whiskers "I'm fine," he flicked his tail "I see your the new carrier." he bowed in respect. Bramblepaw copied his motion.

Lilypaw twitched her whiskers "You guys don't have to do that."

Goldenpaw twitched his whiskers "I know, I'm just trying to annoy you."

Bramblepaw sighed "His sense of humour didn't drown, but I'm sure hes gonna do more thinking then leaping." Bramblepaws eyes glittered also.

Goldenpaw laughed "I think my sense of humour is immortal, it's gonna take a lot more then falling off a cliff to get rid of my sense of humour."

Bramblepaw rolled his eyes. "And what exactly, were you thinking, driving them toward the weakest part of the cliff?"

Goldenpaw shrugged "You two wanted to know if someone would survive the fall, well," he flicked his tail "I'm living proof."

Bramblepaw scoffed "Yeah, living, is right," he poked Goldenpaw "Barely."

Goldenpaw scoffed "You may seriously injure me. But you shall never insult me," he cuffed his brothers ear. Cloudfalls voice mewed "No horse-play, your gonna get everyone sick."

"Sorry Cloudfall," Goldenpaw rolled his eyes playfully and mewed to Lilypaw "I hate being stuck in one place, I need to move around."

Lilypaw rolled her eyes "Well you can't," she bent towards him and whispered so only he would hear "Why did you save me." she asked.

Goldenpaw answered quietly "Instinct, I actually follow mine," he glared for a second at Bramblepaw "Following your instinct is the best thing to do in my opinion." he mewed quietly

Lilypaw silently agreed, she got bad feelings about Clawheart. But he was dead. So no problems from him. At least those rogues were dead. No problems from them either.

But Lilypaw couldn't help feeling, that something was out of place in the clans, tensions between Shadowclan and Thunderclan proboly got stronger cause of Lilypaws accidental trespassing

But I'm the carrier, as long as I follow the rules, Thunderclan will not suffer. Lilypaw thought, she looked at the stone which was glittering.

Lilypaw looked at the sky, sunset was turning the sky into a deep indigo color, with sparkling stars, and the moon was almost full.

She looked at Bramblepaw "Come on, we need to get some sleep," she added to Goldenpaw "Good night." then she nodded to Cloudfall who was watching.

Bramblepaw and Lilypaw padded out and headed to the apprentices den. Blackpaw and Leafpaw were already in there.

Bramblepaw curled up in his nest and Lilypaw curled up in hers. She watched Blackpaw and Leafpaw argue who would be hunting for the elders.

Leafpaw rolled her eyes then closed them. Falling asleep easily.

At least Goldenpaws okay, I can rest easier. she sighed and put her head in her paws.

And fell into deep sleep as the indigo night ran it's course.


Lilypaw ran and ran, not sure where she was going, or what she was running from.

Bramblepaw growled next to her ads he ran to "Clawheart... He...." he didn't continue and continued to run. Not looking back

Goldenpaw was on Lilypaws other side "Don't look back, we can't stop or they'll find us!"

Lilypaw mewed "I know!" the eclipse stone was shining, and Lilypaw wished it would stop.

She mewed to Bramblepaw "We- we need to get out of here."

Goldenpaw retorted "Question is where," he looked straight "And how." he ran ahead. Bramblepaw took the back.

Bramblepaw hissed "Protecting Lilypaw is more important right now. They want her, they want to kill her." he added "Lilypaw, you were right, he was evil."

Goldenpaw jumped over log followed by Lilypaw. Followed by Bramblepaw.

They froze when they saw what was in front of them. Lilypaw couldn't believe it.

"No.." she whispered "We are... Too late."

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