Leader: Swiftstar- black and white tom with green eyes. 6 lives left.


Deputy: Thorntail- brown tabby tom with amber eyes and the tip of his tail missing.

Medicine Cat: Cloudleaf- white and dark grey she-cat with light blue eyes.

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Willowfur- pale grey she-cat with green eyes

Lionfoot- pure golden tom with a thick mane of fur around his neck, amber eyes, and massive paws.

Amberleaf- brown tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, and amber eyes.

Firefur- flame colored ginger tom with dark blue eyes and a scar on his flank.

Moonwillow- striking black she-cat with soft, silky short fur and gleaming green eyes.

Sandcloud- pale ginger she-cat with golden eyes

Deadjaw- dark brown tabby tom with a crooked jaw and green eyes

Horsepelt- bright brown tom with large amber eyes and a black tipped tail.

Dogfoot- silver and black tabby tom with large paws and sharp claws and blue eyes

Wetfoot- grey tabby with feathered paws and watery blue eyes

Sunsoul- large, longe-furred yellowish-ginger tom with dark orange eyes

Apprentices (cats older than six moons training to be warriors)

Ashpaw- dark gray tom with lighter flecks and green eyes

Snarlpaw- aggresive dark gray tom with black paws and amber eyes

Leappaw- silvery grey tom whose's sleek fur glimmers llike water of the lake and blue eyes

Flowerpaw- gentle calico she-cat with pale amber eyes and a black tail tip, with gold paws

Queens (she-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Tawnyheart- tawny colored she-cat with amber eyes. Mate of Horsepelt.

Cinderflower- fluffy gray tabby she-cat with wide blue eyes. Mate of Wetfoot. Expecting

Kits (toms and she-cats younger than six moons):

Nightkit- stunning night-black she-cat with gentle light blue eyes and a white left paw; daughter of Tawnyheart and Horsepelt.

Specklekit- dappled blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes; daughter of Tawnyheart and Horsepelt

Darkkit- dark gray tabby with green eyes; son of Tawnyheart and Horsepelt

Elders (warriors and queens, now retired):

Larkwing- brown she-cat with a reddish-chest and blue eyes

Cherrytail- reddish she-cat with a black tail tip and amber eyes

Thorntail- golden-brown tabby with a fluffed-up tail and amber eyes.

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