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Burning Scarlet Series

Author: Shadewing
Number of Books: 5
Series Status: Incomplete
Allegiances: Burning Scarlet Series/Allegiances (Not started yet)
Story Spellcheckers: None
The main story follows Scarlet, a kittypet. Scarlet is roaming the woods by her home one day when she meets Tigerwind, a warrior from AshClan. The rest of the series follows Scarlet's life as she journeys away from her twoleg home into AshClan with Tigerwind.


The Spark - About Scarlet's beginnings.

The Ember - When Scarlet goes to AshClan.

The Threats - When AshClan is threatened.

The Flame - Scarlet saves the Clan.

The Smoke - The aftermath.

Clan InfoEdit


  • Named after Ashstar, the first leader.
  • Territoy: a forest. Camp: a clearing in the forest with rocks and brambles.
  • Prey: Squirrels, mice, voles, other rodents, and birds.


  • Named after Miststar, the first leader.
  • Territory: Near a river, with lots of rocks and few trees. Camp: A small area off the river with lots of rocks.
  • Prey: Fish, occasional rodents who come to the river.


  • Named after Nightstar, the first leader.
  • Territory: A coniferous forest. Camp: Another clearing with thorny bushes and rocks.
  • Prey: Rodents, occasional birds.


  • Named after Firestar, the first leader.
  • Territory: A windy moor with sparse trees & small bushes. Camp: Section of the moor with some bushes.
  • Prey: Rabbits, occasional rodents.
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