RiverClan Allegiances:

Leader: Birchstar- golden brown tabby tom with white paws and golden yellow eyes.

Deputy: Jaydawn- solid gray tom with one pale paw and blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Feathersong- feathery gray-and-white tabby she-cat with a long white plumy tail and blue eyes.

Senior Warriors:

Swallowstorm- handsome gray-white tom with a pale gray stripe on his back & amber eyes.

Fishleap- pale tabby she-cat with beautiful river-blue eyes. Apprentice: Volepaw

Cinderflare- gray tabby tom with brown paws and yellow eyes. Formerly from ThunderClan.

Mousefang- gray she-cat with black paws and white tail, green eyes.

Apprentice: Mothpaw

Emberpool- ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with white paws and ice-blue eyes.

Warriors: Dawnlight- pretty pale brown she-cat with pale green eyes.

Birdwing- white and gray tabby she-cat, forest-green eyes.

Apprentice: Creekpaw

Addernose- smoky-gray tom with amber eyes, a black nose and a white tail.

Hawkblaze- brown-and-tortoiseshell tom with white paws and black eyes.

Moonshade- black she-cat with a white patch on her chest in the shape of a moon, yellow eyes.

Apprentice: Leafpaw

Cedarcloud- pale golden brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Flashheart- fiery red-orange tom with a bushy bright red tail, long legs, and ice-blue eyes. Bears a strong resemblance to Firestar of ThunderClan.

Apprentice: Sandpaw


Volepaw- light gray tom with amber eyes.

Mothpaw- pale yellow and white she-cat with a fluffy tail and yellow eyes.

Creekpaw- sandy-brown tom with green eyes and a white tail.

Leafpaw- silvery gray she-cat with blue-green eyes and soft paler gray stripes.

Cloudpaw- white tom with blue eyes and darker gray streaks on his back.

Sandpaw- yellow she-cat with amber eyes. One eye is hazy from a blind eye caused by sand.


Flowerfur- light brown tabby she-cat with pretty green eyes. Her mate is Cinderflare and their kits are Thrushkit, Lilykit, and Squirrelkit.

Mapletail- dark brown she-cat with hazel eyes. Her mate is Mousefang and their kits are Honeykit and Oakkit.

Heatherbreeze- midnight-black she-cat with beautiful blue eyes and a white-tipped tail. Her mate is Jaydawn and their kit is Nightkit.


Thrushkit- brown tom with one gray paw and light green eyes. Nearly 5 1/2 moons.

Lilykit- lighter brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Her age is the same as Thrushkit’s.

Squirrelkit- bushy brown-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes. Age is the same as Thrushkit’s

Honeykit- pale brown tabby she-cat with honey-yellow eyes and a darker brown tail. 3 moons.

Oakkit- reddish brown-and-tabby tom with amber eyes. Also 3 moons.

Nightkit- smoky gray, almost black tom with blue eyes and one white paw, 1 moon.


Silverstripe- Silvery-gray she-cat with lighter gray stripes on her back and light-green eyes.

Snowfur- white tom with blue eyes and three long scars down his back.

Bluestorm- gray blue tom with long black claws. Distantly related to Bluestar and Tigerstar.

Cats in StarClan:

Rockkit- dark-gray tom with pale-blue eyes and long, hard claws.

Fernleaf- pretty light-brown she-cat with dark green eyes and one white paw.

Dovestar- pale gray she-cat with light blue eyes.

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